crazy about coral: spring nail polish colors

I’ve been doing a good job staying on top of beauty resolution number three these past few months. While I was in New York last month, Caro and I got coral manicures (as seen in this previous brunch post), and I’ve been hooked on the happy color since then. Unfortunately, at the New York salon, the bottle of coral OPI nail polish I chose didn’t have the sticker with the name on it. With a little sleuthing, though, I’ve found what I am 99.9 percent sure is the pretty coral color I had on my nails just a few weeks ago.

With spring just around the corner, what better way to brighten up your day (besides daylight savings time!) than with super-slick nails in a festive, citrus color? Here are two of my favorite coral colors from some of my favorite nail polish brands.

{This is the color I had on my nails in New York! It's a shimmery coral from OPI's South Beach Collection called Conga-line Coral. Photo By Masha2020/Courtesy Flickr}

{I am loving this coral nail polish from Essie called Clambake. Who gets to name nail polish colors? I want that job! So fun. Photo By karigee/Courtesy Flickr}

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