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cho zoya spring 2012 true nail polish collection

Even though spring is officially two and a half months away (and we’ve yet to experience the full-on misery of winter here in Kansas City), I’m starting to get giddy from all the new spring 2012 nail polish releases.

On January 1, Zoya announced its new collections, “True” and “Fleck Effect,” which are coming to a salon or spa near you on Friday the 13th.

Now if you’re the superstitious type who likes to stay home on dates like that, luckily you can order Zoya’s new collection online. Or, you can come over and I will paint your nails a rainbow of nine different colors.

I’ve been drooling over my complimentary set of polishes for a few weeks now, and once my new year’s eve mani begins to chip, I’ll be taking a bottle of Zoya to my favorite nail spa to get a little spring action on my nails. The question is…which one?

The first six polishes, from Zoya’s “True” collection, are creamy, full-coverage polishes that mimic spring’s colors without getting too pastel. I’m leaning toward Skylar being my first color to take to the nail spa, with a possibility of either “Bevin” or “Tru” on my tootsies.

The last three polishes, the “Fleck Effect” polishes, remind me of fishes’ gorgeous iridescence underwater. I’m interested in topping a dark-ish polish with “Chloe” to really see how those copper flecks shine in the light.

Which Zoya spring 2012 polishes are you excited to see on your nails in a few weeks? Tell me your likes (or dislikes!) in the comments section. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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