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May 17, 2014

8 favorite styles from rock the block fashion show | kansas city, missouri

While we’re used to looking ahead to the next season during fashion shows (springs styles in September, fall styles in February), you can usually count on being ready to buy whatever’s showing at on the runway at Kansas City’s annual Rock the Block Fashion Show in May.

Friday night, though, was unusually chilly, so I was back to looking forward to being able to slip into the pretty maxi dresses, short shorts and sleeveless everything that the local boutiques sent down the runway at the Kansas City Live Block of the Kansas City Power & Light District.

That didn’t keep me from baring my legs, for the night, but it was definitely a night for booties and the poodle coat. Behold:

what kimberlyloc wore to the rock the block fashion show kansas city

Photo by Susan Melgren

Coat // Langford Market

Dress // c/o Ross Dress for Less

Booties // Sam Edelman

Glasses // Warby Parker

Earrings // BaubleBar c/o Jane Iredale

Ring // c/o Anjolee

Lip Gloss // “Mauve” c/o EnvyDerm

See what I wore to Rock the Block 2013!

rock the block fashion show kansas city

This year, the Rock the Block Fashion Show team invited me to style a couple of models for the special runway presentation benefiting Wayside Waifs, a nonprofit humane society and animal welfare organization in Kansas City.

As many of you know, I’m a bona fide cat lady, but I love doggies, too, so of course I said yes.

rock the block fashion show kansas city

I pulled two looks from Zafar Boutique and was thrilled to see the gorgeous models come out with their pretty pooches!

While the dogs were a bit shy to walk the runway, they eventually got used to being in the spotlight and did a fantastic job of garnering “ooohs” and “awwwws” from the packed crowd.

Fellow KC-area bloggers Fashion Column Twins and Pretty, Polished, Perfect also styled looks for the presentation. Congrats, ladies!

Now, onto the boutique shows!

Zafar and Envolve Boutique showed as well as six boutiques located within KC Garment District Boutique and Collective: Two Chic Blvd, Label Clothier, Imagery, Eye Candy Boutique, Fitness Culture and Frankie & Jules Boutique.

Below are my eight favorite looks of the night, which range from gypsy chic and rockstar glam to flirty feminine and festival free spirit.

If by the end of the pics below you aren’t craving a headpiece or two, there’s something wrong!

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

rock the block fashion show kansas city

See more looks from Rock the Block 2014 on the kimberlyloc.com Facebook page!

Which looks did you love? Tell me in the comments section!


May 5, 2014

outfit post | inside my closet

A few months ago, Tonya from Kansas City lifestyle publication 435 Magazine contacted me to see if I wanted to be the next subject for the magazine’s regular “Inside My Closet” feature.

The May 2014 issue has been on newsstands around town for a few weeks, and now that 435 Magazine has relaunched its website (beautiful, by the way!), the feature is online.

Check out the online feature to read about my approach to fashion and style; my favorite places to shop; the top five beauty products everyone must have in their beauty arsenal; and why I love Kansas City.

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

I did not invite Anya into my closet for the photo shoot, but she refused to leave.

Can you believe this diva and her pose? This took absolutely no prompting.

Where does she learn this?

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

Anybody who knows me well knows that I have a thing for shoes. When you walk into my apartment, I have a two-tier bookcase that’s actually used as a “shoe shelf.”

And then there’s shoes lining both walls of my closet — two rows on each side.

kim wallace kimberlyloc 435 magazine in my closet

I keep my bags somewhat arranged at the top of my closet; clutches and crossbodies go on the left and bigger bags go on the right.

I’m currently carrying my black Chloe Paraty bag; it was a big investment piece for me, and I absolutely love it.

But of course I want to grow my Chloe collection. Marcie bag, looking at you…

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

I arrange my closet by color. It just makes sense. Need a red top to go with that skirt? Go to the red section. Done.

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

Besides arranging by color, I also arrange by clothing type. Dresses, shirts, tanks, skirts, pants, jeans and leggings all have their respective areas.

My closet is also a mix of local, department store and specialty finds.

I purchased the top on the far left at Frankly Basic, one of my favorite shops in Kansas City. The Sue Wong dress in the middle is from Halls, our local upscale department store. The dress on the right is a work dress I picked up from The Limited.

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

In addition to having a thing for shoes, I’m a total accessories addict. You can change up your look so much just by adding the right scarf or piece of jewelry.

My favorite scarves above are the red silk one (brought back from India by a former coworker) and the navy silk one to the right of it (a Chanel scarf I scored at Act II Consignment in Kansas City).

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

I’m a firm believer in displaying your jewelry collection. It’s easy to default to a few key pieces; if your jewelry is in front of you, you may be inspired to build a look around that item instead of making it an afterthought.

Plus, it just looks pretty and feels like I’m shopping every morning as I’m getting ready!

(Not pictured: The bowls of bracelets and two hanging hooks of necklaces.)

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

Aw, the beauty cabinet. This is just one shelf — my beloved masks — and yes, I do use them all.

Different skin conditions call for different masks. I mention my must-haves in the article. Head on over to 435 Magazine to read it!

kim wallace kimberlyloc kansas city 435 south magazine in my closet feature

All Photos by Kyndall Durkee // Courtesy 435 Magazine

Top // Everlane

Jeans // Joe’s Jeans

Heels // DV by Dolce Vita

Bracelet // c/o iSanctuary

Earrings // Frankly Basic

Scarf // Old, can’t remember!

March 20, 2014

favorite styles from kansas city fashion week | kansas city fashion week spring 2014 | kansas city, missouri

In the past two years of covering Kansas City Fashion Week (first show review here), I’ve never walked away thinking that every single designer was solid.

Sure, the shows improve every year and there are veteran designers who captivate the audience.

But this year, every single designer who showed on Saturday brought some serious style game that made me think “Wow, I’d buy that.”

Below, I’m sharing a small selection of my favorite looks from Saturday’s daytime and evening shows.

Note: I was under some sort of curse this season. Not only was I super-sick before the show and had to miss the opening parties, but I also lost 500+ pictures I shot on my DSLR. Below is what I could salvage from my iPhone — what a heartbreaker! I can’t wait to see all of the professional shots on the Kansas City Fashion Week Facebook page soon, though!

l.o.d kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Olathe, Kansas, designer Elodie Auvray of L.O.D kicked off the Saturday afternoon show strong-bodied dancers and tribal music, which set the tone for her gorgeous island getaway collection of swimwear and resort dresses.

The large leaf patterns that dominated her collection had me wishing I was sipping juice from a fresh coconut and being fanned by one or all of the nice dancer men who opened the show.

Her banana-yellow dress was the most interesting piece in the collection; the dramatic bust commanded my attention from the moment the model stepped onto the runway.

elle inspired kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

I’m a sucker for romantic gowns, and Omaha, Nebraska, designer Elda Doamekpo of Elle Inspired captured my heart with this look.

From the ringlets and ladylike neckline to the jeweled waist and mermaid bottom — all in my color crush, blush pink — this dress begs to be taken to the ball.

andrea marie long designs kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Kansas City designer Andrea Long of Andrea Marie Long Designs had me craving fall and a Clueless marathon with her collection dominated by classic prints. I wanted basically everything she showed (though maybe with a longer hemline on the skirts to make them office appropriate).

Andrea gets bonus points for choosing to have Beyonce play in the beginning of her show.

sara kahrs kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Of all the designers who showed on Saturday afternoon, Sara Kahrs of Springfield, Missouri, got me the most excited for fall.

Rich oxblood, tar black and smoke gave her collection a moody yet approachable feel, and the textures and fabrics she chose had me wanting to reach out and touch each garment as they came down the runway.

ola style kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Saint Louis, Missouri, designer Ola Hawatmeh of Ola Style showed some flowy, fun dresses, but the best one by far in her collection was this gilded number.

The combination of an incredible baroque print with whimsical lines and the perfectly tailored fit made this piece a showstopper. More of this, please!

kate walz kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Bennington, Nebraska, designer Kate Walz opened the Saturday evening show with her Beatles-inspired collection.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her depart from the ultra-girly and super sweet designs and show a collection with some edge and maturity. This dress, named “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” floated down the runway and had me dreaming of a Boho escape.

You must check out Kate’s Instagram for more fabulous shots of this collection; I’m also in awe of “Lovely Rita” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

lauren bander kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Crowd favorite Lauren Bander of Saint Louis, Missouri, stayed true to her tulle but also stepped out of her comfort zone to show some other chic ways to embrace your femininity.

I personally loved the oversized, bejeweled sleeve on the navy number. I could use a little more length in the front, but I get the spirit of the idea. I like.

koko clemence kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Jumpsuits are hard. Sure, sometimes it’s all on the body type (and these are models we’re dealing with here!), but sometimes it’s the cut and lines of a jumpsuit that can just be all wrong.

Olathe, Kansas, designer K. Clemence Lawson of Koko Clemson got it right.

Her patterned jumpsuit fit in all the right places — natural waist, arm holes and leg length — and drew several approving nods from the crowd.

bywhitney kansas city fashion week march 2014 union station

Whitney Rorah of ByWhitney from Boone, Iowa, had every woman in the room fawning over her sweet dresses.

While she showed traditional wedding dresses, I was most drawn to her flirty pink dresses — who says you have to wear white (or a dress, for that matter) for your wedding?

There’s no wedding plans in my near future, but I’d totally wear this piece to the grocery store. And to walk my non-existent dog. And to some fancy event downtown.

I want to live in this dress. How can you not feel pretty in it?

Congratulations to all the designers, models, hair and makeup artists, planning and production teams and amazing sponsors Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey, Ulta Beauty, The Pitch, Hotel Phillips, Union Station and KC Magazine for making the spring 2014 shows an incredible success!

And, of course, big thank you to Project Runway star (and Saint Louis gal) Laura Kathleen for participating in Kansas City Fashion Week. You know your collection was off the charts! Thanks for making the Midwest proud.

Did you attend Kansas City Fashion Week? What were your favorite looks you saw at the shows or via social media? Tell me in the comments section!


January 24, 2014

this makes me happy | love and laughter

I’m figuring out how to love and laugh during strange times.

“When you love and laugh abundantly, you live a beautiful life.”

when you love and laugh abundantly

Wishing you a happy Friday and weekend filled with beauty and abundance.

I’m heading East today to visit some dear friends and get a mega dose of love and laughter.

It’s the ultimate cure for a winter funk (followed closely by homemade pho and hot tea).

(And if you’re wondering, yes, that’s me in the picture. Oh how I miss my long hair sometimes!)

December 16, 2013

holiday gift guide 2013

We have just a little more than a week left before Christmas — are you anywhere near finished with your shopping?

Just in case you aren’t, I’ve rounded up my top style and beauty picks for the holidays and beyond.

Some of these items are on my actual wish list this year, while others are tried-and-true favorites that I think your loved ones will love, too.

Happy last-minute shopping!

kimberlyloc holiday gift guide 2013

From top row to bottom row, left to right:

1. Jane Iredale Glamour Eye & Lip Palette, $75

I’ve been playing with this palette for a few weeks now. It’s got such a great little sampling of perky eye and lip colors that make me excited to paint my face in the mornings.

While the color pots are small, you get a great range of colors — 15 eye shadows and 15 lippies! — to experiment with. I’m sure you can nail the perfect holiday looks with this pretty palette. (Also available at Nordstrom!)

2. Roots Rose Radish Jasmine & Clary Sage Perfume, $50

Roots Rose Radish’s packages its solid perfumes in cowrie shells and houses its various fragrance oils in cold-pressed, unrefined jojoba oil for a slow release of scent.

While it’s no secret that I covet the Jasmine & Clary Sage scent, Roots Rose Radish also offers gorgeous perfumes in Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit and Rose Frankincense & Patchouli.

3. H. Gillerman Organics Remedy Pack, $160

Introduce a loved one to the power of aromatherapy with H. Gillerman Organics’ Remedy Pack, which features full size essential oil remedies — Sleep Remedy, Tension Remedy, Stress Remedy and Sinus Remedy — in a cute little Brooklyn-made pouch.

I swear by Hope Gillerman’s aromatherapy treasures; she keeps me pepped up with peppermint at work (Tension Remedy) and soothes me to bed at night (Sleep Remedy). Sinus Remedy and Stress Remedy must be equally amazing.

4. Prada Sunglasses, $290

I would feel transported to a magical land every time I slipped on these Prada shades.

With its whimsical side designs and square lenses, these sunglasses draw a little more attention to your well-hidden eyes and shield you glamorously from the sun’s rays.

Gift these to someone who isn’t notorious for breaking or losing her sunglasses …

5. Osmia Organics Greenest and Cleanest Soap Set, $130

My favorite bar soaps, hands down, are made by the hands of Sarah Villafranco, founder of Colorado-based Osmia Organics.

These soaps are special; the curves on the top of the soap showcase Sarah’s artistry and care. Each scent triggers different memories and feelings while cleansing your body with saponified oils and butters blended with various clays and essential oils to nourish your skin.

6. Hobo “Farrah” Bag, $248

Also available in Caramel, Stone, Black and Peacock, the Hobo “Farrah” is big enough to use as an everyday bag yet sleek and compact enough to use as an evening clutch — just remove the strap!

I’ve had my eye on this bag for a few months now. The striking violet color spoke to me in so many ways — namely “take me home!”

7. May Lindstrom Skin “The Good Stuff” Radiance Oil, $110

What better time than the holidays to splurge on a sexy, scrumptious body oil from May Lindstrom Skin?

I’m a huge fan of this sweet body oil, reserving it for special nights when I want to amp up the flirtation and see my skin glisten and glow. “The Good Stuff” gives you that feeling of power and beauty typically found in sexy perfumes or lingerie; May calls this her “fabric-free lingerie” and could not be more on-target with that description!

You can also count on May to deliver this cocoa-scented body oil to you wrapped in gorgeous black and gold and with a handwritten note; who knows, if you ask, she may even address the note to the lucky gift recipient.

8. Red Dirt Shop “The Escapist by Jenn Porreca” iPhone 5/5s Case, $37

Kansas City-based Red Dirt Shop partners with local artists to create stunning cell phone cases that are sure to spark conversations.

Beyond talking about the beauty of your new cell phone case, you can talk about how a portion of the sale of your case went to helping Water.org build wells in countries like Ethiopia, India, Haiti and Uganda so that families there could have access to clean water.

Every five cases sold gives one person clean water for life and exposes individual artists to more people who may adore their work.

9. Shinola “Runwell 28mm” Watch, $600

Made in Detroit and now available in Kansas City, Shinola offers timeless timepieces for men and women that command attention.

With their sleek lines, bold faces and supple leather, Shinola watches are bringing back a bit of American pride to high-quality watchmaking and are sure to catch attention.

10. Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves, $54

You can never go wrong gifting gloves (as long as you know the right size!), but a pair of cashmere-lined leather gloves steps it up a notch.

In a classic or bright color, leather gloves show off style and sophistication that comes with age — and the right pair of leather gloves will get better as the years go by.

11. Clare Vivier Simple Tote, $368

Made in Los Angeles, this suede and leather Clare Vivier tote is effortlessly chic, with rich colors from eco-friendly dyes.

The Simple Tote can works for everyday laptop-schlepping to and from work as well as for those long errand-running days when you just need a roomy, yet stylish, bag to run around town.

October 6, 2013

favorite styles from kansas city fashion week | kansas city fashion week fall 2013 | kansas city, missouri

This was a special year for Kansas City Fashion Week.

In addition to attracting designers from more than 10 different cities nationwide (including Austin; New York; Omaha; and St. Augustine, Florida), Kansas City Fashion Week had the community buzzing about its quintessential Kansas City location: Union Station.

Though the beautiful venue presented challenges with echoing because of the high ceilings, I think it’s safe to say “less talk, more fabulous fashion” was on everybody’s minds throughout the weekend shows.

Here are my favorite looks from Kansas City Fashion Week’s October 2013 shows:

erin paige designs kansas city fashion week

Overland Park, Kansas, designer Erin Paige sent bright, fun floral necklaces and chunky cuffs down the runway.

I had the chance to see these a bit closer and confirm that they’re light as air despite their larger-than-life size.

One of these necklaces will be coming home with me very soon (because I obviously need more accessories).

chelsea riane designs kansas city fashion week

Kansas City designer Chelsea Riane caught my attention with this pretty, pale pink dress. It had beautiful movement to it, begging to be taken out for a spin (perhaps to the ballet this winter?).

recrudescence kansas city fashion week

Funky accessories always get me. Recrudescence of Kansas City took “statement” to the extreme with these metallic, nature-inspired necklaces.

I’m extremely drawn to the one on the right, while the collared one on the left had my imagination running wild.

kaity rathman designs kansas city fashion week

This violet number from Lincoln, Nebraska’s Kaity Rathman had me obsessing.

The cut, volume and flow to this dress was just perfect, and the rich colors were attention-getting without feeling loud.

whitney manney kansas city fashion week

I’ve watched Kansas City Art Institute graduate Whitney Manney grow so much over the past year and a half.

Throughout her maturation as a designer, she’s always remained true to her aesthetic: a funky, urban chic with no apologies and no excuses.

The Whitney Manney girl owns it, whether she’s wearing a cool crop top or a sporty shirtdress. You only wish you could be so cool!

lauren bander kansas city fashion week

I was excited to see St. Louis designer Lauren Bander back for another season in Kansas City. She stole my heart last season, and didn’t disappoint this fall, either.

Her signature combination of voluminous tulle and sleek, satiny fabrics anchored her collection of muted neutrals that could transition easily from season to season.

hilary brown kansas city fashion week

I don’t like thinking about swimwear in October (it finally cooled down, guys!), but with Hilary Brown’s sporty and chic line, you just can’t help but fast forward to spring/summer 2014.

The Kansas City designer combined athletic bikinis with flirty cover-ups for a cool collection that could take you from beach volleyball to beachside lounging.

kate walz kansas city fashion week

I’m not sure how 16-year-old Nebraskan Kate Walz does it.

For someone so young, her collection had a feeling of pure romance beyond the realm girlhood crushes and hangup phone calls.

Her opening look, a sweet floral ballerina, drew immediate applause and inspired fantasies of dancing the night away with a prince.

Her penultimate look, my absolute favorite, reminded me of something a queen would wear sauntering about town, with that pale blue and pretty floral print. (See the back of this sweet cloak on my Facebook page.)

Who were your favorite designers at Kansas City Fashion Week this season? What looks did you like best? Tell me in the comments, and see more pics on my Facebook page!

April 25, 2013

loft shopping party at summit fair | lee’s summit, missouri

Got plans on Thursday, May 2?

I’ll be skipping yoga (oops) for a summer shopping party at the new LOFT concept store in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, to celebrate its arrival in the greater Kansas City area.

Join me and my co-host, stylist Katherine Brown, as we shop our favorites from the spring 2013 collection and enjoy a fun DJ, tasty treats and (fingers crossed!) a $250 shopping spree giveaway!

Mark your calendars for this exciting event — and bring your friends for girls’ night out with LOFT.

loft grand opening lee's summit missouri hosted by kim wallace kimberlyloc

Date: May 2, 2013
Time: 5-8 p.m.
Location: LOFT at Summit Fair (840 Northwest Blue Parkway, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086)
Event Hosts: Kim Wallace of kimberlyloc and stylist Katherine Brown of Chanari Style & Design

LOFT at Summit Fair is the first concept store in the Kansas City area, boasting plush seating, open space, and additional groupings of mannequins to offer more fashion inspiration.

During the event, guests will shop the LOFT Summer 2013 collection, grove to tunes by a live DJ, enjoy hors d’ouevres and beverages, and have a chance to win a $250 LOFT shopping spree.

Eileen McCoy, a Kansas City artist, will also be on-site during the event to provide shoppers with stylish sketches in their new LOFT pieces.

I can’t wait to see you there! Be sure to follow me on Twitter (as well as LOFT!) for a few sneak peeks leading up to the event and of course to learn more about the LOFT concept store’s exciting debut in Kansas City!

This post is kindly brought to you by LOFT.

April 7, 2013

fashion for a cause 2013 runway | kansas city, missouri

With all the glitz and glamour that goes with Fashion for a Cause — the backstage scene, the patrons party, the dress hunt — it’s easy to forget that, hey, we’re here for a fabulous fashion show to benefit women’s health services and oncology care at Truman Medical Center!

This was my second year to attend the event (see coverage from last year’s show, hosted by Giuliana Rancic).

Host Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straigh Guy fame kept the crowd of Kansas City philanthropists laughing and smiling with his cute jokes, funny tips (“more men’s swimwear next year!”) and overall charming personality.

carson kressley fashion for a cause 2013 kansas city

{Carson Kressley is no stranger to Kansas City. He attends the American Royal Barbecue every year and spent the whole weekend in Kansas City after Fashion for a Cause.}

You can find more pictures of the styles shows from local Kansas City shops Alaskan Fur Company, Feng, Clique Boutique, Helen Jon, Hudson & Jane, Miriam Garvey, jH, Nolte’s, N Valentino and Sitzmark Sports on the kimberlyloc.com Facebook page as well as the Fashion for a Cause Facebook page.

For now, though, I leave you with my favorite four styles of the night.

favorite styles from fashion for a cause 2013 kansas city

{Photos used in this original collage c/o Fashion for a Cause}

[Clockwise from top left]

  • The white crochet/lace dress and hat scream summer to me — can’t wait to wear that outfit.
  • I am adoring the crisp men’s look with bright yellow pants, cuffed at the ankle, and cool shoes. More men need to dress like that!
  • The black evening gown is sexy yet sophisticated — I don’t know where I’d wear it, but I want it!
  • And finally, the yellow/green and black dress with the neck ruffle stole my heart. That’s my overall No. 1 pick of the night!

What are your favorite looks from Fashion for a Cause 2013? And even more important — are you planning on coming to Fashion for a Cause 2014 after seeing all this fabulousness?!

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