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eminence eight greens youth serum

As a bona fide fan of so-called “super serums” (aka nourishing, organic facial oils), I finally splurged on Eminence’s Eight Greens Youth Serum after a recent deep cleansing facial where my aesthetician used this light, slightly sticky potion on my acne-prone skin.

eminence eight greens youth serum

{I bought Eminence’s Eight Greens Youth Serum from Roca Salon and Spa for $44. Photo Courtesy Eminence Organic Skin Care}

When I bought this serum, I was suffering from major acne breakouts; I had large, cystic bumps on my forehead and jawline and annoying little red pimples in random areas on my face.

I was desperate for a miracle treatment, but as a natural beauty blogger who’s been around a bit, I knew it would take some time for my skin to benefit from a new product.

I gave Eminence’s Eight Greens Youth Serum four weeks to do its magic, and my results were … nonexistent.

Major bummer. Especially during that insane purging time where my self-esteem was low and pimples seemed to be reaching new heights every day.

I diligently applied the serum every night before bed, and even added a little extra as a spot treatment to trouble zones. While my skin did feel a bit tighter (not in an uncomfortable way), the serum in no way helped soothe redness, bring down the inflammation or, in the end, help heal my breakouts.

As you may have guessed, after this trial period (a LONG four weeks of faith!), I went back to my trust ol’ jojoba and tea tree oil concoction (this was pre-Zum Rub revelation) to fight off the breakouts and get my skin back to a less-broken-out-look.

I will say that I gave Eminence’s Eight Greens Youth Serum a very difficult test; this bottle of yucca juice, lavender and more delicious ingredients had to battle skin that was purging post-deep-cleanse-facial … and skin that hadn’t had a facial in a few months.

Here’s the full list of ingredients:

Yucca Juice, Lavender Extract, Glycerine, Linseed Extract, Yucca Extract, Chasteberry Extract, Hops Extract, Horsetail Extract, Paprika Extract, Biocomplex (Vitamin A, Esther C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid), Spring Water, Glycine Derivative, Lavender Oil, Red Clover Extract

Yucca is supposed to be an amazing antioxidant, and we know that lavender is up there with tea tree oil with its acne-fighting capabilities.

It seems, though, that this serum just didn’t have enough “oomph” in it to truly be an acne-fighter for those of us who get more than just the occasional pimple. I’ll be passing Eminence’s Eight Greens Youth Serum on to the next family member who claims it!

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