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tata harper tata harper skincare

Like most natural beauty buffs profiled in this series, Tata Harper’s light bulb moment came when she realized just how many toxic ingredients were in conventional personal-care items.

tata harper tata harper skincare

{Natural beauty buff Tata Harper lives the beautiful life making luxurious, organic skincare in Vermont. Photo Courtesy Tata Harper}

But what sets Tata apart from some of the beauties profiled (besides the fact that she’s a former industrial engineer!) is the fact that not only did she go create her own natural beauty product line, but she also created it almost exclusively from ingredients grown on her own Vermont farm.

Now, natural beauties everywhere are reaping the benefits of Tata’s over-achieving ways. Her line of natural, nontoxic skincare is luxurious, intoxicating and most-important, effective.

I’ve sung her praises before and am eager to get up to the city to try the Tata Harper Facial at Equinox. But until then, I’ll be basking in my Tata Harper natural skincare bliss and taking a few notes from this natural beauty on what to stock up on next.

See some of the natural beauty products Tata Harper carries in her 100% Organic Cotton Cosmetics Pouch by Christy Coleman after this great video with the skincare entrepreneur.

As usual, I’ve starred the natural beauty products I also use and love!

inside tata harper's natural beauty bag

{Tata Harper spills the contents of her natural beauty bag. Photo Courtesy Tata Harper}

*Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

“Our moisturizing toner is great for spritzing on your skin. It helps retain moisture and gives you an overall glow!”

Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment

“For relaxing on the go! Inhale deeply and you reach a new level of calm.”

Amala Rejuvenating Hand Cream

“The cocoa bean helps restore elasticity and protect skin from the hard effects of the environment — this is especially important when I am working on my farm.”

Revolutions Organics Lip Color

“I feel so good about using this on my lips because it is 100 percent natural and free of chemicals!”

Nvey Eco Volumizing Mascara

“A good lesson in the power of organic — just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful! This makes my lashes full and volumized.”

*RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

“This makes my face come alive. It highlights the skin, it’s not greasy, and it makes me look wide awake even if I’m tired.”

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Compact

“My go-to to give my cheeks some color when I’m on the go. This blush is scented — an added bonus.”

Lulu Organics Hair Powder

“For those days when your hair isn’t washed but you need to look good — it helps me style it and I look as good as new!”

*Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner

“I love that it conditions and gives my lips some color.”

Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hand Sanitizer

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