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sprout truly all-natural sustainable skincare makeup remover

I’ve never completely bought into the idea of eye makeup remover. Every one I’ve tried stings my eyes, inflames my skin and is ineffective at removing waterproof mascara.

For the longest time, I resorted to using crude oil-based baby oil (ew, I know) to remove my mascara. It was cheap and easy to access, but I always hated the feeling that baby oil residue left on my skin. I’d wipe, wipe, wipe it off and in doing so, irritated the delicate skin around my eyes. Back to square one.

For a more-natural approach, I’ve also tried straight up olive oil (a little too thick) and jojoba oil (not thick enough) to remove my eye makeup. I’d about given up until I discovered Sprout during recent research on farm-to-bottle beauty companies. I received a sampling of the simple yet chic product line and was immediately drawn to the eye makeup remover.

sprout truly all-natural sustainable skincare makeup remover

{Aside from the groovy packaging, I love that Sprout's makeup remover contains three simple, effective ingredients: organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic sweet almond oil. Photo Courtesy Sprout}

Sprout founder Adina Grigore formulated this makeup remover with the right amounts of organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic sweet almond oil to create a perfect consistency for removing heavy-duty makeup as well as lightly moisturizing thirsty skin. I don’t feel the need to sop up loads of excess oil when I use this combination (as opposed to when I smother on straight EVOO), and my skin doesn’t feel heavy or clogged with gunk when I dab this on my eyes (ahem, conventional baby oil).

Though this 2-ounce glass bottle will set you back $12, I think the personality and honesty that comes with Sprout should be the gold standard in skin care. It was to my delight that I saw a handwritten name on my makeup remover denoting who made my goods (thanks, Adam!) and made me even happier to learn Sprout’s philosophy behind genuine customer service.

“We sign our products because we want people to see that there are real people behind the products they’re using,” Adina wrote in an email to me. “Partly this is to differentiate us from ‘lab-made’ skincare, but also it’s to remind people that we care about what we’re doing. Adam is my co-founder and boyfriend, and we both still make product every single day.”

Adina likened this personal touch to the feeling she gets while participating in her Brooklyn CSA (community-supported agriculture) program. “We like the feeling of knowing the people who grew our food. We want to have that same relationship with our customers,” she wrote.

I’m ready to end my relationship with dirty, ineffective makeup removers. I’d much rather pay Adina for wholesome, food-grade ingredients in a thoughtfully packaged, reusable jar than give a buck for a grimy, greasy mineral oil that almost leaves me crying every time I use it.

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