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tea tree oil desert essence

If you keep an emergency bottle of prescription-strength acne cream in your vanity drawer for occasions like this, you might reconsider replacing it with nature’s powerful blemish cure: tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil, made from the steam distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, is something of a miracle worker on breakouts. Because it has natural antiseptic and antifungal properties, tea tree oil pairs perfectly with clogged pores. It’s effective at both drawing out impurities and calming the inflamed skin.

To spot-treat a breakout, dilute one drop of tea tree oil with four drops of a carrier oil (I recommend jojoba oil). Dab the mixture directly onto the blemish and allow it to soak into skin, preferably overnight.

Here’s what I like to use, as well as few other tea tree oil and jojoba oil options:

tea tree oil desert essencejojoba oil trader joes

{As you saw on The Clean Beauty Blog, I use Desert Essence Australian Tea Tree Oil ($8.49, 1 ounce) combined with Trader Joe’s 100% Pure Jojoba Oil ($9.55, 4 ounces) to battle breakouts. I love having a TJ’s in my neighborhood, and I pick up Desert Essence at Whole Foods. Photos Courtesy Desert Essence and}

tea tree oil the body shopjojoba oil now foods

{Another great, easily accessible option is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil ($9, 0.33 ounce), available online and in The Body Shop stores. NOW Foods’ Jojoba Oil ($11.99, 4 ounces) is also a great find with simple packaging. Photos Courtesy The Body Shop and NOW Foods}

tea tree oil jason organicjojoba oil aura cacia

{Jason Organic is a relatively readily available brand, but its tea tree oil a bit pricier ($15.49, 1 ounce). Check your local health food store or Target to find it. Aura Cacia has a USDA certified-organic jojoba oil that will make you feel good about massaging it into your skin, but again, you’ll pay a little extra ($16.50, 4 ounces) for it. Photos Courtesy Jason Organic and Aura Cacia}

You can also treat your entire face with tea tree oil and a carrier oil to help prevent future breakouts. Keep the same 1:4 ration of tea tree essential oil to carrier oil, and glide a light layer over the face for a deeply stimulating overnight treatment.

Though it might be tempting to apply pure tea tree oil directly to monster breakouts, you may be doing more harm than good to your skin. Undiluted tea tree essential oil can irritate your skin, causing redness and itchiness — and ultimately making your blemish appear more prominent.

Remember, always use less than you think you need and build more product onto your skin from there.

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