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In the middle of this frigid winter, something that keeps me warm (besides tons of layers and central heating) are my amazing memories of Saint Lucia.

One of my goals for 2013 is to make another trip to the Caribbean for ultimate rest and relaxation. As a social media junkie (in both my career and in my personal life), it’s difficult for my to unplug and truly relax.

I was able to unplug, though, when I visited The BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia a few winters ago.

the bodyholiday saint lucia all-inclusive resort

{The BodyHoliday, an all-inclusive resort tucked away in lush greenery on Saint Lucia’s northwest tip, is a little piece of heaven in the Caribbean. Photo Courtesy The BodyHoliday}

reception area the bodyholiday saint lucia

{There’s Wi-Fi in the main lobby, and you can request an ethernet cord for your room, but throughout the resort, you’re on your own … and, um, don’t you want to unplug? Photo Courtesy The BodyHoliday}

No matter what kind of traveler you are, The BodyHoliday on Saint Lucia’s northwest tip can provide an escape custom to your needs.

Whether you’re into hiking (hello, Pitons!) or diving (hello, fishies!), this all-inclusive island resort offers adventures for all levels of daring (I stuck to snorkeling).

The highlight of the resort, though, is the wonderful Wellness Center, where a unified beauty philosophy allows you to heal from the inside out. At The BodyHoliday, one spa treatment per day (except for your arrival and departure days) is included in your package.

{I got about three treatments a day at the Wellness Center. It’s vacation, people! Treat yourself.}

How’s that for staying true to its mission of mind-body healing?

The 6,100-square-foot Wellness Center at The BodyHoliday, with its 30+ treatment rooms and 50+ specialists, accommodates guests with the utmost care and passion for each individual’s needs.

Whether you’re in for an Elemis facial, massage, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage or wellness coaching, the experts at the Wellness Center make your health their priority.

My favorite inclusive treatments were the Elemis Aromapure Facial and the Deluxe Coconut and Spice Combo.

The former was soothing and noninvasive (no extractions), leaving me with soft, glowing skin for my first day at the resort. I’ve been an Elemis skincare fan since and recommend checking out the spa line for yourself!

The latter, performed in a special seated chair in the theater-like area of the Wellness Center, combined local organic coconut oil and spices with deep tissue massage to help un-knot my aching traveler back and get me on the road to muscle recovery.

the bodyholiday saint lucia wellness center at night

{Imagine having an amazing deep tissue chair massage in the theater area and slipping into total relaxation outdoors. Photo Courtesy The BodyHoliday}

Overlooking the sea, the Wellness Center is also home to the pristine Skin Clinic on the second level. Spa skincare products such as LaTherapie and Thalgo await visitors seeking beautified skin from head to toe. I opted for a LaTherapie facial to brighten my skin via a deeper layer of exfoliation and treatment.

Thalassotherapy treatments, (aka seawater treatments) are also available at the Skin Clinic. Seaweed therapy treatments aid in opening and clearing pores; I opted to detox my skin with a la swimming in the Caribbean Sea, though.

infinity pool at the bodyholiday saint lucia

{Infinity pools and the clear Caribbean create a sense of calm. Photo Courtesy The BodyHoliday}

There’s nothing like going straight to the source, though I wasn’t able to find the same fine seaweed on the shores of Saint Lucia that is used in the Thalgo Thalassotherapy treatments inside the Skin Clinic.

The Skin Clinic wasn’t my only spot to frequent at the Wellness Center. I hold Pavitra, the Ayurvedic Center inside the Wellness Center, very close to my heart. It is at Pavitra that I learned so much more about the power of Ayurveda and how to calm my highly Pitta (aka blotchy, oily, reactive) skin.

pavitra ayurvedic temple the bodyholiday saint lucia

{The warm colors and welcoming practitioners at Pavitra made me feel at ease every time I visited. Photo Courtesy The BodyHoliday}

Pre-treatment, I lounged in thick, cushy recliners outside Pavitra, sipping Pukka tea selected specifically for my dosha and taking in the sights and stillness atop the hill.

Treatment time at Pavitra for me included a Synchronized Abhyanga massage, where two practitioner used a combination of herbal oils with neem, turmeric and saffron to lull me into an absolute state of bliss that left me feeling like I was floating out of the Wellness Center on my way to dinner.

My second visit to Pavitra was for the Shirodhara treatment. To help relax mind chatter and activations within my body, Dosha-specific oil flowed continuously onto my third eye (the space between the brows, but a bit higher up) from a bronze hanging canister.

shirodhara treatment

{Instead of having a practitioner hold the canister of oil as it flowed onto my third eye, the canister hung above me as I relaxed and took in the benefits. Photo by Therme Loipersdorf/Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons}

The warm oil and stillness within the room, where I practiced deep breathing and letting go, brought tranquility to my mind. I would recommend this treatment for your first full day at the resort to help set the tone for your detox.

Re-imagining my experience at The BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia has me yearning for another Caribbean trip this year. A stellar spa atmosphere is a must! What are your recommendations, spa goers and world travelers? Tell me in the comments section. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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