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“I’m all about going out into the world and doing your own thing. In case you couldn’t tell.”

Sprout Skincare founder Adina Grigore wrote that to me in an email yesterday, and I couldn’t help but smile.

I’d been under a bit of unneeded stress, and even though Adina and I only shared a few notes back and forth, she really made my day and got me thinking: It’s people who are truly fearless, with true passion for what they want to do, who make a mark on the world.

{Natural beauty and Sprout Skincare founder Adina Grigore is making it happen for herself — all from the comfort of her Brooklyn home. Photo Courtesy Adina Grigore}

Adina is making her mark on the world from her home in Brooklyn. Her no-frills approach to natural, organic, fair-trade skin care is refreshing in a beauty market cluttered with so-called magic lotions and potions.

And her no-frills approach is working. She and her company have recently been featured in GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter; VOGUE Paris; the New York Daily News; and of course,

“Simplicity is the essence of awesome,” her website declares, and Adina lives and breathes both of those things. She and her team make Sprout Skincare in small batches by hand (the makeup remover is one of my faves!), and the efficacy, purity and damn-right cute packaging of her products will really make you think about detoxing your beauty cupboards and getting back to basics.

See how this natural beauty practices what she preaches by taking a peek inside her purse, bathtub and bathroom.

{I trust any woman who always has chocolate on her. Photo Courtesy Adina Grigore}

Inside Adina’s Purse

*Sprout Mini cream and Lip Balms

I have these in all of my bags, drawers, on all my shelves… just everywhere. Our cocoa lip balm is my favorite, but sometimes I like the fresh feeling of the peppermint one. And I apply cream multiple times a day, onto my face, my hands, in my hair, even on my lips before putting on lip balm. It saves my life.

Inc Magazine and Fast Company

I carry these around with me everywhere and read them cover to cover. I’m pretty obsessed.

NibMor Daily Dose

They should really call these Crack Dose. All-natural, organic, vegan dark chocolate. One little square makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

Greens Bar

Good way for me not to binge on NibMor. I haven’t found a brand I like better than this one!

Good To Go EarBud Holder

This nifty butterfly on my keychain keeps my ear buds from getting all tangled, which can drive you nuts when you’re walking down the street trying to get them on. I love G2G; I have a couple of their bags too!

Farragio bag with hypoallergenic tissue

Sadly, and for people who may not know what I’m like, I’m actually allergic to generic tissue paper! As in, I can’t use public bathrooms (I get itchy and irritated. It took me forever to figure this out!). So I have to carry some of my own around with me. I keep it in this nifty little Farragio bag that we also have on our website, handmade by an Etsy seller in Missouri who we love!

One Lucky Duck Tote Bag

I call One Lucky Duck my alma mater because I used to work there. Their totes are ridiculously handy and awesome. I wish it was also full of their snacks all the time! They carry a line made from organic cotton, too.

{Adina only has the essentials in her Brooklyn bathtub: Sprout scrub and Meow Meow soap. Photo Courtesy Adina Grigore}

Inside Adina’s Bathtub

*Sprout Scrub

I use this on days where I’m feeling really dry or like I need some luxury in my life. I actually also use it to wash my face sometimes — it’s so moisturizing. It makes our whole bathroom smell awesome, like sweet coconut.

Meow Meow Tweet Liquid Soap with Tea Tree Oil

I use this for everything, body and hair. It’s amazing, and super lather-y. People are going to think I’m crazy, but this and our scrub are the only products I use in the shower!

{Adina keeps it simple in the bathroom — soap, spray and a soothing candle. Photo Courtesy Adina Grigore}

Inside Adina’s Bathroom

Apotheke Candle and Soap

I haven’t tried her soap yet, but Chrissy’s candles are deluxe. They smell so beautiful. I love candles, and it was really upsetting to me to give up the fragrant chemical ones, until I realized natural ones smell much better!

Brooklyn Lime Green Room Spray

Talima is awesome and her stuff is as natural as ours. I find that shocking and rare. I love her room spray so much, sometimes I walk through our apartment just spraying it for fun! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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