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yuli liquid courage

In October 2016, I dropped some serious cash in a Yuli Skincare haul.

While my original intent was to restock my beloved Pure mask (in the big size!), I just knew I had to go ahead and try three other often-raved about products in the collection.

This includes:

While all three impressed me (more reviews to come), I’m most excited about Yuli Liquid Courage.

yuli liquid courage

{I purchased Yuli Liquid Courage. It costs $125 for a 30 ml Miron glass pump jar.}

Why I’m Smitten with Yuli Liquid Courage

Described as an “antioxidant serum powerhouse,” Yuli Liquid Courage contains more than 20 essential key actives that defend your skin from free radicals, reduce environmental stress and improve the texture of your skin.

But the key actives that really piqued my interest when originally researching this serum years ago?

You guessed it.

Vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid — also known as the three musketeers of skincare goodness.

Yuli uses tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stable, oil-soluble form of vitamin C that’s considered more potent than L-ascorbic acid and other vitamin C compounds. This is the same form of vitamin C that’s found in Odacite’s An Autumn on the World and C for Colette, though each of those formulas seem to lack the addition of vitamin E and ferulic acid.

Which brings me to the inclusion of ferulic acid in Yuli Liquid Courage. It’s an antioxidant that protects skin from damage and is regarded as an ingredient that helps stabilize vitamin C. Yuli’s form of ferulic acid is derived from acai and argan, two superfood-style ingredients popular in lots of skincare today.

Another ingredient that got my attention was Yuli’s own lab-created black garlic bioferment. We’re hearing a lot about fermented skincare in popular Korean beauty products; cleaner beauty can claim this, too, thanks to Yuli’s focus on green technology.

According to Yuli, the bio-fermentation “provides a stimulating, chemical change in garlic that causes it to contain 6x more antioxidants.” Sounds like they ain’t playin’ when it comes to protecting your skin and the precious ingredients inside this Miron glass bottle.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Botanical Antioxidant Seed Complex (Grapeseed, Pomegranate, Red Raspberry, Blueberry, Carrot Seed, Golden Jojoba Seed, Cranberry Seed), S. chinensis (Jojoba) oil*, A. spinosa (Argan) oil*, supercritical extracts of pomegranate seed, rosehip, seabuckthorn fruit*, R. officinalis (Rosemary) antioxidant extract*, Liquified black garlic ferment, L-Ferulic Acid (Derived from Acai and Argan),  tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin C), C. aurantium (Neroli) oil*, C. atlantica (Cedarwood) oil*, Ubiquinone (Liquid CoEnzyme Q10 from Vegan sources), Soy Peptides, D-alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E)
* Organic   ^^ Wildcrafted

yuli liquid courage

Beyond how it looks on paper, Yuli Liquid Courage face oil sat well with me because of its texture and buildability. As a daytime oil, Yuli Liquid Courage wears beautifully over a hydrating mist and blends well with a dollop of cream if you need it. I’ve used Yuli Liquid Courage in the following morning skincare steps:

  1. Hydrating Mist
  2. Face Cream
  3. Liquid Courage
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Foundation

Some mornings, when my skin is feeling comfortable and plump, I follow this simpler routine:

  1. Hydrating Mist
  2. Liquid Courage
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Foundation

If I’m playing maximalist, Liquid Courage still works well in this routine:

  1. Hydrating Mist
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Face Cream
  4. Liquid Courage
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Foundation

No matter where it’s been in my routine, Yuli Liquid Courage has been simple to blend and absorb thanks to carrier oils like jojoba and argan, two sometimes overlooked classics in a sea of sexy new carrier oils of the day. It has a subtle green-citrus scent that’s never overpowering and a pretty, yellow-gold color thanks to these two carrier oils.

One place where I purposefully don’t use Yuli Liquid Courage — though there’s nothing wrong with using it during this time — is at night. That’s because I prefer to use vitamin C products during the day, when I’m out in the elements, and reserve evening time for vitamin A-based products for skin exfoliation. This system has served me well over the years, and it makes the $125 bottle of courage last a little longer.

While I don’t have any jaw-dropping claims of extreme skin brightness, pimple-free miracles or the like, what Yuli Liquid Courage has allowed me to reclaim is my time. This one facial oil meets so many of my skincare desires thanks to its overachieving, active formulation. I don’t need a separate facial oil and vitamin C serum when I have Yuli Liquid Courage.

And over time, I’m sure my skin will thank me for treating it to the best antioxidant cocktail and protection, which will be the ultimate measure of success.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with this purchase and will enthusiastically recommend it and buy it again.

NOTE: If Yuli really wanted to take it to the next level, they’d make a tinted SPF version of Liquid Courage, which would effectively knock down a short, four-step morning routine to two simple steps.

(Hint, hint … please, why not?)

What are your favorite vitamin C-based treatments and oils? Do you prefer several-product skincare routines or more streamlined routines? Have you tried Yuli Liquid Courage or anything else from the line? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Jenna

    I’m so glad to see this serum reviewed! It has been my “secret” for the past year after bad experiences with Kypris oils and Vintner’s Daughter. I bought this without too much expectation since eventhough it is a pretty penny at $125, it is not crazy expensive compared to May Lindstrom, Vintner’s Daughter, etc. My skin just totally loves this stuff and I do notice my skin looking more “lit from within” for lack of a better word, almost like I’m using a really subtle but comprehensive concealer. This is really good stuff and I feel better about this decision after reading your review!

  • EmeraldB

    Perfect timing – I just recently searched your blog for a review of Liquid Courage. I’ve been looking for a new vitamin C serum but haven’t had great success with the oil based ones. Most of them just don’t absorb that easily. Did you find that Liquid Courage absorbs quickly?

    • I ****LOVE**** Liquid Courage. It is so light and easy to blend / layer / whatever you want. Definitely absorbs quickly.

  • Kelly

    I’ve repurashed this serum several times, it is my favorite oil serum. I haven’t bought it awhile because I’ve been balm crazy lately. Mahlo, Siam seas, and now Maya chia super blend. Maya chia might be my fav because of the size, 1.7 ounce and has everything but the kitchen sink in it. Siam seas balm is so close because of the unbelievable scent and texture. Also been using drunk elephant c serum, cost effective because you can use it every couple days. I wish Yuli would do sales, I’m a sucker for a sale and think that’s why I haven’t bought it awhile. I would also love if yuli came out with a sunscreen with those fabulous ingredients.

    • Juney Bee

      I was interested in the Siam Seas…(all of those that you mentioned actually!) Have you tried these? Seems to me the serum of Siam Seas is a lot of punch for the cost compared to some of the others. But that balm looks heavenly!

      • I haven’t tried anything from Siam Seas, but it looks like a lovely line!

      • Kelly

        I love Siam Seas serum, it feels a little bit active on my skin. I noticed some improvement in my skin, I’m on my second bottle. The balm is lovely, the scent is so wonderful. Hard to choose a favorite.

    • Have you seen my review of Drunk Elephant C Firma? I am disappointed in it :(

      • Kelly

        Yes I seen your review and I was surprised about its true shelve life. Mine turned orange after 3 months and I contacted the company and they said it was still good. I’m not going to repurchase, it wasn’t a pleasure to use anyway. I’m going to give skinCeuticals C E Ferulic acid a try. I don’t want to spend a lot of money so I’m going to buy samples. You can get 25ml of samples for 36$ on ebay new. I’m not thrilled in buying on ebay but the buyer has good reviews. I also see on ebay they have 5 ml sample for 11 dollars. Seems like the samples are a good idea so it doesn’t get expose to air for long when open. I bought some today so we’ll see how it goes.

  • BB

    Hey Kimberly, thanks for all the informative posts :). Could you perhaps point out to differences / similarities between Yuli’s Liquid Courage and Marie Veronique’s Vit C E & Ferulic acid on one hand and Vintner’s Daughter and Mun’s Aknari Serum on the other? I’ve read your reviews.


    • Great idea! Will write this down for a future blog post. Would probably be good to compare all vitamin C serums I’ve tried! Thanks for the tip.

    • Juney Bee

      I second that!

    • Kcecelia

      Love this suggestion. Would like a comparison of the C serums Yuli Liquid Courage, Marie Veronique Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Serum, and La Bella Figura Modern Radiance Concentrate, and a comparison of the A/natural retinol serums Yuli Modern Alchemist, Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum, and La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum. I’m using the MV C, and I like it, but I’d like to add a natural retinol, and I’m curious how these products differ.

      • Thanks! I haven’t tried Modern Alchemist so I won’t be able to include them, but I can comment on these other ones. For the short term, my pick is Marie Veronique CE Ferulic. I like that texture best and it feels gentle. Plus it’s easy to blend. I have to scale back on oils a bit because my skin has been irritated by them, so that rules a lot out for me right now. When I was using oils more, I really loved the Yuli Liquid Courage too. As for evening retinol, not sure I’d place LBF in that category, but I need to recheck that product’s ingredients to see. Quite honestly, Marie Veronique is just an absolutely solid line that I would easily recommend to anyone looking for clean, results-oriented products! I like that there are a lot of textures to choose from. Yuli is up there too.

        • Kcecelia

          Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it. I’m finding the MV C impressive, but I have nothing to compare it to. Both the MV and Yuli active serum offerings do seem impressive to me. I’ve been switching to all green beauty products since May 2016, and while I now know a lot, I have a lot left to learn. I know I like Barbary Fig, which is in MŪN and Kahina products I love, and LBF uses it in a lot of their formulas. By the way, LBF lists guava oil as their natural retinol alternative. Here is their Barbary Fig Renewal Serum ingredients list: “Certified Organic Opuntia Ficus Indica (Barbary Fig) Seed
          Oil*, Wild-crafted Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil,
          Wild-crafted Psidium Guajava (Guava) Seed Oil, Wild-crafted Silybum
          Marianum (Milk Thistle) seed Oil, Wild-crafted Ananas Sativus
          (Pineapple) Oil, Citrus Sinesis (Blood Orange) Oil*, Wild-crafted
          Michelia Alba (Magnolia) Blossom Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto) Flower
          Oil*, Wild-crafted Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil, Melissa
          Officinalis (Melissa) Leaf Oil*”

          • If you’re after a retinol, I’d stick with Marie Veronique. You may see faster results since she’s using encapsulated retinol in the formula. The LBF barbary fig serum is lovely as a nighttime oil for moisture. Smells great, too.

          • Kcecelia

            Thank you. Definitely looking for retinol in this case, so MV sounds right. I suspect I’ll try the LBF serum separately. Again, I do appreciate your time and prompt response.

  • Juney Bee

    Yuli is up next for me…read great things about it. I have a sample size of DE C Firma and I actually like the feel and texture of it a lot, but have not seen any dramatic results in the 2 weeks Ive used it (and my sample is almost up – don’t think I will repurchase from the poor reviews) Another blogger loves Skinceuticals C +FE but wasn’t ready to spend the $165. Im trying Skin Deva (same formula almost exactly). Anyone try this one?

    • Did you see my review of C-Firma? Not a repurchase for me :( Skinceuticals is on my list too.

  • X.

    I’m excited about any kind of organic CE Ferulic serum but I’m doubtful about the efficacy of this. Reason being the Vit C is so far down the list that it’s probably not there in any meaningful amount. For the L-ascorbic version, it’s usually 10-15% for it to be really useful and most CE Ferulic serums have about 0.5% to 1% of Ferulic acid. The vitamin C is right after the ferulic acid and before the list of essential oils so I’m guessing it can’t be much more than 1%. The link you listed says the study was conducted with 7% tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate.