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“This post has made me realize how minimalistic I am about beauty.”

While Lotus Wei founder Katie Hess may be a minimalist when it comes to beauty, her practice as a flower alchemist is quite complex.

Imagine going out into the wild and spotting gorgeous, rare flowers to use in natural serums, elixirs and perfumes that can help lift your mood and calm your senses.

Seems to me that Katie’s doing the hard work for us natural beauties who want to keep it low-key.

Katie says that if you look through her purse or travel bag, you’re more likely to find Chinese herbal tinctures, tea bags, effervescent vitamin C, essential oils and flower essence elixirs — but today, she’s sharing her staples for a three-minute beautifying routine.

(As usual, I’ve starred the items I also use and love.)

katie hess lotus wei natural beauty products

{Katie’s natural beauty collection is pared-down and perfect. I love her “Happy” cosmetics bag. Photo Courtesy Katie Hess}

*Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum and Perfume

“I apply the luscious oil to my face, mostly to soften my heart and bring out more gentleness so I can be more receptive and loving towards others and myself. The perfume has the same effect, but envelopes you in a soft hug of honey mandarin rose.”

*ILIA Lipstick in Blossom Lady, etc.

“I used to hate lipstick. Until I met Sasha (the owner of ILIA). I love ILIA lipstick. Feels like lip balm —  yummy and smooth — but colorful and sexy like lipstick. Lovely.”

W3ll People Universalist Multi-Use Stick

“Love this. Dab a bit on the cheeks and you look rosy like you just came from a long hike in the woods. Super quick!”

*RMS Living Luminizer

“When you need a little extra sparkle, light or brilliance.”

Japanese Children’s Chopsticks

“Wonderful for wrapping your hair up into a messy or neat bun. Find them in any Japantown.”

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Serum

“This one I apply to my face and the bottoms of my feet for beauty sleep at the end of a big night.”

Aren’t Katie’s natural beauty picks so sweet? I’m excited to dig into her line some more (the Quiet Mind Serum is calling my name!).

Have you tried anything from Lotus Wei? What flowers are you most drawn to? Comment wisely — there may be a giveaway based on your feedback coming soon…. :)

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