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coconut oil

If your skin is feeling itchy and inflamed, instead of reaching for a conventional cream loaded with toxins, try dabbing on some virgin coconut oil to soothe and treat.

A 2004 study suggested that coconut oil was just as effective as mineral oil in moisturizing and treating skin suffering from xerosis, a common skin condition that results in dry, rough and scaly skin.

Though coconut oil contains smaller amounts of vitamins E and K compared to olive oil, it is extremely emollient — perfect for people with dry skin who don’t want to apply heavy layers of oil at bedtime.

Besides being the perfect dry-skin treatment, coconut oil also offers a great natural option for shaving (and moisturizing!) your legs. Simply slather on coconut oil to your gams before gliding a razor over them. The thickness of coconut oil protects your skin from the razor while also delivering loads of moisture even after you rinse off.

The miracle of coconut oil doesn’t stop there. It’s also an incredible hair treatment thanks its moisture-retention power. Smooth a dime-sized amount on your ends to lock in moisture and keep hair appearing healthy and soft. My stylist noticed an incredible difference in my hair’s texture, and I can give part of the credit to the coconut oil contained in some of my favorite hair and scalp treatments.

Like olive oil, virgin coconut oil costs less than $2 per fluid ounce and is widely available at grocery and health food stores.

coconut oil

{Use coconut oil to temporarily mend split ends and keep your hair soft and shiny. Photo Courtesy}

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