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I’ve been slowly detoxing my makeup bag, and I’ve found that it’s been easiest to start off by cleaning up my lipstick and lip gloss collection.

Not only are there tons of great natural lip color options on the market, but there are also so many reasons to start with detoxing your lip color collection. Have you ever thought about why you have to apply and reapply lip color all day? Well…you’re eating (some of) it! The constant lip licking equates to a few servings of lip product throughout the day.

So, if I’m going to eat my lip color, it better be as natural as possible!

Recently, natural beauty newcomer Marie Natie out of Canada sent me a few samples of its lip gloss collection, specifically the colors “Love Struck,” a subdued cherry; “Sexy Red,” a warm, goldish red; and “Tahitian Sunset,” a soft coral.

marie natie lip gloss

marie natie lip gloss

I’ve been reaching for “Love Struck” a bit more than the other colors, though. Here’s the list of ingredients I’ve been dining on lately:

Jojoba oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, vitamin E and vitamin E Acetate, pomegranate oil, sunflower oil, grapefruit seed oil, mica, essential oil

Quite a tasty mix! Here’s how “Love Struck” looks on my lips:

kimberlyloc marie natie love struck lip gloss

{Marie Natie Lip Gloss costs CAD 18 and is available online. Photo By the Teacher Man}

Marie Natie Lip Gloss is a little thicker than other glosses I’ve tried, but it’s not the sticky, goopy thick that you can sometimes experience. Instead, it’s extremely hydrating — almost like a tinted lip balm — and offers a sheer wash of color.

Speaking of color, if you’re after high-impact color in a gloss, Marie Natie isn’t for you. These glosses are extremely sheer and naturally tint your lips. You won’t get a huge color payoff, but you will get extremely soft, kissable lips that instead gently enhance your own sexy lip color.

So will I be wearing Marie Natie Lip Gloss for my next Broadway performance? Probably not, because 1) I don’t perform on Broadway and 2) the color payoff isn’t high enough for show biz makeup.

But will I be wearing Marie Natie Lip Gloss on my next date with a man who isn’t really into lots of makeup and high-fashion looks? Absolutely.

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