3 beauty resolutions for 2013

tea and teacups

Happy new year, friends!

This is my third beauty resolutions blog post (read my 2011 beauty resolutions and my 2012 beauty resolutions) to share with you.

It’s a shorter list, mostly because I’m still working on many of the resolutions from the past (namely washing the makeup brushes, purging the beauty stash, taking shorter showers, getting more sleep, skipping the shampoo and getting monthly massages).

I do, however, want to add in a few more key things I’ll be working on in 2013 to help my real beauty shine.

1. Stay committed to my Ashtanga yoga practice.

I began practicing Ashtanga yoga at Maya Yoga in Kansas City almost a year ago and became hooked. This type of yoga is quite vigorous, and for someone who hates going to the gym, I’ve found that this style of yoga helps me stay in shape, decreases my stress level and keeps me spiritually balanced.

One beauty perk of practicing Ashtanga yoga three times a week is the glow it gives my skin β€” and the cleansing power it gives to my pores!

I strayed from my practice for about six weeks during a busy time in the fall, and I noticed that the upper left region of my forehead began breaking out like crazy.

When I visited a facialist who specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she told me that breakouts in that particular area of the face is related to poor digestion … something that yoga is known for aiding, thanks to all the deep twists, bends and inversions.

While this is purely anecdotal evidence, when I got back into my practice, I noticed that my forehead became clearer. There’s something to be said about getting sweaty and cleansing those toxins from your body on a regular basis!

2. Drink more tea.

Inspired by my supervisor’s dedicated tea drinking, I’m going to try to skip the afternoon soda or coffee and instead brew a cup of delicious tea to stay hydrated and alert during afternoons at the office.

I’m lucky to have a wide variety of tasty teas at my fingertips at work, so I’ll be reaching for chamomile tea to stay calm, green tea for a boost of energy and orange blossom tea for a refreshing treat.

And of course, I’ll be downing my favorite beauty tea on Sunday spa days to help keep my skin clear.

3. DIY before I buy.

DIY beauty products

I’ve never been much of a DIY handywoman type, but when it comes to natural beauty products, I’m getting more and more interested in whipping up custom creations.

In the spirit of both frugality and creativity, I’m resolving to try to DIY as many of my natural beauty concoctions as possible in 2013.

Just the other night, I whipped up a homemade toner using witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, lavender and lemon.

While it may not be the perfect blend (the vinegar smell is still a bit strong!), it’s so fun trying out new recipes that can help combat breakouts and save me a bit of cash.

While my DIY beauty concoctions will most likely not replace my beloved natural beauty favorites, they will serve as way to take my natural beauty obsession a little deeper and understand what works and doesn’t work for my skin.

And hey, you may benefit from it too: I look forward to sharing more DIY beauty recipes with you and learning your tips and tricks as well.

Do you have any natural beauty resolutions for 2013? What are you looking forward to this year? Tell me in the comments section!

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