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“The Clean Beauty Blog was created to fill a gap in the beauty blogosphere: It fuses the wholesome ethos of wellness blogs and natural and organic beauty sites with the sophistication, style and trend-based focus of conventional beauty websites and magazines.”

I read a lot of blogs. From style to foodie to beauty, my inbox gets flooded with several daily updates from my favorite bloggers in my favorite topic areas.

When I saw an email with the cheerful subject line “Hi there!” from The Clean Beauty Blog in my inbox late last month, my eyes widened. One of my favorite clean/natural/organic beauty bloggers, Sophie, wrote to compliment me on my blog and see if I’d be interested in doing a fun feature on her site (be sure to head on over to her blog to see my current beauty picks!).

Um, yes! yes! yes!

Now it may not seem like that big a deal, but you have to understand: I have a lot of online blogger crushes. Sophie may be one of my top beauty crushes because we share such a similar ethos when it comes to using natural beauty products that are both sophisticated and stylish.

And to have your beauty crush write to you and want to work with you on a feature is pretty much the equivalent of being asked to prom by your crush.

(OK, maybe not, but you catch my excited drift.)

I was even more excited to pore over what this natural beauty expert from down under uses on a daily basis. Some of her picks are familiar to me, while others make me giddy to Google.

As usual, I’ve starred the items that I also use and love.

On Sophie’s Bedside Table

sophie the clean beauty blog tata harper lotus wei bedside table

{Sophie keeps moisturizing eye cream from natural beauty favorite Tata Harper on her nightstand in addition to an aromatherpy treat from Lotus Wei to help her drift into dreamland. Photo By Sophie, The Clean Beauty Blog}

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream

“This is my go-to eye cream — it keeps the eye area plump and fresh and seems to be keeping fine lines at bay. I also love its zingy fragrance, which is great to wake up to in the morning! This one rotates between the bathroom and my bedside table, and it seems to travel with me…”

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Serum

“I’ve always been a bad sleeper, so I love massaging a little of Lotus Wei’s Quiet Mind Serum into my feet and dabbing it onto pulse points before going to bed. It is quite amazing how effective it is at helping me to quickly drift off to sleep.”

sophie the clean beauty blog trilogy everything balm shizen lip hydrating serum

{When it comes to overnight moisturizing, Sophie’s got it covered from head to toe. Photo By Sophie, The Clean Beauty Blog}

Trilogy Everything Balm

“I always keep an ‘everything pot’ next to my bed — great to massage into cuticles, chapped skin and dry heels before going to sleep. Trilogy is a brilliant Australian brand (their rosehip oil is a cult bestseller), and the Everything Balm is my current favourite, as it’s super moisturising yet absorbs quickly, and I find the scent relaxing for bed.”

Shizen Lip Hydrating Serum

“As it’s winter here in Australia, my lips are in need of an extra boost of hydration and protection. At night I smooth a drop of this magic serum (a little goes a long way!) over lips to deeply nourish my lips and leave them soft, smooth and soothed. Made with a lovely blend of sweet orange, lime and lemon myrtle essential oils, I’ve even popped a few drops of the serum into a bowl of hot water to steam my face!”

sophie the clean beauty blog beauty bag

{I love the texture of Sophie’s sapphire-blue clutch. Photo By Sophie, The Clean Beauty Blog}

Inside Sophie’s Bag

“I picked up this clutch from a chain store for about $20 — it’s surprisingly spacious and fits all the essentials, and the bold color works well with almost anything!”

sophie the clean beauty blog ilia lip color ikou headache rollette

{Sophie carries only the beauty essentials in her clutch: a gorgeous lip color and some tension relief. Photo By Sophie, The Clean Beauty Blog}

*Ilia Pure Lip Care in Nobody’s Baby

“I love all of the Ilia Pure Lip Care colors, but I always keep Nobody’s Baby in my purse. It’s the perfect nude and a quick swipe makes you look and feel instantly polished and groomed.”

Ikou Headache Rollette

“Ikou is a beautiful Australian brand — all products are handmade in the Blue Mountains, and they also have a day spa, which is out-of-this-world natural luxury. I always stock up on their rollettes when I visit — they are essential oil blends to target headaches, to relax, and to sleep. The headache rollette lives in my handbag and does wonders to soothe tension headaches.” may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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