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I’m excited to share another on-air segment I did with KCTV5’s “Better Kansas City” lifestyle show.

kimberlyloc with multipurpose beauty products on kctv5 better kansas city

{I brought a variety of multipurpose skincare and makeup products from my own arsenal as well as from one of my favorite beauty shops, Beauty Brands. Photo by Kat Mansur}

Watch Kelly Jones and I talk about multipurpose beauty products on “Better Kansas City.”

I chatted with co-host Kelly Jones about the secret double lives our beauty products lead. We can save so much time and money by making smart buys — aka choosing multipurpose beauty products — that take care of more than just what’s suggested on the front of the packaging.


1. Head-to-Toe Argan Oil

kimberlyloc favorite argan oil

Argan oil — aka miracle oil — is a great lightweight hair conditioner, a wonder on dry cuticles and amazing for rough, patchy skin (including on your face!). It’s odorless, too, so it won’t compete for attention with your perfume. You really can use argan oil anywhere and everywhere. It’s definitely a staple on my beauty shelf!

A few of my favorite argan oils are from Olie Biologique, Russell Organics, Kahina Giving Beauty and Acure Organics — find the packaging and price point that fits your style!

2. Lip and Cheek Stain

tarte and revolution organics lip and cheek stain

If you want to keep it simple with your makeup, use a lip and cheek stain to give your cheeks some depth and your lips a pop of color. The best colors to invest in are bronze/mauve tones that can also work in the eye area; if you just want to coordinate your lips and cheeks, you can use any of your favorite shades of pink.

The first lip and cheek stain I ever used was from Tarte, and it’s still a favorite today (try Flush, Tickled or Blushing Bride for deep color)! You can get it online pretty easily, but if you’re near a Beauty Brands, I suggest you take a moment to play with the product in store to find a shade you love (and hey, there may even be a sweet coupon available!).

A new love of mine is Revolution Organics’ Freedom Glow in Bronzed. My girl Sally from Fresh Faced sent it to me to try (it’s a fabulous Canadian brand!), and I have to say I’m smitten with the saturated color it delivers as well as the cool packaging.

3. Conditioner for Hair and Legs

acure organics pure mint and echinacea stem cell conditioner volumizing

If you’re out of shaving cream, that doesn’t give you an excuse to let your hair grow wild for a week.

Use your hair conditioner as a moisturizing shaving cream to save space in your shower and fatten up your wallet. The thickness of hair conditioner is very similar to that of shaving cream, which provides a protective barrier between your skin and the razor. If conditioner can make your hair that soft and shiny, think about what it can do for your legs!

My favorite conditioner right now (separate review to come!) is Acure Organics Pure Mint & Echinacea Stem Cell. It’s tingly, a great consistency (not too thick, but not runny) and looks nice in the shower. At $10.99 for 12 ounces, it’s a steal for a truly natural haircare product that works.

4. Brow Gel and Emergency Root Touch Up

perfekt brow gel

Can’t get to the colorist? Touch up your roots — and tame your eyebrows — with Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel that keeps brows in place and temporarily keeps roots from showing. Think of it as giving you an ombre effect that keeps the line between your natural hair color and your dye job from looking too stark!

And of course, this is an *emergency* use product that can help you get by a couple extra days before seeing your hairdresser, so get that appointment on the books, girl!

5. Loose Powder for Face and Lips

smashbox photo set finish powder

Loose, mineral powder isn’t just for setting your makeup — it’s also great for getting your lipstick to last longer! After you’ve dusted your face with powder to set your overall makeup look, dust the powder over your lips and reapply the lipstick. The color will cling to this additional pigment and help your look last longer.

A favorite mainstream brand of loose powder is Smashbox Photo Set Finish Powder. The ingredients list is short (and I recognize the names!), and the translucent color is perfect for all skin tones.

What are some of your favorite multipurpose beauty products? Tell me your beauty secrets in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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