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I’ve been getting several questions and comments about argan oil ever since I mentioned the miracle oil on Friday’s “Better Kansas City” segment.

Argan oil really is one of those staple oils for hair, skin and nails. Through many discussions with friends, acquaintances and coworkers, I’m finding that this miracle oil is most women’s first step into using natural beauty products.

I want to take you a step farther. While I can’t expect you to start blending your own miracle facial serums just yet, I can introduce you to an amazing argan oil that does the blending for you: Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer.

purelementnaturals defend argan oil

{purelementnaturals, the makers of Defend Argan Oil, sent me a bottle of Defend to try and review. A 1.7-ounce glass pump jar of Defend Argan Oil costs $48.}

Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer packs the best of the best (read: most effective and expensive!) organic carrier and essential oils into a woodsy-yet-floral super serum that treats acne, balances oil production, clears skin infections, softens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Basically, Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer is a miracle in a jar.

Take a look at the amazing ingredients list (can you spot a few of my faves?!):

Organic argan oil, organic lavender oil, organic and wild harvested frankincense oil, organic bergamot oil, organic carrot seed oil, organic and wild harvested myrrh oil, organic geranium oil

When I first started using Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer, it was right after my skin-changing experience with this holy grail acne-fighting moisturizer. I have to say that the inclusion of frankincense and myrrh in the Defend ingredients list perked me up, and for good reason: These ingredients are legit in the fight against acne!

Frankincense and myrrh aside, other standouts like carrot seed oil offer intense moisture while good ol’ lavender cleanses and makes everything smell oh-so-good.

If you’re interested in trying an argan oil that goes farther than just moisturizing, try Defend. I think you will absolutely adore the smell and the multiple benefits β€” who doesn’t want clear, soft, smell-good skin?

Have you tried Defend or any other argan oil blend? What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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