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john masters organics lip calm

I am never without lip balm.

I have a big bowl of it in my bathroom, and I carry at least three tubes of it in my purse at all times. To say I’m a bit obsessed with it is an understatement (you’re talking to the gal who once created a whole blog series devoted to lip balm).

While I’ve tried dozens of natural lip balms over the past few years, one that stands out to me — and one that I will continue to buy no matter how many lip balms I already have in my balm bowl — is John Masters Organics Lip Calm.

john masters organics lip calm

{John Masters Organics Lip Calm costs $6 and is available online and in fine salons and spas. Photo Courtesy John Masters Organics}

There are so many things to love about John Masters Organics Lip Calm. For one, it’s USDA certified-organic. That means that John Masters went through the trouble and red tape of certification to ensure that you know that what he puts into his nourishing lip balm is absolutely organic — and edible! This includes:

Organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic flax seed oil, organic borage oil, organic rosehip oil, organic tangerine peel oil, organic lemon peel oil, organic lime oil

Another thing to love is the accessibility of this organic beauty product; though $6 is a little more than what you’d normally pay for a tube of Chap Stick, it’s an easy pricepoint for most people who are curious about organics and want to give it a try.

John Masters Organics Lip Calm is my daily go-to lip balm when my lips are in tip-top condition and just need a little shot of moisture pre-lipstick or lip gloss. It slicks on very easily and isn’t thick or clumpy; you just get a nice base layer for your lip color, or a natural sheen if you’re lucky enough to already have rosy lips.

So tell me: What do you look for in a lip balm? Does organic matter to you, even when organic lip balms are relatively more affordable than other organic and natural beauty products? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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