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I got back into my yoga routine two weeks ago. In addition to doing a major mat wash (those things get nasty if you sweat like I do!), I started stocking my yoga bag with the essentials: water bottle, deodorant, flip flops, sweat towel and facial cleansing wipes.

Conveniently, I recently received a sample of Simple Cleansing Wipes because I’m a Klout beauty influencer and thought that my twice-weekly yoga class would be the perfect time to test this product.

simple cleansing wipes

{Simple Cleansing Wipes come in a 25-count package. You can get a two-pack on for less than $10. Photo Courtesy Simple}

I tried one of the cleansing wipes after class last week. I’m a hot mess after Ashtanga, so this was a refreshing way to get rid of the sweat and rolling-down-my-face-makeup after class.

It took all of 30 seconds to wipe down my face and be on my way, without fear of scaring fellow drivers on the road with my raccoon eyes. My skin felt cleaner yet not tight, and I appreciated the convenience of these wipes for situations like this (don’t use these at home when you have running water and product available).

Unfortunately, in my weekly rush to pack my yoga bag, I didn’t read the ingredients list before testing this product. While Simple Cleansing Wipes don’t contain alcohol, oil, perfumes or dyes, they do contain methlyparaben and propylparaben, which are preservatives and known endocrine disruptors.

Parabens have no place in my natural skin care regimen, so these will have to go until Simple decides to reformulate these wipes to be paraben-free.

Until then, it looks like I’ll be spending more than 30 seconds washing my face after yoga β€” and perhaps at least 30 seconds scanning ingredients lists of products that, at first glance, look pretty simple.

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