tools of the trade | hair styling brushes

tools of the trade hair styling brushes

I’m not exactly known for being a big hair product/hair accessory girl. I usually wear my hair down every day, tend to let it air dry in warm weather and used to be a twice-a-year salon girl.

While I’m still pretty low maintenance when it comes to my tresses, I have built up an arsenal of hair styling brushes that are my go-to on days when I do have that extra 10 minutes to do something more than wash and wear.

Here are my five favorite hair styling brushes for my fine, straight hair.

tools of the trade hair styling brushes

(Clockwise, from top left)

1. Wide-tooth Comb

I’m never without my wide-tooth comb in the shower. I like to use this brush to evenly distribute conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of my hair, and because I’m tangle-prone, it’s good for me to use as much precaution to protect my hair from knots and breakage.

2. Macadamia Natural Oil 53 mm Hot Curling Boar Bristle Brush

I work this brush around my hair as I’m blow drying to create a soft, gentle wave with high-impact shine. I like this brush for its volume-making power as well as its ability to speed up my blowout thanks to the ceramic-coated base.

3. Widu Large Oval Pneumatic Ash Wood Wooden Bristle Brush

This Widu brush has been my everyday-brush for nearly five years. Made in Italy from sustainable materials, this brush gives your scalp a mini-massage with each use and looks oh-so-natural-chic on your vanity. Absolutely love it.

4. Rat-tail Comb

Every woman (and long-haired man?) must have a rat-tail comb. This little wonder helps with hair separation (the tail!) and is a complete tease when it comes to adding height to your hair. I gently back-comb my hair around the crown with this guy for a little extra oomph at my roots.

5. Widu Colored Wooden Bristle Travel Brush

It would just be odd to take my big Widu brush with me everywhere I go, so when the brand came out with these colorful travel brushes, I knew I had to add one to my collection. They’re made with natural rubber heads and colored in cheerful, nontoxic dyes hues (mine is green).

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