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mia mariu blush maria azucena

While some parts of detoxing my beauty bag have been easy (lipsticks — check!), other parts have been more difficult. I count blush as one of the more difficult things to update.

I’ve been devoted to NARS blushes for quite some time (in particular, “Sin” and “Deep Throat”). I loved the risque names and rich colors in the sleek little compacts.

However, I want a blush that’s going to do double duty and provide both color and care to my chubby cheeks. That means I’m favoring natural beauty products that have vitamins, minerals and moisturizers laced into a high-impact formula.

To help answer these requirements, I’ve been turning to Mia Mariu Mineral Blush (I also use their lipsticks!). I alternate between two colors — Maria Azucena and Maria Bonita — but I tend to favor Maria Azucena because of its close color match to NARS “Orgasm,” a shimmery, peach shade.

mia mariu blush maria azucena

{Mia Mariu sent me samples of its blushes, which retail for $17 a piece, to test and review. Pictured above is “Maria Azucena.” Photo Courtesy Mia Mariu}

Though Mia Mariu blushes come in smaller compacts and don’t have sexy names, I do like how sexy the ingredients are: each blush contains vitamins A, C and E and feel lightweight on my cheeks.

I think the nice flush of color that Maria Azucena brings outs on me can work on any skin tone — that’s the glory of NARS “Orgasm,” and I think that Mia Mariu has successfully matched the makeup powerhouse’s most universal shade.

kimberlyloc mia mariu blush maria azucena

{Here’s how Mia Mariu’s Maria Azucena looks on my olive skin tone. Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

I wear Mia Mariu’s Maria Bonita from time to time, but I usually reserve it for when I want an extra girly look, with the pop of pink right on the apples of my cheeks. I think this color, a dusty rose, would look sweet on any skin tone — but especially on fair-skinned bellas.

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