skinnyskinny | organic anti-acne treatment

skinnyskinny organic anti-acne treatment

A while back, I updated my “faves” page to reflect all of the ultimate repurchases I’ve curated over my five years of blogging.

You’ll notice that the “acne treatments” section is the largest of the bunch, and I cannot tell you how ecstatic that makes me.

I’ve finally found some wonderful, effective, natural products that truly work at gently treating and preventing breakouts, and I’m thrilled to detail one of my latest additions to the repurchase list here: skinnyskinny’s Organic Anti-Acne Treatment.

skinnyskinny organic anti-acne treatment

{I purchased SkinnySkinny’s Organic Anti-Acne Treatment from my local spa after my facialist used it on my skin during a treatment. It costs $24 for a 1-ounce glass bottle.}

During a recent facial at my beloved local spa, my friend and aesthetician Kristin applied skinnyskinny’s Organic Anti-Acne Treatment onto my skin, and I immediately had that same comforting “ahhhhh” sensation that I felt when I first used another favorite acne treatment on my skin.

That’s basically how I measure up every single acne treatment. Seriously. Does my skin have some sort of crave / response to it? It must be working. Scientific, I know.

In all seriousness, though, the cooling and calming effect it had on my skin and senses was noticeable.

The familiar scents of old favorites tea tree and lavender combine with antiseptic niaouli oil (a new one to me!) and anti-inflammatory thyme oil for a simply powerful acne-killing blend — all in a base of antibacterial, antioxidant-rich babassu oil.

That makes skinnyskinny’s Organic Anti-Acne Treatment appropriate to spread all over the skin as a preventative treatment as well as for use as a spot treatment.

I go both routes, dabbing it onto spots and, when I’m feeling congested or know that zits are in my future (ahem, mother nature), spread a thin layer onto my skin after moisturizing with a simple carrier oil like marula, argan or jojoba.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Babassu Oil*, Niaouli Oil*, Thyme Oil*, Tea Tree Oil*, Helichrysum Oil*, and Lavender Oil*
* certified organic

As mentioned in the intro to this post, this is just one of many acne treatment faves. I’ve written an in-depth review of another one that I absolutely love (and know you do, too!), but consider both of these must-haves for very different reasons.

skinnyskinny can be used all over the face because of the babassu oil dilution. It’s also packaged in a larger bottle, but it’s not a roll-on; if you spot-treat, you’re likely going to be using a cotton swab.

skinnyskinny is also substantially less expensive, as you get more product, so you don’t feel guilty about using it all over your face (and it’s intended to be used that way!).

Is it just as effective as this one? Yes, though I will say that it takes a bit longer for it to treat breakouts, but it is quite gentle and can be used more in the preventative process.

The former is better for those “OMG please get rid of this volcano on my face” times we have — and it indeed zaps them quickly.

My beloved, holy grail acne treatment that I’ve pretty much never quit talking about since it gave me stellar results in 2012 is different from both of these in that it’s more for those painful cysts that crumble your soul.

Spot treatments and serums just don’t do the same for me, so that’s why I’m adamant at having all three of these in an acne-prevention arsenal. Prevention, pimple-killing and cyst-zapping all require different slayers!

So with that, I absolutely stand by the addition of skinnyskinny’s Organic Anti-Acne Treatment onto my “faves” page and repurchase list.

I’m impressed with the concentrated yet calming and, of course, effectiveness of this product to prevent and gently treat breakouts.

skinnyskinny, you rock!

What natural acne prevention products are in your arsenal? What different types of breakouts do you battle? What’s on your ultimate acne treatment repurchase list? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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  • Good to know! I love your lists and find them extremely helpful. Recently I wrote about my HG serum: Laurel WPO’s anti-inflammatory serum. Any time I stop using it for something else, I start breaking out! I couldn’t believe how effective it is for me. Have you tried it yet? I don’t get blown away easily, but this one is consistently keeping my skin clear.

    • I saw that post! Very intrigued by it. I have tried the Balance oil from Laurel, but really want to try the Anti-Inflamm one after reading your review (and knowing we have similar, fussy skin!). I’m enjoying the paring-down process. I’m testing a big new batch of stuff right now and keep yearning for some of my established loves.

      • That’s an issue now. How long to give a product before the increase in breakouts makes me want to hide?! I’m afraid to stray from my Laurel now that I’ve experienced the consequences of doing so. My days of testing may be numbered!!

        • I feel you! I think I’m the same … may be testing / blogging more about makeup / bodycare once I am truly, finally satisfied with what’s going on my face! And hey, isn’t that the goal?!

    • What do you feel is the main difference between the Balance Serum and the Anti-Inflammatory Serum? I’m debating which to try soon.

  • I’ve been eyeing this after reading a few glowing reviews for it. I’m always intrigued by products targeted for acneic skin though as I fall squarely into that category. Lovely review!

    • I feel ya! This is a good one, as well as Osmia, Zum Rub and all the others I list on the faves page :) xoxo

  • pauline

    I just bought this last week! I was super excited to try it as I read great things about it. The first few days, my face looked calmer and I loved that it didn’t dry me out like dermatologist prescribed topicals but the past day or so I’ve been breaking out really really bad! I’m not sure if it’s this or something else. And it’s along my jawline where I never break out. I just started to switch over to natural products so I am trying a lot of new items from cleanser, serum, mist & moisturizer in addition to this treatment. After I washed my face last night, I didn’t put anything on just because my skin felt a little itchy.

    Is there an adjustment period when switching to natural products? I’ve read conflicting info about skin “purging”. Am I overdoing it? Should I give this more time? Thanks for any advice. I found your blog abut two weeks ago and love it. It’s been so helpful as I learn and transition over.

    • Hi Pauline! Glad this is working for you. I would recommend that, during your switch, you switch slowly. This is because it will be easier for you to pinpoint what may be irritating you (instead of trying to figure out if it was the cleanser / serum / mist , etc.).

      I have some friends who are allergic to natural ingredients … think chamomile, mushroom, etc. … and hey, I’m allergic to strawberries, so anything with strawberry oil is out for me! If your face is feeling itchy, I would definitely take a good look at the ingredients lists to see if there’s anything that is similar to an allergen that you may have (chamomile is similar to ragweed allergy-wise).

      As for the adjustment period, everyone is different. Some people say it’s not legit and your skin just may not like something; others say they purged and then things got better. When I switched to oil cleansing back in 2007 (using jojoba oil), I purged like crazy. I am very oily and acne-prone (even at age 29), but I remember having major purges back then. But, maybe a month into it, things got so much better. So, it’s an experiment. If you’re willing to try it, it could pay dividends. While I still break out, I don’t break out the way I used to, and I don’t have to dry my skin out with harsh chemicals every day for the sake of clear skin.

      I hope this helps, and good luck in the journey! The green beauty community is really supportive and smart, so don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions :)

      • pauline

        Thanks! I also have acne prone but dehydrated skin. I got a sample of Skinny Skinny’s cleanser (first oil one) and it felt so good to not have my skin dried out. I’m hoping this is just a purge phase.

        Ha, yeah I guess I should have switched slower – I got too excited from reading all these blogs (including Sarita above!) that I probably overdid it. Thanks again!

  • Great review babe! (as always) I am a huge fan of SkinnySkinny Organics. Their products are so, so wonderful. I didn’t expect to love the anti-acne treatment as much as I do, as I don’t get acne that often but when I do, it’s very painful and extremely hard to get rid of, especially due to hyperpigmentation! I tried this product and it helps to not only fight little bumps starting to pop up but it also gets rid of that pain from cystic blemishes (thanks hormones!!!). I find it also works wonders for the hyperpigmentation if I keep using a tiny bit after the blemish is gone. Wonderful product… I still adore the Osmia Spot Treatment as well and have also recently fallen in love with the Well-Scent “Acne” blend. These three are my go-to’s for any blemishes.

  • Adding this to my list, thanks for sharing, lady! GIRL. Acne is such a persistent struggle for me. I recently made some SERIOUS gains after switching up my routine but I basically wake up in cold sweats every now and then fearing my next catastrophic breakout. So I’m always looking to build my arsenal. I recently had the same experience of getting a *WONDROUS* acne-fighting regimen recommendation from an aesthetician. Don’t know why I haven’t been getting facials/asking these pros beforehand…*cheers!* – Jennifer

  • SMDC

    I’m going to have to try this! I’ve added a twist to your amazing ZumRub discovery — I will use the ZumRub and/or the Badger Balm Aftersun Balm. It’s a similar base + Blue Tansy and Lavender. It should make me breakout but it’s keeping my super reactive skin very clear!! I realized that the two products together have many of the same EOs as MLS Blue Cocoon, so it’s kind of a poor woman’s version… Either way, your ZumRub discovery places you on the level of all geniuses.

  • Vanessa

    How does this compare to Odacite’s Pimples treatment (black cumin+ cajeput)?

    • This one is way smellier (tea tree and thyme dominate) and is best for spot treatment or evening all-over treatment. The Odacite one is easy to mix in with your daytime oil/moisturizer and evening oil for all day/all night prevention. Also doesn’t have a strong scent. Hope this helps!