what green beauty ‘scopes do you want to see?

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It’s quite clear that our Instagram addiction is seeing some fierce competition thanks to everyone’s favorite new no-editing-allowed, video-based social media platform, Periscope.

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I’m dedicating today’s post to crowdsourcing two things:

  1. What’s your Periscope name? Leave it in the comments! (As usual, I’m @kimberlyloc)
  2. What topics do you want to see ‘scopes on from me and the rest of the green beauty community?

Here’s some thought starters:

  • What are your favorite self-care rituals?
  • What made you transition to green beauty?
  • How do you treat your biggest skincare concern?

I’ve only done one ‘scope so far (an unboxing that took place more than a month ago!) because, as you may be able to tell, I’m more of a writer than an on-camera kinda gal.


However, I am intrigued by the authenticity that Periscope commands — no editing, and I get to hear how you actually talk! — and think this is an amazing way to better connect with our community.

So, go on, tell everyone: What do you want to see more ‘scopes about (not just from me, but from everybody you follow on Periscope!)?

What ‘scopes keep you interested, and which ones have you ready to close out of the app and go back to Instagram?

Tell me your username and favorite topics in the comments section!

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  • lynne

    Hi Kimberly, I tried to go back and watch your periscope but it wouldn’t play. Also tried to download the app but it seems super buggy and still wouldn’t play. I’ve watched some other periscopes (not live) and found it super distracting to try and listen, too many interruptions and not at all coherent. I’d like to watch yours though, am I doing something wrong?! Eh, call me old fashioned, I think I prefer youtube:) As for topics, I’d love to see your make-up and skincare stash, or your favorites, or your evening and morning routine. Thanks for listening:)

    • Great feedback, Lynne! I’m not sure what the issue is … I replayed my ‘scope a bit and it worked fine. What device are you on? Did you check to see if there are any updated available to the app?

      I agree that they can be distracting. I think it’s probably wise to have a set topic to speak about and then have time for Q&A and greeting. Still experimenting! What is your Periscope name? I will follow you! xoxo