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Even though everyone’s going crazy for ox blood this season, I’m going light on the trend when it comes to my lips.

I’m loving the light coloring that Mad Gab’s Wildly Natural Lip Gloss in Plum gives to my lips. It gently enhances my natural lip color while giving an extra boost of shine and moisture.

{Mad Gab’s sent me samples of its new “Wildly Natural” line of lip glosses to test. Each tube retails for $6. Photo by the Teacher Man}

Mad Gab’s Wildly Natural Lip Gloss comes in a squeeze-out tube (similar to a Carmex tube, but with an angled tip).

The gloss can be a bit difficult to squeeze out — the gloss can get a little thick in cooler weather — but once it’s out, you can easily get the color on your lips and get going.

Though it’s not a sticky gloss, I do find that the color comes out a bit unevenly, meaning I have to smooth it over my lips with a finger to get the color deposited correctly.

Check out the ingredients:

Organic castor oil, lanolin, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, silica, organic flavor oil, vitamin E. May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides and/or carmine.

Lanolin, listed at ingredient No. 2, is a bit of a bummer (lanolin is, essentially, sheep sweat). It’s an allergen for some people (not me) and an ew factor for others (me).

For a $6 tube of lip gloss from a small company, Mad Gab’s Naturally Wild Lip Gloss is just fine — but there’s always room for a little improvement.

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