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voluspa jasmine and amaranth candle

By now, you know that my love for jasmine extends well beyond skincare.

So it only seemed fitting for my eleventh post in the #12DaysOfJasmine series to focus on bringing this “King of Flowers” into your home.

I’ve found my favorite jasmine-infused candle in Voluspa’s Amaranth & Jasmine Maison Metallo Candle.

Seriously. I buy these in pairs for my tiny one-bedroom apartment. This candle smells that good.

voluspa jasmine and amaranth candle

{I’ve purchased four — and counting — of these Voluspa Amaranth and Jasmine Candles. The two-wick tins cost $18.}

Pink jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) comes together with essential oil-infused amaranth in Voluspa’s candle to create a warm yet sweet scent that’s truly jasmine, but with a softer, sweeter, less heady aroma.

The coconut wax-blend candle burns relatively clean and features a double wick that helps the wax pool evenly and beautifully after lit.

One of my favorite things to do on spa nights in is light this candle, begin my skincare and bodycare routines and then enjoy the soft, floral scent that’s easily my favorite of all scents (king of flowers, it is).

While I don’t talk much about home products on the blog, I will say that I look for beautiful, reusable, cruelty-free candles with cotton wicks. Voluspa’s candles fit the bill.

I also love that the wax is made with a blend of coconut oil (finally, a way you ladies who are sensitive to coconut oil can enjoy it in your home!), which produces a better burn (though you’re still going to get some smoke and blackness).

These beautiful tins are wonderful for reusing as jewelry holders or as bookshelf decor (though, again, if you’re like me and have already purchased four of these candles, you may just need to recycle!). Another great idea: storing your mini facial oils or travel beauty! What a chic storage unit, no?

So, while things like candles don’t typically get a ton of space on the “lifestyle” component of this blog, I couldn’t resist including it in my #12DaysOfJasmine series to illustrate to you how crazy I am about this scent. I must have all the jasmine-infused things!

Jasmine lovers, have you found a great jasmine candle or other home scent? Any beauty lovers out there secretly obsessed with candles? How do you prefer to scent your home? Tell me in the comments section!

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  • I love Jasmine! Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely going to have to give this a try. Oh, do you know what other ingredients are in the blend?

    • Thanks Ashley! I have a question out to Voluspa, actually, to confirm. It is likely a mix of fragrance oils and EOs, but we shall see. I definitely am not as much of a purist with candles as I am with skincare, but I do like that this is made with coconut wax and a cotton wick. What candles do you like?

      • I’m new to all things candles as well, so I’ve been sticking to soy wax, beeswax, and EO. I’ve had two DIY beeswax candles fails. I’m going to try to use stronger wicks, but it would be nice to have few trusted brands that I can just buy from. Especially with Jasmine. The EO is expensive!

        • Hi Ashley, here’s what Voluspa told me:

          “All our products are made with no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates, no animal testing and 100% cotton wicks. Our fragrances are proprietary blends which we cannot share, however we use essential and fragrance oils for each of our products. The Amaranth & Jasmine fragrance is Essential oil infused.”