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January 24, 2014

this makes me happy | love and laughter

I’m figuring out how to love and laugh during strange times.

“When you love and laugh abundantly, you live a beautiful life.”

when you love and laugh abundantly

Wishing you a happy Friday and weekend filled with beauty and abundance.

I’m heading East today to visit some dear friends and get a mega dose of love and laughter.

It’s the ultimate cure for a winter funk (followed closely by homemade pho and hot tea).

(And if you’re wondering, yes, that’s me in the picture. Oh how I miss my long hair sometimes!)

September 9, 2013

scenes from my weekend | a visit to new york during mercedes-benz fashion week | new york city

My apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog lately — I hope you have been able to follow along via Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates during the past few days!

I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule this week — until then, here’s a recap of my time in New York City during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

kimberlyloc britanie faith gina debacker caro during a night for green beauty

{To kick off my stay in New York City, my friends Carolyn (my left) and Gina (far right)  joined me at “A Night for Green Beauty,” where we met my lovely beauty blogging friends (including Britanie Faith!) and some of my favorite natural beauty company founders. The event was packed full of familiar faces, new products and lots of energy. Thank you to La Bella Figura for planning and executing this amazing gathering!}

gina kimberlyloc may lindstrom victoria fantauzzi la bella figura

{Wednesday’s travels and green beauty event really took it out of me. On Thursday, Gina and I slept in, had brunch with Laurie of 312 Beauty and then headed downtown to meet up with the beautiful May Lindstrom for afternoon tea. As we were preparing to leave, “Aunt Victoria” (as she is so lovingly referred to by May and her husband Robert on behalf of their baby girl, Talia) of La Bella Figura was popping over for a visit. It was a treat to connect on a more intimate level with two of my favorite natural skincare company founders. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I was never starstruck by meeting any of the beauty founders — every single one of them comes off the exact same way they do via email and social media: genuine and warm. That’s what I love about this community.}

mercedes benz fashion week p'trique project runway noon by noor

{Friday was fashion show day for Gina and me. We kicked off our run at Lincoln Center with the Project Runway finale show (sooooo good!) followed by Noon by Noor and the Nautica men’s show. I have to say, though, the highlight of my day at Lincoln Center was spotting my girl P’Trique.}

gita woosley mimi and chichi kimberlyloc mercedes benz fashion week ramen venexiana

{On Saturday, Gina and I hit up brunch with my friend Carolyn, wandered around Central Park and explored the natural history museum before heading back to Lincoln Center for our final show of the weekend: Venexiana. We joined my girl Gita of Mimi and Chichi for the show, which featured 73 flowy, drapey dresses — this one was my favorite. Post-show, we calmed my ramen craving by heading to Hide-Chan in Midtown East. It’s a fashion week tradition!}

June 28, 2013

meet me in san francisco

Depending on what time you’re reading this (via the tweet that goes out right when a new post publishes or via your new post email every morning), I’m either 1) dreaming of San Francisco or 2) frantically packing last-minute items for our vacation to San Francisco.

meet kimberlyloc in san francisco

{My pictures from San Francisco, circa 2007. Sorry, NYC, but I think I love the Bay Area a little more.}

The teacher man and I are sharing our three-year anniversary in the City by the Bay and while I’ve been to the area numerous times, I’m always excited to make the trek west for fresh air, fresh fish and all sorts of fresh fun.

If you’re familiar with the area (or hell, are a local and read my blog), I’d love a few tips on where to go, what to see and where to shop for natural beauty products! I go to SF every year or so, but it’s not like I have my finger on the pulse of everything that’s new — please keep me hip, y’all!

(Y’all inserted for dramatic effect.)

While we will be limiting the number of boutiques and shops we visit (because this is a couples trip, not a Kimbo shopping spree), I’ve let the teacher man know that if an amazing apothecary comes calling, we HAVE to get inside.

Have a great weekend. I’ve got some guest posts lined up for you next week, and will share the spoils of my journey via social media as I can.


February 13, 2013

scenes from my weekend | a visit to new york during mercedes benz fashion week | new york city

You know when it’s taken me two days to recoup from my weekend that it had to have been an awesome one.

In case you don’t follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (sad face!), I spent a long weekend with my friend Carolyn on the Upper West Side.

We ran around Manhattan like crazy women in pursuit of fashion, beauty and all-day brunch specials — all during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

kimberlyloc outside of lincoln center during mercedes benz fashion week in new york city

{I arrived on Thursday night, and of course we had to stroll by Lincoln Center, where I’d be roaming around on Friday morning, so I could see the calm before the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Storm (and, um, Nemo).}

kimberlyloc with kendi everyday and carolyn

{We hit up the Gap StyldBy event hosted by one of my favorite real-girl, affordable fashion bloggers Kendi Everyday. Look whose pics got Facebooked, tweeted and Instagrammed from the official Gap accounts! Photo Courtesy Gap Instagram}

kimberlyloc backstage with designer sally lapointe during mercedes benz fashion week fall/winter 2013 presentations

{On Friday morning, I headed downtown to Pier 57 to catch the Sally LaPointe show. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to get backstage to meet Sally and check out the models’ hair and makeup and see the run of show setup.}

jess afshar mimi and chichi jana meister style your life kim wallace kimberlyloc new york fashion week lincoln center

{After the Sally show, I headed uptown to Lincoln Center to meet Jess and Jana. Jess and I hit up the Nautica show while Jana braved Nemo to catch up with the rest of the Kansas City Fashion Week crew.}

totto ramen new york city

{After the Nautica show, it was Jess and my turn to bundle up and brave Nemo. By 4:30 p.m., the white flakes were coming down and the winds were fierce. Thankfully, Jess had an Uber ride ready for us and we jetted off to Totto Ramen for an amazing late lunch/early dinner. I got spicy ramen with a side of spicy bamboo shots. Divine!}

french toast brunch abc kitchen new york city jean georges

{On Saturday morning, Carolyn and I went to the Flatiron district for brunch at ABC Kitchen. I kind of have a thing for French toast, and anytime I try a new breakfast/brunch spot, it’s my go-to. I have to say, this French toast with a side of roasted apples was the best I’ve ever had. Leave it to Jean Georges to blow my mind over brunch (he’s also blown my mind at Dune at the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas.}

kimberlyloc at abc carpet and home natural beauty apothecary

{After a happy brunch, I made tested Carolyn’s patience as I spent more than an hour circling through the natural beauty offerings inside the ABC Carpet & Home Apothecary. I spent a lot of time chatting it up with Carol at the Tracie Martyn counter, and was so sad to learn that I had just missed Rose Marie Swift (of RMS Beauty) minutes beforehand. To deal with this loss, I spent a lot of money on natural beauty products and tweeted my sadness to @RMSBeauty.}

kimberlyloc wears hand-dyed tights from kansas city designer whitney manney

{After an exciting day of eating and shopping, Carolyn and I met up with her college friends for a night of dancing downtown. Despite the insanely cold weather, I rocked my Whitney Manney W/M hand-dyed tights and danced the night away.}

crazy cat shirt brooklyn industries williamsburg brooklyn new york

{On Sunday, Carolyn and I ventured to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a little natural beauty, vintage and boutique shopping. Our first stop was Brooklyn Industries, where I had to restrain myself from buying the teacher man this awesome cat shirt. I instead got him a shirt with two strange birds on it.}

wing ring at brooklyn charm in williamsburg brooklyn new york

{We also popped into Brooklyn Charm to play with the eclectic selection of customizable jewelry. I picked up an engraved necklace (which I’ll share with you on Valentine’s Day) while Carolyn got a sweet necklace made for a dear friend. Because we had to wait a bit for the custom engraving, I entertained myself by playing with the cute little assortment of rings.}

daniel alvarez of woodley and bunny applies hourglass lipstick in icon on natural beauty blogger kimberlyloc

{The highlight of my trip to Brooklyn was visiting Woodley & Bunny and having the lovely Daniel work his magic on my lips. Again, I spent way too much time in this quaint shop, but couldn’t get over the amazing selection of natural skincare, haircare, nail polish and makeup. Daniel applied Hourglass lipstick in “Icon” on me and I never felt more glamorous.}

December 31, 2012

2012 year in review | top 10 blog posts of 2012

As the snow comes down outside here in Kansas City, I’m reflecting on the tremendous year that’s coming to a close.

From natural beauty industry leader interviews and television appearances to fashion week coverage and regular outfit posts, this blog has grown so much from the date nearly three years ago that I decided to give it a go.

This year, here’s what you told me (via your clicks!) were your favorite posts. Thank you very much for your support, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you in so many more ways (video?!) in 2013.

10. beauty diy | fight acne naturally with tea tree oil

tea tree oil and jojoba oil

Two of this blog’s most-praised natural beauty ingredients — tea tree oil and jojoba oil — kicked off the new series “beauty diy” back in July.

I will forever recommend tea tree oil and jojoba oil to natural beauty newcomers, and I’m thrilled to uncover more effective natural beauty ingredients that help in the constant fight against acne.

9. beauty scoop | one love organics essentials to go travel kit

one love organics essentials to go travel kit

Back in March, I shared my discovery of natural beauty startup One Love Organics.

The company takes a “waterless” approach to natural beauty ingredients; that is, instead of diluting precious, effective ingredients with water, they give you more of the good stuff … and you can use less of it thanks to the concentration!

8. beauty scoop | badger damascus rose spf 16 face sunscreen lotion

badger damascus rose spf 16 face sunscreen lotion

To kick off the summer pool season and commemorate Skin Cancer Awareness Month back in May, I started searching for natural sunscreens — which is more difficult than it seems!

Most natural sunscreens leave a white cast on your skin (thanks, zinc!), so finding natural sunscreens 1) without a Casper finish and 2) without harmful ingredients took some sleuthing. Badger’s Damascus Rose SPF 16 Face Sunscreen Lotion got a lot of praise from you thanks to its affordable pricing and effective formula.

7. kansas city fashion week favorites | kansas city, missouri

kms couture presents american trash kansas city fashion week

I’ve been a proud supporter of the Kansas City fashion community since my first Kansas City Fashion Week show back in February. Since that first show, the community has grown so much stronger, with designers, models, photographers and leaders coming together to put KC on the sartorial map.

For this post, I highlighted my favorites from the spring 2012 show and am impressed to see how these designers have evolved their style and skill throughout the year. Be on the lookout for more from these Kansas City fashion designers!

6. natural beauty buff | sophie, the clean beauty blog

sophie the clean beauty blog tata harper lotus wei bedside table

I can’t tell you how excited I was when Sophie, the writer behind The Clean Beauty Blog, reached out to me to see if I wanted to do a feature on her blog. I jumped at the chance (I adore her and her blog!), and of course asked her if I could feature her top beauty picks on my blog as well.

I’m happy I did, because not only did I get a peek at some natural beauty brands I was unfamiliar with, but I got a chance to write one of the most popular posts of 2012! It seems you love Sophie as much as I do — here’s to more collaborations in 2013!

5. fashion on the fringe | vintage fringe at the kc fringe festival | kansas city, missouri

little shells designs fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

Speaking of the thriving fashion community in Kansas City, back in July I covered the eclectic “Fashion on the Fringe” show, a vintage-themed fashion show that was part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival.

This show celebrated both emerging and established artists and presented them the opportunity to produce their most creative work — and boy did it show! I am looking forward to 2013’s Fringe Festival and seeing more new faces and inspirational designs come down the runway.

4. beauty scoop | deodomom roll-on natural deodorant

deodomom roll-on natural deodorant from 30someweeks.com

One of the biggest changes I made in my personal care routine this year was switching to natural deodorants — so of course I had to blog it!

This hasn’t been an easy switch, but I’ve found a handful of natural deodorants (including DeodoMom, mentioned in this post) that come close to providing the odor protection I need to get through the day.

I’ll be continuing my search and review process for natural deodorants in 2013 (I have so many lined up to share with you in the coming weeks!), and I hope you’ll stick with me as I sweat it out.

3. natural beauty buff | spirit demerson, spirit beauty lounge

spirit demerson spirit beauty lounge

In February, I launched the “natural beauty buff” series — one of my favorite natural beauty product discovery tools — and who better to kick it off than Spirit Demerson, the founder of online natural beauty apothecary Spirit Beauty Lounge.

Since debuting the series, I’ve interviewed a total of 19 natural beauty industry leaders. That’s a lot of great, green product recommendations from the ones who know it best! Who do you want me to interview in 2013?

2. this makes me happy | mustache watch

urban outfitters mustache watch

You guys, sometimes it’s the little things in life.

This was the second most-popular blog post of 2012 — who’d a thunk it?!

This is why I firmly believe in writing about whatever I want (which is why I started a blog!). By giving you little peeks into the things that make me happy (whether they are natural beauty-related or not), I let you in just a little bit closer and you get to see sides of me that make you think, “Oh, that’s who kimberlyloc is!”

1. beauty secrets | multipurpose beauty products

kimberlyloc with multipurpose beauty products on kctv5 better kansas city

One of the coolest things I did in 2012 was become a regular on KCTV5’s “Better Kansas City” lifestyle talk show.

As a lifestyle and natural beauty resource, I’ve shared fashion, beauty and DIY tips on the show, but the most popular appearance that I blogged was December’s “Multipurpose Beauty Products” segment featuring natural products curated from Beauty Brands as well as from my own personal arsenal.

Better Kansas City co-host Kelly Jones and I had a blast talking about the secret double lives of your beauty products and how to save money by using your products in multiple ways. I’m so grateful for the chance to share my ideas and tips with a wider audience, and I look forward to seeing you on the small screen again in January!

To my lovely readers: Thank you for your support! Whether you started reading this year, last year or the year before, I value your comments, likes, clicks, reads, shares, tweets, emails — EVERYTHING — that you do to give me the courage to share what I love with you. Cheers to a happy, healthy, naturally beautiful new year!










September 21, 2012

see you at fashionistas on a mission | kansas city, missouri

It’s been a whirlwind of a month.

In between keeping up with our work, personal lives and blogs, Jess and I have been hustlin’ to bring you the best fashion, beauty and shopping charity event to kick off the fall — Fashionistas on a Mission — in support of Rose Brooks Center.

I cannot believe the event is almost here! On Friday, Jess and I went on NBC 41 Action News to talk with our girl Jiao Jiao about the event.

We’ve been running all over town to get everything ready for the event. We sincerely hope you come!

Expect some tasty drinks, courtesy of Kansas Whiskey; some scrumptious macarons, courtesy of Au Bon Macaron; homemade cake pops, thanks to Jess; gorgeous fashion/jewelry/accessories, courtesy Whitney Manney, Simply Livly, eNVe Designs and Isshou No Yakusoku; and luxurious beauty products, courtesy La Bella Figura and One Love Organics.

Follow along on Twitter #KCFash for sneak peeks of the pre-event planning as well as real-time updates from all the fashionistas who come out to the Garment District Boutique to scoop up some great new fall clothes and bonus giveaway items.

August 31, 2012

fashionistas on a mission | kansas city, missouri

I have been counting down the days to this post.

Jess of Mimi & Chichi and I have been tirelessly working over the past month to organize our first community event.

Today, I am thrilled to announce “Fashionistas on a Mission,” a fashion, beauty and shopping event to support the women and kids of Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

fashionistas on a mission kansas city event

Jess and I were chatting one day about all the local blogger events we attend. From private shopping parties to mini fashion shows, we love getting out and participating in our local community of bloggers, models, designers and fashion/beauty enthusiasts.

But it seemed like something was missing. Sure, we get to go to these fun outings, network with people and enjoy a nice evening out in KC. But what if we could do more?

We started playing with the idea of hosting an event, but it had to be something that went deeper than the latest fashion trends or the hottest makeup colors. Sure, we appreciate those things, but they’re just that: things.

We wanted to put together an outing to support the beautiful things in life — local fashion, local shopping and local people — while supporting the people who need to know just how beautiful they are, despite the circumstances.

And that’s what lead us to decide to host an event in support of Rose Brooks Center.

Rose Brooks empowers women and children to live a life free of violence. It teaches women that a life well-lived is made up of respect, love and compassion, and that everyone is deserving of these things.

Last year, I spent a day volunteering at Rose Brooks Center. I worked in Rosie’s Closet, the gently used clothing donation center, and mentored the kids who were at the center that day.

But it was just one day. And oh how I’ve been wanting to do more.

Will this one event change the entire course of humanity? No. But this one event brings the women and children of Rose Brooks Center that much closer to living a fearless life. I sincerely hope to see you there.

We are asking that everyone who attends please bring a $5 donation. Jess and I have committed to matching every monetary donation, up to $1000, in support of Rose Brooks Center. If you’re unable to bring a monetary donation, we hope you can bring an urgent-need item to donate to the center.

Be sure to check out the event page on Facebook to get regular updates, details and sneak peeks at the fun we shall have.

June 26, 2012

taco tuesday | el camino real | kansas city, kansas

Though I live in Kansas, I work in Missouri and spend most of my time eating my way through the great Kansas City lunch spots.

However, every once in a while, I’m able to border hop during my lunch hour and chow down on some legit Mexican food just across the state line.

I used to make regular trips to El Camino Real with my former coworker when I officed a bit closer to the Kansas-Missouri border. We’d hit up a simple little spot in downtown KCK that made my mouth water every time we walked in and took a seat.

El Camino Real, located on North 7th Street just past Armstrong, is a tiny little taco shack that boasts big flavors. When you walk in, you’re greeted with the smell of fresh corn tortillas and the sight of a huge slab of pastor-style pork and pineapple.

el camino real tacos kansas city kansas

{El Camino Real's tacos are damn near perfect.}

While I have tried an assortment of tacos from El Camino Real, I always come back for the pastor-style tacos. They’re always seasoned to perfection, and if you’re lucky, you get some generous bits of pineapple in your taco — talk about sweet and tart meets spice!

These tacos have inspired me to begin pinning some great taco seasoning recipes to recreate pastor-style tacos at home.

But that won’t keep me from my next visit to El Camino Real. Who wants to come with?

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