why kimberlyloc?

My name is Kim Wallace. My blog is kimberlyloc® (yeap, it’s a registered trademark!).

  • Not Kimberly Loc.
  • Not Kim Loc.
  • Not Kimberlyloc.

It’s “kimberlyloc,” but I’ll pretty much answer to any creative conglomeration of this name.

But first, let’s go into nitty-gritty details: My name is Kimberly Loc Wallace.

But I go by Kim. On social media, you know me as @kimberlyloc. And around the web, you’ll find my byline as “Kim Wallace.”

It’s a pretty common name (it gets 7,580,000 search results on Google). My given first name, Kimberly, doesn’t do me much better for originality.

Do you remember the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding? Remember the character played by Cameron Diaz? The writers used my name, Kimberly Wallace, for Diaz’s spunky character. That made saying my name (“Miss Kimmmmberly Wallace!) pretty popular in junior high.

Loc (pronounced “Lock”) is my middle name. It’s Chinese in origin, and is the 70th most popular surname in China (it looks like it’s in my stars to either be popular or common—I’ll let you decide).

It’s a great conversation starter, baffles people on the phone (are you still kimberly…um…l-o-c…at ….dot com?) and has become a big part of my online identity.

So, I’m kimberlyloc.

You can call me Kim. Or Kimmie. Or Kimmy. Or Kimbo.

But please, please, please, remember, it’s kimberlyloc. All one word. All lowercase. You don’t have to use the annoying registered trademark sign (unless you fancy).

Or, whatever. You can call me whatever you want. I’m just happy to connect with you!

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