let it snow | color blocking with china glaze holiday 2011 nail polish collection

china glaze holiday 2011 let it snow nail polish

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not endorsing the name of China Glaze’s holiday 2011 nail polish campaign. I’m getting whiny about 40-degree highs and rain, so you don’t want to know what I think about “letting it snow.”

china glaze holiday 2011 let it snow nail polish

{China Glaze sent me its new holiday 2011 collection to test as part of my freelance beauty editing gig. Photo Courtesy China Glaze}

However, I do think very nice things about China Glaze’s holiday 2011 “Let it Snow” nail polish collection, and while I’m still making my way through testing all the new colors, I’ve found that the most-efficient way to see these pretty, sparkly hues on my fingertips is to color block my nails.

On Monday, Kristina over at beancakes posted a sweet DIY nail polish color-blocking tutorial that got me excited to maximize my nail polish-testing efficiency. Be sure to click on over to beancakes to get the full how-to and dig through some of Kristina’s creative blog posts.

I chose to use China Glaze’s “Champagne Bubbles,” a gold, lightly glittered polish, as my base on which to block. I added a modest block of China Glaze “Holly Day,” a pine-green shade, to my ring fingers for a Green Bay Packers-esque look β€” with a bit of fabulous, of course.

My take on color-blocking was a bit more lazy relaxed, as I only blocked my ring fingers because I was unsure of how I’d like the look on my own nails.

china glaze let it snow champagne bubbles holly-day

{I should have made my color block a bit thicker to differentiate it from being a colored-French mani, but I'll get it right next time.}

Well, I’m adding some more color blocks to the other nails, so I definitely love this funky look. You can find updated pictures on my Facebook page later today.

What do you think of the color-blocking trend? Does it translate well to nails? More importantly, who wants to come over and have a mani/pedi party with me?

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