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September 18, 2014

makeup of the day | welcome autumn

So maybe I’m jumping the gun by five days, but it’s actually feeling like fall in my neck of the woods, and I’ve been embracing it wholeheartedly.

From putting away my summer clothes and shoes and donning new boots and layers, I’ve just been missing two finishing touches to my autumn look: Updated makeup and accessories.

Until now.

kjaer weis new fall 2014 makeup colors

Kjaer Weis releases its new fall colors today, and I’ve had the privilege of playing with these new colors for the past few weeks.

Meet “Green Depth,” a gorgeous green eye shadow decorated with hints of gold.

Give a big hug to “Embrace,” a soft pink cream blush that kisses your cheeks with a light, believable flush of color.

Kiss “Lover’s Choice” smack on the lips and get a rush of ruby red to your lips if you dare, or apply it very lightly and blend for a berry-stained pout.

kjaer weis fall 2014 makeup colors

kjaer weis fall 2014 makeup colors

In addition to pretty new fall colors, I’ve also incorporated earthy new earrings into my fall wardrobe.

These earrings from Moazen Jewelry & Accessories capture everything I love about fall — texture, mixed media and an overall natural grit that looks just stunning juxtaposed with a bit of glam makeup.

There’s a few other earrings in the collection that beg to be dangling from my ears this season (hello, cool leaf earrings).

If you’ve been around the blog a bit, you know I’m a huge accessories junkie, so updating this part of my wardrobe is key to feeling fresh as the seasons change. The right accessories can completely change a look!

{And if you’ve been around a blog a lot, you know that I like to do fun stuff on Fridays — watch this space tomorrow for an opportunity to update your own accessories collection!)

kjaer weis fall 2014 makeup colors

Get the “Welcome Autumn” look:

La Bella Donna Complete Brow Kit in Brunette

I bought the last La Bella Donna Complete Brow Kit in Brunette that The Detox Market had in stock the day I visited the shop in Los Angeles last month. I’ve been searching for a clean replacement to my beloved Anastasia Brow Kit, and this one from La Bella Donna is close. The brunette powder is a bit darker than I’m used to, so I have to use even lighter, softer strokes, but overall, it’s a nice replacement.

*Kjaer Weis Foundation in Paper Thin & Just Sheer

I detailed my experience with Kjaer Weis’ foundation in this full review, but I will reiterate that I think “Just Sheer” is a bit of a better match for me even though it’s still not perfect. The undertones are right, though!

*Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Green Depth

To be honest, I’m kind of a boring brown eye shadow girl, but when I do wear color, it tends to be violet and green to bring out the bits of gold in my brown eyes. This eye shadow helps bring out those flecks even more because it itself has the gold flecks! I think “Green Depth” would make for an amazing smoky eye, too — I’ll try that soon and show you!

*Nvey Eco Eye Shadow in Shroom

I used this color to blend a bit in the hollow and up to the crease of my brow to give my lids a little more dimension. Nvey Eco eye shadows have this soft, velvety finish that I adore.

*Cate McNabb Cosmetics Gel Eye Liner in Black

Though I’m quite married to my liquid liner pens, a good pot of gel liner delivers a sexy, sleek line that stays put. Cate McNabb’s Gel Eyeliner gives me that inky length I like in my cat eyes. Meow.

*Studio 78 Paris Double Effect Mascara

Marissa over at BeauTeaBar sent me this mascara a while back, and it’s on my repurchase list. It’s not a wet, heavy mascara, which is ideal for my short, straight lashes, and it holds a curl well. And, as evidenced by the last picture in this post, it lengthens like whoa!

*Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Lover’s Choice

I’m a sucker for red lips, but I love red lip tints even more when they are buildable. Most of the reds in my collection are extreme red; there’s no in-between. With Kjaer Weis’ Lip Tint in Lover’s Choice, you can layer it on to be as va-va-voom as you like, and the deep, brick red pairs well with popular fall palette colors.

*Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Embrace

Though I only own two Kjaer Weis cream blushes, “Embrace” is my favorite of the two right now. This baby soft, bluish-pink is just so elegant, and I love that it works on my skin tone (imagine that!). I’m sure it would look quite stunning on a pale, cool-undertone gal, too. I feel like this is the light flush of color I get naturally, and now I can enhance that just a bit without overwhelming my face.

*Kjaer Weis Highlighter in Radiance

I’ve rounded up a few highlighters before Kjaer Weis’ “Radiance” entered my life. This luminizer is so different than the other ones I’ve tried because it looks a bit more silvery without being too cool and has almost a cream-to-powder finish to it. It doesn’t slip around, yet gives you that dewy look! You may be able to see where I’ve applied it to the inner corners of my eyes and Cupid’s bow. It just gives my face that glow!

*Indicates gifted sample

What makeup and accessories are you incorporating into your fall wardrobe? Have you started switching out your closet just yet? Have you tried any of the natural cosmetics I’ve mentioned above? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section!


September 17, 2014

beauty scoop | may lindstrom skin the jasmine garden botanical mist

Remember that super-personal post about facial soap that I shared a few weeks ago?

Today’s review of May Lindstrom Skin’s The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist is going to be somewhat in line with that one.

If you don’t care for the details, here’s the short and sweet of it: this is (and has already been, several times) a repurchase.

But who doesn’t love a good story?

may lindstrom skin the jasmine garden botanical mist

{I purchased a bottle of The Jasmine Garden from May Lindstrom herself at A Night for Green Beauty in Los Angeles. It costs $60 for a 100 ml Miron glass spray bottle.}

In fall/winter 2013, May gifted me with a sample of The Jasmine Garden as she was still perfecting the formula (it just officially launched in August!).

I fell in love with the scent (obviously, Ms. Jasmine-Lover right here) and the light touches of vanilla and cocoa that tickled my senses.

The skin-healing effects of witch hazel and silver didn’t hurt, either (more on that later, though).

As I got through my sample, May ran an exclusive promotion for her clients — a free sample of The Jasmine Garden with a purchase of The Honey Mud or The Blue Cocoon.

Sold. (For the record, I restocked The Honey Mud.)

Of course, I ran through that bottle like a crazy woman, misting my face morning, noon and night.

More. More. More. I needed more!

Enter February 2014.

I’m going through some crazy life changes (including moving apartments in the dead of a snowy Kansas winter), and May announces her Limited Edition “I Am Love” set which includes — you guessed it — The Jasmine Garden.



One of only 35 people who were able to buy this luxe, limited edition set.

And I bought it mainly because I needed to have another bottle of The Jasmine Garden.

So, to back up again, back when I was first sampling my freebie from May, lots of stuff changed in my life.

I won’t get into details, but believe me, it sucked and my skin always goes into panic mode when things aren’t fine and dandy with my health or my heart.

But my skin never did the complete explosion that it usually does during times of high stress, and I credit the amazing combination of my beloved black clay soap coupled with this soothing yet powerful mist for keeping my skin serene when everything else in life was falling apart.

Here’s what’s inside The Jasmine Garden:

pure water (aqua), *hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), argentum metallicum (silver), jasmine grandiforium absolue, caprylic/capric triglyceride, jasminium officinale (jasmine) extract, *rosa damascena (rose) oil, *cananga odorata (ylang ylang oil), *vanilla planifolia (vanilla) CO2 total essential oil, theobroma cacao (cocoa) oil *Certified Organic

The skincare star ingredients in this mist are witch hazel, silver and caprylic/capric triglyceride, all known for their anti-inflammatory and skin-healing effects.

As I always note in products that contain silver, it’s just one of those things that you have to make the call on for yourself.

No strong feelings about it here, but something I do take note of when I look at a product’s overall formulation; with The Jasmine Garden, silver is higher up on the list (ingredient No. 3), which could be part of why my skin reacted well — silver is known for its antibacterial properties.

But, I also know that my skin just loves witch hazel.

Applied neat, witch hazel is way too drying for me.

But in a gorgeous blend, especially with soothing ingredients like caprylic/capric triglyceride (these are caprylic and capric fatty acids from coconut oil) and a host of soothing plant extracts and oils, witch hazel becomes a delectable treat for my skin.

I reach for The Jasmine Garden the week before and during my nicest time of the month to help prevent breakouts and calm my anxiety.

(It’s pretty much a daily use item for me, anyway, though I do have to rotate in and out toners that I’m testing for the blog.)

I will say, though, that these Miron glass misting jars (seems to be the same ones Yuli, Laurel and a few other brands use) aren’t exactly my favorite.

The mist that comes out is acceptable — not too targeted — but it’s not as fine and wide of a spray as the misting bottles that Acure and even sample sizes of Fig + Yarrow uses.

But that’s more of an issue to take up with the glass developer.

I digress.

For active blemishes, I don’t have much to say about The Jasmine Garden — I rarely had major breakouts while using this mist! Consistency will definitely be key when experiencing rough skin weeks.

All in all, this has obviously been a repurchase for me several times, and I won’t be without The Jasmine Garden as long as May continues to make it.

I’ll go ahead and move it into staple status right now.

Now, off to mist my face.

Have you tried The Jasmine Garden? What do you look for in a toning mist? Do you have strong thoughts on silver? Tell me in the comments section!

September 15, 2014

beauty scoop | zweena argan ultra-nourish eye serum

Though most rollerball eye serums are a bit too heavy or messy for daytime use, I’ve found myself rolling on Zweena’s Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum both morning and evening — and loving the non-greasy, rosy results.

zweena argan ultra-nourish eye serum

{Zweena sent me a sample of its Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum to review. It costs $64 for a 0.5-ounce glass rollerball.}

Zweena’s gorgeous all-natural eye serum absorbs quickly — I can pat it into my skin, brush my teeth for two minutes, and then get to my morning makeup application.

I love how it nourishes my prone-to-flakiness undereye skin with its lightweight mixture of oils. My concealer glides on very easily after using this serum, yet doesn’t slip around or get creasy — my skin is perfectly prepped.

Zweena Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum packs ingredients rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins into a half-ounce rollerball-top jar (does anyone else just adore a cool rollerball of oil in the morning?).

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Argania Spinosa (Argan) oil *, Sclerocarya birrea (Marula) oil, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) oil **,  Camellia Sinensis (Camellia) oil **, Rosa Canina (Rosehip Seed) oil **, Citrullus Lanatus (Kalahari Melon Seed) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) oil, Moroccan Rose Damascena (Rose) Flower Oil.

*USDA Certified Organic ,**ECOCERT Certified Organic

zweena argan ultra-nourish eye serum

As you can see, Zweena founder Jayme Barrett included only the most luxurious, feather-light oils in her soon-to-be-cult-favorite eye serum.

Jayme and her team personally source their organic argan oil from fair-trade women’s cooperatives in Morocco.

The organic, cold-pressed argan oil is boosted with an omega-rich blend of African marula oil, organic baobab oil and Kalahari melon seed oil to protect the delicate eye area from signs of aging.

Organic camellia and organic rosehip seed oil encourage collagen production in thinning eye skin while meadowfoam seed oil seals in moisture and leaves the skin with a satiny finish.

After about a month of using Zweena Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum, I’m totally sold on it. I’m eager to see how it performs during a harsh Midwest winter.

(I have no doubts that it will be just fine!)

This is now my go-to rollerball eye serum (and you better believe it’s coming on the plane with me for a little getaway this weekend!) not only because of the fact that it is truly perfect for both morning and evening, but also because the pricepoint (and pretty pink packaging).

At $64 for a half-ounce, it beats out a few of my former favorites (see my previous eye cream and eye serum reviews), and as I continue to pare down my beauty collection, having a staple product that’s both multifunctional (morning and night), high-performance and affordable just makes good sense.

Have you tried anything from Zweena? Do you prefer eye creams or eye serums? What has been your experience with using oil around your eyes? Tell me in the comments section!


September 11, 2014

natural beauty buff | anit hora, mullein & sparrow

When it came to natural beauty products, I never really thought of myself as a packaging person — it was always about how well something performed.

As I’ve gotten more involved in this industry, my thoughts have changed.

A product has to have it all — the packaging, the branding, the story and, of course, the ingredients and performance.

One brand that I’ve been admiring for all of these qualities above (and have been lucky to sample and review) is Mullein & Sparrow, an artisan line based in Brooklyn and founded by the beautiful Anit Hora.

anit hora founder of mullein & sparrow

With just one glance at the Mullein & Sparrow homepage, you’ll be transported to an old-fashioned apothecary, complete with minimal design elements on the labels and an overall clean aesthetic.

A few products, such as the Lavender Hydrosol and Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm, have a bit more styling to them, but in a whimsical, flirty way that totally fits the mood of this gorgeous line.

anit hora founder of mullein & sparrow

Anit’s goal of creating a line that celebrates time-tested skin care traditions, such as those based in Ayurveda, and simple yet effective remedies, comes to life in Mullein & Sparrow, and today she’s sharing a few of her favorite products both from her line and others’.


what's inside mullein & sparrow founder anit hora's green beauty bag

(I’ve starred the items that I also use and love.)

UPDATED: Anit has so generously offered a 15% off code to my lovely readers, valid on any Mullein & Sparrow purchase. Use code “KIMLOC” at checkout!

*RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up

I really love the consistency of this natural cover-up. It is very light, but does a great job at maximizing coverage without feeling very heavy on the skin. Because it has so many great ingredients, you never have to feel bad about wearing it. Also, its small packaging is perfect to throw in your bag when you’re on the go and is great for any quick fix.

*RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

The wear of this product is amazing. It is so light and subtle, but even the littlest bit goes a very long way. It is great for adding a nice glow, but looks very natural. It’s the perfect product to spruce up your look, and you can put it virtually anywhere (i.e. eyes, lips, contour).

*Flawless Volumizing Mascara by BareMinerals and *Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

These two mascaras are the best in the more natural market. They work great and are free from many not-so-good ingredients that you find in most cosmetic products.

*Mullein and Sparrow Face Serum (Get 15% off with code 15% off with code KIMLOC through 9/30/14!)

Our face serum is packed with some of the best natural ingredients and essential oils out there. It is super nourishing and moisturizing. I use it in both the AM and PM and mix it with the Lavender Hydrosol.

Mullein and Sparrow Lavender Hydrosol (Get 15% off with code 15% off with code KIMLOC through 9/30/14!)

This product comes with me everywhere! I use it frequently throughout the day, sometimes as a toner in my skincare routine and other times as a quick pick-me-up when my skin is feeling dry or overheated. It has a wonderful scent and feels so great on the skin. It’s great for any time of the year, but is especially awesome in the summer. It even works as a natural bug repellent!

Mullein and Sparrow Dark Dry Shampoo (Get 15% off with code 15% off with code KIMLOC through 9/30/14!)

Our dark dry shampoo is a life saver! It helps me maintain healthy hair and also gives me great volume when my hair is feeling bit flat. Just a little bit of this product goes a long way and makes your locks look fresh and clean (even if you woke up with some serious bed head).

September 10, 2014

beauty scoop | cate mcnabb cosmetics lip gloss

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

It’s one of the most-quoted lines from Mean Girls, and Cate McNabb Cosmetics captures the essence of popularity-pink in its “Wednesday Pink” Lip Gloss.

(Are you wearing pink today?! Or at least some form of a cat eye?)

cate mcnabb cosmetics lip gloss in "wednesday pink"

{Cate McNabb Cosmetics sent me a sample of its lip gloss in “Wednesday Pink” to review. It costs $16 for a 0.16-ounce tube. Blue Modern Cat Eye Metallic Temple Sunglasses c/o ICU Eyewear.}

A smooth, non-sticky formula, Cate McNabb Lip Gloss in “Wednesday Pink” is made with soothing shea butter and jojoba oil to hydrate your pout while delivering a powerful yet playful shade of mauve-pink.

Glossy, but not overly shiny, Cate McNabb Lip Gloss is youthful without looking young.

“Wednesday Pink” can almost pass for a pale violet, but its warm undertones — topped off with a glimmer of golden mica — keep it from being too serious of a purple; “Pale Mauve” is probably the best call for this pretty lip gloss.

cate mcnabb cosmetics lip gloss in "wednesday pink"

Besides the pretty color — which isn’t too subtle, yet isn’t too heavy — I adore the boxy edges of Cate McNabb’s lip gloss packaging.

Distinct corners make glosses easier to grip, and I for one appreciate not worrying about my makeup rolling around on my vanity when I have everything spread out in the morning.

But aside from the smart packaging, let’s take a look at what’s inside Cate McNabb Lip Gloss.

cate mcnabb cosmetics lip gloss in "wednesday pink"

Ricinus Communis (Castor oil), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis, Roman Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapeseed) Extract, Essence of Vanilla, May Contain(+/-):Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Mica CI 77019, Iron Oxides CI 77489, CI 77491 CI 77492, CI 77499

Cate McNabb Cosmetics is also cruelty-free (and I never test my beauty booty on Anya — she’s naturally beautiful!); perhaps you’ll be seeing more of this line in some of our favorite vegan and cruelty-free subscription boxes?

I sure would love to!

My eyes are on “Belle Red” and “Face It Fuschia” next — which means, yeap, Cate McNabb Cosmetics Lip Glosses are on my repurchase list!

Are you a gloss person? Have you heard of or tried anything from Cate McNabb Cosmetics? Tell me in the comments section!


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