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kelly teegarden of kelly teegarden organics

“Being a cancer survivor, I take chemicals and cancer very seriously and use my whole line to ensure my safety.”

Nobody likes to talk about this C-word, but today, natural beauty buff Kelly Teegarden is celebrating four years of being cancer-free. And as ironic as it may seem, she believes that her natural beauty line, Kelly Teegarden Organics, is the reason why she got cancer.

kelly teegarden of kelly teegarden organics

{Natural beauty buff Kelly Teegarden of Kelly Teegarden Organics celebrates four years being cancer-free today. Photo Courtesy Kelly Teegarden}

Battling (and beating) cancer gave Kelly a reason to take her health into her own hands. She spent more than 5,000 hours researching cancer and looked into every single detail that she could control in her everyday life that could affect her well-being.

When she discovered startling cancer statistics via the World Health Organization and found out that there was no regulation of toxic ingredients in skin care, she put herself on a mission to create a skin care line free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

And when it comes to her own beauty routine and daily habits, she practices what she preaches. Kelly sticks to her line of skin care and cosmetics and seeks out the best everyday personal-care products she can find. (As usual, I’ve starred the items that Kelly uses that I love as well.)

Inside Kelly’s Bathroom

*The Royal Healthy Body Lotion

“I carry this in my purse and in the bathroom. Love it because it leaves my skin so hydrated and with a sexy, radiant glow.”


“Love this product because it plumps up the fine lines and makes my face look amazing.”

The Secret

“I have this in my bathroom. It takes off my makeup, including my eye makeup. This product is ridiculously effective and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated.”

Asea Water

“I use Asea water every day to ensure incredible health. It is absolutely amazing!”

Bed Head Hairspray (natural beauty buffs out there, any natural hairspray recommendations for Kelly?)

“I’m NOT a fan of the chemicals in the product and only use it in a ventilated room or outside, but this product is truly ridiculous. I love how it holds my curls.”

Vitality Eye Cream

“Can’t live without it. After thyroid surgery my eyes can get puffy. Vitality makes my eyes look great. It reduces the puffiness and the dark circles. I love this product.”

Trader Joe’s Toothpaste

“This toothpaste is fantastic. Tastes great, removes plaque and even my dentist has made a comment that my teeth cleaning is so easy. Love this product!”

Inside Kelly’s Purse

“My purse is a gift from the Golden Globes from a new designer, Emperia’s Handbags, that delivers amazing quality.”


Branam Xylitol Gum

“Best chemical-free gum on the market. Love it, tastes great!”

*Lip Gloss

“I am addicted to the feel of my gloss and love how healing and safe this is for my body. It’s truly a fun experience with the light and mirror on the bottle.”

Digestive Enzymes

“These vitamins are chemical-free with no fillers. They make me feel great. I love them so much that I carry the entire line on my website. The developer of the brand is truly remarkable.” may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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