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hope gillerman organics clear mind tension remedy

I regularly fall victim to the afternoon slump. At about 3:00, I feel tired, achy and spent after going from meeting to meeting or after hammering out stories and edits at my desk all day.

To help tackle desk drain (in addition to grabbing a much-needed beer), I clear my mind and try to ease up the knots that develop in my shoulders by rubbing in some H. Gillerman Organics Clear Mind Tension Remedy. The peppermint tingle has a cooling effect on both my head and my body, and I like the relaxing calm I feel after inhaling the aromas.

hope gillerman organics clear mind tension remedy

{H. Gillerman Organics sent me this little bottle of magic to review. Photo Courtesy H. Gillerman Organics}

I like the portability of this little 8mL dropper bottle — but the price is a bit steep ($48!). However, it’s made with certified organic ingredients (lavenden super, a hybrid of lavender vera and spike lavender, and peppermint) and bears the USDA organic seal of approval.

Because it’s made with potent, pure essential oils designed to calm your senses yet stimulate your nerves, it doesn’t take much — a couple drops for your shoulders — to get the full effect and maximize your bottle of sanity. I’ve been sharing this bottle of goodness with my fellow editors, and it seems to be a hit. Just be aware that our section of the office does get a bit minty at this time of day!

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