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kelly teegarden the secret facial cleanser

I finally ran out of my sample size of one of my favorite cleansers, but that means I now have ample face time to dedicate to another simple cleanser that I like: Kelly Teegarden Organics “The Secret” Facial Cleanser.

kelly teegarden the secret facial cleanser

{Kelly Teegarden Organics sent me a sample kit of products to review. The full-sized product, which is 8 ounces, costs $45. Photo Courtesy Kelly Teegarden Organics}

This facial cleanser, developed by cancer survivor Kelly Teegarden (remember her recent profile on the blog?), is scent-neutral though it’s made with good stuff like organic aloe leaf juice, organic avocado oil and argan oil.

I especially enjoy using this cleanser during weeks when I feel like my skin is extremely sensitive — I know my skin is getting clean and nourished with healthy ingredients, but I’m not overwhelming my senses with different scents and smells. I’ll then apply a thin layer of jojoba oil (another virtually scentless oil) onto my skin to help detox and purge it of impurities overnight — trust me, it works!

Besides knowing I have a trusty, go-to cleanser for times when my skin is reactive, I also like knowing that Kelly developed her entire line with chemical sensitivity and natural ingredients in mind. You won’t find parabens or other hormone disruptors in Kelly Teegarden Organics personal-care products — and she’s even branching out into cosmetics, starting with lip gloss (review and pics soon!) to help you make over your entire beauty regimen.

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