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My whole life, I’ve just dealt with the fact that I have spaghetti-straight hair. Though I’m perfecting my skills with a curling iron (it just takes too long), I’m always jealous of people blessed with curls and waves. (I hope you girls feel the same way about my boring, no-need-for-a-flat-iron hair.)

Sometimes, though, I am able to coax a little bit of curl into my hair. I have somewhat of a natural S-pattern wave in the hair near my face. To help create a little more body in my mostly stick-straight hair, I spritz in a little John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray and scrunch away. The course salt adds texture to my hair, while lavender essential oils add a light, refreshing scent (I normally hate the scent of lavender, but this smells pretty nice).

john masters organics sea mist sea salt spray with lavender

{Scrunch away your stick-straight hair with a few spritzes of John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray.}

John Masters Organics Mist Seal Salt Spray is a great hair product to have if you want to recreate beach hair (doesn’t everybody look great when they come out of the sparkling blue ocean water?) or get a tousled look. At $16.50 a bottle, I guess this is cheaper than a beach vacation, but a little on the luxury side compared to my everyday bottle of Aqua Net (joking!).

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