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skincando luxe brew lip balm

I refer to the newest addition to my beauty arsenal as “my magic lip potion.”

New from skincando’s line of Luxe beauty products, Brew Lip Balm is an enchanting mix of both exotic ingredients and the trusted moisturizing concoctions we’ve come to expect from natural beauty products. Handcrafted in Washington, D.C., Brew Lip Balm is made from a lovely blend of organic beeswax, Tahitian cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic apricot kernel oil, fish oil, organic star anise, organic myrrh and vitamin E.

skincando luxe brew lip balm

{My magic lip potion for those mornings when my lips need an extra aromatic boost}

Upon smoothing it on your lips for the first time, you may feel a little tingle — most likely from organic star anise. It’s a refreshing balm that I can’t help but constantly reapply — it tastes good, is ultra-healing and organic!

I love that Brew Lip Balm is handmade from not only organic, but also wildcrafted ingredients. Wildcrafting means harvesting parts of plants from their natural habitat without disrupting growth or wasting other viable parts of the plant.

All of these luxurious ingredients and special attention to nature does come at a price — Brew Lip Balm costs $15 for a 0.15-ounce tube.  Use sparingly when you need a little aromatic kick! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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