hollybeth organics | rose geranium face moisturizer

hollybeth organics rose geranium face moisturizer

Velvety and lush, HollyBeth Organics’ Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer is an indulgent skin softener perfect for dry skin.

hollybeth organics rose geranium face moisturizer

{HollyBeth Organics sent me a sample size of its Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer. It costs $45 for a 2-ounce jar.}

This dense moisturizer is packed with some of the most heavy-hitting oils that address the pains of skin that tends to be on the drier side. It has a faint, floral scent — most definitely rose geranium, the namesake — that isn’t overpowering at all.

A base of camellia, sweet almond and jojoba oil make for an incredibly soothing concoction that’s then thickened up a bit with beeswax. This gives the moisturizer its dense texture that’s easily spreadable atop a hydrosol.

It also makes the moisturizer perfect as a spot treatment for dry patches, which is how I used it on my combo/oily skin. Because of how thick it is, I used this moisturizer during colder months and then applied it only as needed to those fussy dry patches.

To keep it from going to waste, I also used it on my hands and feet to ensure I got the most out of it, as it was too heavy for everyday use on my face, but absolutely wonderful on the body.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Camellia Oleifera (Camellia) Seed Oil*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (sweet almond oil), * Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip) Fruit Oil*, Beeswax*, Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Oil*, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Pelargonium Graveolens Oil (rose geranium oil)*, Lecithin*. * organic

You’ll see that the formula also boasts a shot of sea buckthorn oil, which lends its pretty golden coloring to the final product. Sea buckthorn is another hyper-moisturizing oil loaded with essential fatty acids and carotenes. To top it all off, HollyBeth Organics stands by its branding and includes organic ingredients in this formula.

I’d recommend this moisturizer for someone with normal-to-dry skin who likes a dense, balm-like moisturizer. Depending on how dry you are — and your climate — this may be more of a cold-weather moisturizer, or it could be your everyday jam.

At $45 for 2 ounces, it’s not a huge risk to take. Even better, HollyBeth Organics offers samples, just in case you want to tiptoe your way in to this line! (Hi, brands, can everyone do this please?)

What do you look for in an everyday moisturizer? What creams, balms or dense moisturizers are in your arsenal? Do you prefer to buy samples before you go all in? Tell me in the comments section!

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  • Peony

    Sounds lovely. Am using more water-based moisturizers these days but this sounds like a wonderful option for something thicker and rose geranium is a favorite essential oil of mine.

  • Eva

    I personally use the Anti-Aging Martine Pure and Simple cream (it’s frigging amazing). My skin’s always dry, even in the summertime but if I use anything oily, I break out. It’s an annoying viscous circle. I’ve been using MP&S cream for about 8 months now and really really like it. I was recently sent their promotional 50% off coupon code if you want to try it out, I don’t think they’ll care if I share it lol (hopefully not).

    Code: EV1052


  • Fentriss

    First, I look for my daily moisturizer to be alcohol free and water free. Both of these ingredients are drying…which is the opposite of moisturizing and for the life of me I don’t understand why green, vegan, natural, organic moisturizers even have them.

    Second, it has to have a mixture of quality oils and/or butters. “Organic” as a descriptor can get sketchy, so I will say that the remaining ingredients need to be vegan or plant derived.

    Last, but no least, I prefer for it to be sustainabiy packaged and from a small batch operation.

  • Sarah

    May have to try this, especially as it has sea buckthorn. My current favorite also has this amazing botanical, a face cream produced by a small Finnish family run farm. Amazing stuff if you can find it.