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josh rosebrook hydrating accelerator

When you buy something in pairs (sometimes trios if you count travel sizes), keep backups in your beauty cabinet and stash one in your boyfriend’s cupboard just in case, you know you’ve happened upon something good.

Something really, really good.

It is without a doubt that Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is a holy grail moisturizing toner in my collection. I can’t get enough of it, recommend it to everyone who emails me looking for skincare tips and will soon have listed it on my highly edited “faves” page.

josh rosebrook hydrating accelerator

{I am a complete and total fangirl when it comes to Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator. I’ve purchased it from the man himself and repurchased it something like five times from both Integrity Botanicals and The Detox Market. It costs $32 for a 4-ounce plastic spray bottle.}

If you’re unfamiliar with Josh or his line, know that it’s a carefully curated collection that pleases both men and women thanks to its minimalist packaging and unisex scents.

I’ve tried and reviewed the bulk of his products and respect the man’s approach to formulating (the herbs, oh the herbs!) as well as his humble, genuine demeanor. Find authentic formulators, and you’ll find authentic formulations!

But of everything in his growing yet true-to-his-values skincare line, nothing pleases me more than Hydrating Accelerator. I’ve been using it for a year now, first purchasing it from the man himself at “A Night for Green Beauty” in Los Angeles in 2014.

First, let’s talk functionality: Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is packaged in the most fantastic plastic spritz bottle ever.

Yes, that’s right. I said fantastic plastic.

I don’t care how many fancy violet or amber glasses are collecting on your top shelf — this off-white, easily recyclable No. 1 plastic bottle is the bomb, and if Josh ever changes the packaging, I am going to panic funnel my toner into an old bottle instead.

What makes the packaging so amazing is the way the spray nozzle is made. With one press, you get the most perfect, fine, even mist. There’s no targeted stream that messes with your makeup or deposits too much product onto one spot. That’s extremely difficult to find with the popular violet glass spray bottles available today.

Next, let’s talk scent: Imagine a soft dessert of marshmallow and vanilla that gently satisfies your cravings. Then add a touch of delicate ylang ylang and calendula to balance out the sweetness with some edible flowers.

Drooling yet? I catch myself every time I spritz this creation onto my face (which, well, is throughout the entire day — forgot to mention that I also keep this on my desk at work!).

Now, onto ingredients: In true Josh Rosebrook fashion, he’s combined his signature organic herbal infusions and oils with soothing aloe vera-infused water to drench your skin in the most active nutrients, essentially quenching its thirst from the outside in (while on the inside, you better be drinking water every couple hours throughout the day to maintain that glow!).

Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is the most calming, soothing facial mist I’ve ever used, helping to heal my skin from dryness, itchiness and flakiness while gently preparing it for deeper hydration from serums and oils. Its rich antioxidant and fatty acid content work in concert with the skin’s naturally protective acid mantle, keeping it safe from the elements.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Organic Vitamin Infused Aloe Water, Organic Oils of: Sunflower, Coconut, Grapeseed and Almond; Organic Herbal Infusions of: Bilberry, Slippery Elm, Calendula Flowers, Fennel Seed, Chickweed, Skullcap, Neem Leaf, Ginkgo Leaf, Hawthorn Berry, Green Tea, Marshmallow Root, St. John’s Wort and Alfalfa; Plant Vitamins E, A, C and B2; Organic Vanilla Bean Extract; Organic Essential Oils of: Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus

OK, so what exactly do you do with this thing again? I get this question a lot, mostly from non-beauty junkies who read about all the crazy skincare products out there and don’t really “get” the concept behind toners, mists, hydrosols and the like (and who can blame them — there are so many damn names for these, basically, vitamin- and herb-infused liquids!).

For simplicity, I’m going to refer to all products in this category as “toner.”

Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is a moisturizing toner that’s best used to prep the skin for layering skincare products as well as for refreshing the skin throughout the day. After cleansing in the morning, pat your face dry and then spritz your entire face with three to five pumps of Hydrating Accelerator.

While your skin is still damp from the spray, apply a layer of your favorite serum and then finish off with a moisturizing face cream or face oil.

A damp face pre-moisturizer application is key to helping the product penetrate as deeply as possible, especially if you’re using an oil instead of a water-based cream. Hydrating Accelerator, which is already loaded with moisture, is only going to add that much more!

Throughout the day, mist your face with Hydrating Accelerator to keep your makeup from looking dry or cakey and to also refresh your skin, giving you that beautiful glow even under the unflattering fluorescent lights of your office.

Finally, here’s how it all works together:

  • Antibacterial Bilberry and neem gently tighten and tone the skin.
  • Fennel seed fights inflammation and firms the skin.
  • Marshmallow root helps brighten dull skin.
  • Antioxidant-rich calendula, slippery elm and skullcap protect and balance the skin.
  • Chickweed, hawthorn berry and green tea activate healing thanks to their powerful antioxidant and vitamin content.
  • Coconut and grapeseed deliver essential fatty acids and vitamins to balance and strengthen the skin’s natural acid mantle.
  • Organic vitamin-infused aloe water preps skin for deep hydration.

It’s products like these that re-energize me to blog. When I’m this damn smitten with a product, I want to shout it from the rooftops (but kinda also don’t want to tell anyone for fear of it selling out and fear of my three bottles in reserve not getting me through to the next restock).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fangirl post and will get to know Josh’s line a little more. But if you haven’t, that’s cool. More Hydrating Accelerator for me.

No, I’m not paid to shill for Josh. Hell, Josh didn’t even know I was writing this post until I tagged him on social media today! And that’s the way I like it. Surprise! I love you. But you already knew that. 

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  • Amy

    Josh’s accelerator is my favorite toner too!!! I am so glad we agree! He also makes my FAVORITE mask ever! The cacao antioxidant! Have you tried it? I use it once or twice per week (keep it on for 40 -45 mins) and I know that after I wash if off, my skin will be soft, glowing, and moisturized. I love that it doesn’t dry out my skin like so many other masks. He also makes my second favorite mask too! The exfoliating mask smells like an herb garden. It’s amazing and delivers glow and exfoliation. Though folks with really sensitive skin may not like it. And it is more difficult to apply than the cacao mask. Have you tried either of his masks? His shampoo and conditioner are amazing for my hair too. Being Vietnamese, I have nice straight, shiny hair. My hair has always been healthy with thick roots but his shampoo/conditioner took my hair to a whole new level of awesomeness. My hair saw some changes in the last ten years (I am 30) and for a time I noticed it wasn’t as it used to be in my teens and early 20s. But I’ve been using his shampoo/conditioner for six months now and it’s as shiny and nice as it was in my teens. I LOVE Josh Rosebrook’s products too. And I love your blog and I love that you are half Vietnamese so we share some of the same skin issues (oily, acneic, with long lasting hyper pigmentation after pimples go away). I appreciate your blog very much and look forward to your posts. Thank you for what you do! :-)

    • I sure have tried the mask ( and the scrub (haven’t reviewed yet). His line is just wonderful. I saw he is launching a new volumizing shampoo for oily hair … very intrigued by it! So awesome to hear how you’ve seen changes in your hair … gotta stick with something to see how it works, too!

      Thank you very much for reading my blog! I’m 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Vietnamese (my mom is half and half) and the other half is Scottish. I feel like most of us Asian / half-Asian girls get those oily, acne-prone genes! But alas, more moisture in our skin = less likely to wrinkle as much as we get older. My mom is in her 60s and looks like she is in her late 40s/50s! :) xoxo

  • I was THIS close to buying the Hydrating Accelerator a couple months ago (literally in my hands!) and I walked away! Reading this, I’m wondering what I was thinking – it sounds phenomenal. Still a tiny bit concerned about the coconut oil, which sometimes causes problems for my skin, but I think I’ll have to give it a try one day soon all the same :)

    • WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! :) Haha, well I hope you try it. I know you don’t like scents much, but this is very subtle vanilla/marshmallow. I’m hoping the coconut oil is ok for you … I feel like the coconut oil thing is going a bit crazy in the community now, but we are all different. I’m acne-prone and never have had issues with coconut oil! But, maybe if you just use it for daytime moisture and rehydration, you will be good. I hope you try it and review it!!!!

  • Steph

    Hey Kim, great post. I have actually really been curious about trying more from the Josh Rosebrook line after I have fell in love with his Nutrient Day Cream. And what do ya know, I happen to be in the market for a facial mist refill. So here’s the deal, I am completely in love with May Lindstrom’s the Jasmine Garden. I have bought countless bottles since it has been released. I know you are also a fan of it as well. How does the Hydrating Accelerator compare? Do you like the HA a lot better? What I like about the Jasmine Garden is (besides the scent – hello!) how comfortable it feels on my skin. I don’t like mists that kinda feel like they coat your skin. I’m not sure how to describe it. Do you know what I mean? Some feel almost heavy and leave a weird residue that ends up making me look and feel somewhat greasy. May Lindstrom’s seems to be perfect for me, but I’m thinking of mixing things up and giving this a try after reading this.

    • You’re right, I do love The Jasmine Garden! It’s a repurchase for me too, and I’ve repurchased it 2-3 times as well. I like to use The Jasmine Garden at night only. I enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of jasmine, and the fact that is has witch hazel and silver in it helps with clearing out pores and preventing acne. I like to treat/prevent acne in my evening routine while focusing on hydration and protection during the day when I’m out in the elements. I like HA a lot better for refreshing my face throughout the day and for when I’m focusing on moisture in the morning. There are times when I will use a more exfoliating toner in the morning, but that’s usually when I have active acne breakouts and am really trying to target those damn zits! I don’t think HA feels heavy at all or coats the skin. It’s a very fine mist and delivers such a nice refreshing hydration. So, yeah … Jasmine Garden and Hydrating Accelerator are both on my top shelf! xoxo

      • Steph

        Ok great! Sounds like both are nice to have. Thanks for the extra info!

  • Love love love this. I need to repurchase another bottle ASAP!

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