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“We believe that everyone deserves products that are exquisite, effective, modern, and good — in every sense. We started Credo with the goal of providing you with the world’s most exceptional collection of those very products.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the green beauty world for the past eight years, and it’s been absolutely inspiring to see the various facets of this industry evolve over the years.

  • New natural beauty brands have launched left and right.
  • Conventional beauty brands have slowly cleaned up their acts.
  • Indie brands that started on Etsy are taking over Target.

The biggest trend I’ve seen over the past two years, though, is the explosion of amazing online green beauty boutiques, and Credo Beauty is one of the latest to burst onto the scene with quite an impressive lineup of both product offerings and street cred.

annie jackson credo beauty

Created by Shashi Batra, a founding member of the Sephora USA team, Credo Beauty is setting itself up to be a major online (and soon, brick-and-mortar) green beauty destination.

Today’s natural beauty buff, Annie Jackson, serves as VP of Merchandising and Planning and brings a wealth of experience in branding and product innovation to this exciting new venture.

Case in point: One look at the site gives you an idea of the breadth of brands available (from 21 Drops to Zoe Organics), but what’s extra special about the online shopping experience is the care Credo took to create its “Maker Videos” that bring you a bit closer to the brands and founders you know and love.

To bring you even closer to this exciting new green beauty shopping site that is sure to haunt your dreams, Annie is sharing her top green beauty picks with us today — which, of course, are all available at Credo, which is a bit mind-blowing to me.

And if you’re connecting the dots the way I am, I’m going to be bold and say Credo could be the brand that takes shopping for green beauty to the next level.

Can you imagine what it would be like to walk into a Credo Beauty store anywhere in the country, the same way we can walk into a Sephora anywhere, and play? I’m placing my bets on Credo to bring every green beauty guru’s dream to life with this concept!


annie jackson of credo beauty's favorite green beauty products

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

My skin gets really dry in the winter, and this is a great addition to your moisturizer. The texture is really emollient and gives dull skin a really natural luminosity and feels hydrating.

W3ll People Bio-Extreme Expressionist Mascara

Loads on the volume with no flaking! Mascaras are hard for people to make the jump to natural, and this one does not disappoint!

Armour Lip Gloss

Pigments are really rich, and the formula and scent are to die for! “Gypsy” is a great nude (my favorite), and the rest of Theo’s shades are really wearable.

True Nature Botanicals Pacific Body Oil

I am a body oil fanatic. The texture of this oil is almost hard to describe. It is think, but totally lightweight at the same time. It sinks into your skin, smells like Hawaii and absorbs almost instantly. Gorgeous!

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Super hydrating, and my skin feels clean, with a beautiful hydrated barrier left behind.

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil

We get asked all the time “What is squalane?” This little gem of a product is 100 percent derived from olives. But what is best about it is not where it comes from, but how it protects — sun damage, wrinkles, discoloration — this is your product. People have even gone so far as to call it the holy grail of skincare. I agree!

Sans Bio Active Body Exfoliant

Amaaaaaazing! Seriously, an at-home spa moment. Sloughs off dead skin and rinses away easily. Your skin feels lusciously plump, and super soft and moisturized all day.

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Makeup Remover

Removes makeup easily, doesn’t leave a greasy residue — great for contact lens wearers. Love the simplicity of their ingredients.

Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask

Based on active plants — and it feels like it!  Your skin looks smooth and plumped, and it removes redness. It’s like a superfood-packed green juice for your skin.

Province Apothecary Sleep Well Therapeutic Roll On

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  • Dayna

    Oh this is exciting! Where will the brick and mortar be? We really need more destinations! Any scoop on if new lines will be carried? Really hoping to find one for YULI as they are always sold out on Spirit Beauty.

    • In San Francisco, on Fillmore St. I hope my hunch is right! I don’t know anything about additional lines, but I’m sure it’s always a possibility. How exciting can this be?! :)

  • Amazing post! Everytime I hear about a new green beauty store, I squeal with excitement haha :) x

    • Thank you! Me too. This one just feels different to me, seeing the founder’s background and expertise. I really hope it scales because I want the “green Sephora” of my dreams :) xoxo

  • They offer such a great selection! thanks for introducing us-great post Rowie (organic spirit)

  • corina

    Personally, I kind of love that ‘green beauty’ ISN’T on the corporate, Sephora level..

    There are indie boutiques popping up every day and it’s so fun to see the curation of products the owners have selected, instead of just having EVERYTHING, Wal-mart style. I also love ordering online from the company itself or sites like Seed to Serum that thoughtfully pack each order. It’s so special.

    Of course, a Sephora-style green beauty store was bound to happen – it is a continuously growing industry and a store like that just takes someone with enough money to back it – and I am probably in the minority BUT it is my opinion nonetheles

    • corina

      Some great picks in Annie’s favorite product lineup!

    • Sure, but to me it’s about access. The same way that I’m happy there are more Whole Foods, Nature’s Grocers, Trader Joe’s and other healthy organic food shopping options around the nation vs. just in the metropolitan areas. Yes, you can buy from local growers, but there’s still the tactile part of it … going to the farmer’s market to see, touch, smell and choose what looks best and then support that individual. A lot harder with green beauty! And I would likely never order my produce online.

      Many shoppers never get to experience the wonder of green beauty because of how risky it is to order colors online (shade matching, etc.), and many people, myself included, want to sample / play in store to see how something feels / looks before buying. I’m excited to see more brick and mortar boutiques pop up (The Detox Market in both LA and Canada, and soon, BeauTeaBar in NYC), but still, that’s a privilege for those who live on the coasts to experience.

      And of course, I’m totally jumping the gun here with a prediction / hope that Credo could be the one to bring green beauty to the masses. Who’s to say that it WON’T be any of these other green beauty entrepreneurs? It just takes a dream, the effort and yes, the financial backing and savvy to make it spread.

      I’m excited to see what happens and hope that green beauty becomes a norm, right next to Sephora and Ulta and Beauty Brands. We’re ready for it. But as with anything, vote and support with your dollars. Shop where you want your money to go to help keep the things you want right where you want them! :)

  • I’m impressed with the brand line-up at Credo Beauty. And I’m excited for the brick and mortar store!