may lindstrom skin | the jasmine garden botanical mist

may lindstrom skin the jasmine garden botanical mist

Remember that super-personal post about facial soap that I shared a few weeks ago?

Today’s review of May Lindstrom Skin’s The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist is going to be somewhat in line with that one.

If you don’t care for the details, here’s the short and sweet of it: this is (and has already been, several times) a repurchase.

But who doesn’t love a good story?

may lindstrom skin the jasmine garden botanical mist

{I purchased a bottle of The Jasmine Garden from May Lindstrom herself at A Night for Green Beauty in Los Angeles. It costs $60 for a 100 ml Miron glass spray bottle.}

In fall/winter 2013, May gifted me with a sample of The Jasmine Garden as she was still perfecting the formula (it just officially launched in August!).

I fell in love with the scent (obviously, Ms. Jasmine-Lover right here) and the light touches of vanilla and cocoa that tickled my senses.

The skin-healing effects of witch hazel and silver didn’t hurt, either (more on that later, though).

As I got through my sample, May ran an exclusive promotion for her clients — a free sample of The Jasmine Garden with a purchase of The Honey Mud or The Blue Cocoon.

Sold. (For the record, I restocked The Honey Mud.)

Of course, I ran through that bottle like a crazy woman, misting my face morning, noon and night.

More. More. More. I needed more!

Enter February 2014.

I’m going through some crazy life changes (including moving apartments in the dead of a snowy Kansas winter), and May announces her Limited Edition “I Am Love” set which includes — you guessed it — The Jasmine Garden.



One of only 35 people who were able to buy this luxe, limited edition set.

And I bought it mainly because I needed to have another bottle of The Jasmine Garden.

So, to back up again, back when I was first sampling my freebie from May, lots of stuff changed in my life.

I won’t get into details, but believe me, it sucked and my skin always goes into panic mode when things aren’t fine and dandy with my health or my heart.

But my skin never did the complete explosion that it usually does during times of high stress, and I credit the amazing combination of my beloved black clay soap coupled with this soothing yet powerful mist for keeping my skin serene when everything else in life was falling apart.

Here’s what’s inside The Jasmine Garden:

pure water (aqua), *hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), argentum metallicum (silver), jasmine grandiforium absolue, caprylic/capric triglyceride, jasminium officinale (jasmine) extract, *rosa damascena (rose) oil, *cananga odorata (ylang ylang oil), *vanilla planifolia (vanilla) CO2 total essential oil, theobroma cacao (cocoa) oil *Certified Organic

The skincare star ingredients in this mist are witch hazel, silver and caprylic/capric triglyceride, all known for their anti-inflammatory and skin-healing effects.

As I always note in products that contain silver, it’s just one of those things that you have to make the call on for yourself.

No strong feelings about it here, but something I do take note of when I look at a product’s overall formulation; with The Jasmine Garden, silver is higher up on the list (ingredient No. 3), which could be part of why my skin reacted well — silver is known for its antibacterial properties.

But, I also know that my skin just loves witch hazel.

Applied neat, witch hazel is way too drying for me.

But in a gorgeous blend, especially with soothing ingredients like caprylic/capric triglyceride (these are caprylic and capric fatty acids from coconut oil) and a host of soothing plant extracts and oils, witch hazel becomes a delectable treat for my skin.

I reach for The Jasmine Garden the week before and during my nicest time of the month to help prevent breakouts and calm my anxiety.

(It’s pretty much a daily use item for me, anyway, though I do have to rotate in and out toners that I’m testing for the blog.)

I will say, though, that these Miron glass misting jars (seems to be the same ones Yuli, Laurel and a few other brands use) aren’t exactly my favorite.

The mist that comes out is acceptable — not too targeted — but it’s not as fine and wide of a spray as the misting bottles that Acure and even sample sizes of Fig + Yarrow uses.

But that’s more of an issue to take up with the glass developer.

I digress.

For active blemishes, I don’t have much to say about The Jasmine Garden — I rarely had major breakouts while using this mist! Consistency will definitely be key when experiencing rough skin weeks.

All in all, this has obviously been a repurchase for me several times, and I won’t be without The Jasmine Garden as long as May continues to make it.

I’ll go ahead and move it into staple status right now.

Now, off to mist my face.

Have you tried The Jasmine Garden? What do you look for in a toning mist? Do you have strong thoughts on silver? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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  • Nice review but find it quite expensive considering the formula.
    Wouldn’t expect to see caprylic/capric triglycerides in May’s products. x

    • What other thoughts do you have on caprylic/capric triglycerides? Seems like a pretty common ingredient. Is it that because it’s common you wouldn’t expect to see it in May’s formulations?

  • Do all your readers say they feel like they know you? I love your style and totally resonate with you when you get personal. That said, The Jasmine Garden was one of those things that I HAD to have. And it did not disappoint. Sadly, after taking a few photos of it for IG, I can’t find it!! Isn’t that cray? Or does that mean that I have too much stuff? (Answer: yes & yes.) The addition of silver, the cause for much discussion, is a welcome one! My family and I were introduced to Water Oz Silver Water (not to be confused with colloidal silver) as a natural antibiotic. I have personally experienced the absolute benefits! As will all supplements and ingredients, as you say, it really is a personal one. No one person responds the same way to an ingredient (i.e. coconut oil on my skin breaks me out like crazy!). When it comes to the mist, the heady aroma is enough of a reason to immerse often in it. Yet another luxurious and totally unique product by May Lindstrom. Lovely review as ever. Xo

    • I’m glad my getting personal doesn’t turn you away! Sometimes it’s these personal connections to products — how they served you during certain times of your life — that keep them close to your heart. Performance is key, though, too, and I just can’t say anything negative about MLS The Jasmine Garden. My skin loves it, my nose loves it, my sense of vanity (gorgeous packaging!) loves it … winner!

      And yes, the silver thing … be aware, do your research, see how your skin reacts … and make the choice. Same with things like phenoxyethanol, Japanese honeysuckle, etc. — all of our standards will be different! And overall composition counts, too. And again, performance! Some stuff that contains silver in it still may not work for your skin…just depends.

      I’m thinking May needs to make “The Jasmine Garden” into a body oil. Talk about head-to-toe immersion in goodness. Yes?!

      • Yes!! A set. Wouldn’t that make the most elegant pairing? Methinks it would be sublime.

  • Marcella

    Kim + The Jasmine Garden = <3.

    It took me awhile but I slowly began to love it when I saw that I got less angry breakouts through daily use. I'm kind of picky about my toners (scent is a huge factor) and most toners are turn-offs for me because they're too floral and strong. I think the cocoa in TJG tempers the jasmine and rose a little bit and I love it! As for the mist amount, I kind of hold TJG a little further away so it's not too concentrated. :)

    • Oh those angry breakouts … I feel as though we are skin sisters with our fussy skin! I remember us talking about the cocoa scent at the end. At first, for me, it was heavy jasmine (swoon!), but the scent develops so nicely and you get those amazing whiffs of cocoa and vanilla. YUM. But, as always, performance is key, and this stuff helps so much. I’d use it all over my body, but I just can’t afford to do that … I would be ordering these by the truckload if I did that! #heavyhanded.

      • Marcella

        Do you try to use the same products as to not freak out your skin? Even though it’s hard with all those products lined up for beauty testing! I know you love using Zum Rub and Osmia’s Black Clay Soap for those really problematic days and it works for you.

        Our fussy skin, my gosh! I’m almost afraid of what happens when we run out of the stuff that works for us. I keep a back up of ED4OLO’s Cleansing Oil & Brand New Day. Your review made me realize, hey, I really need to make sure I don’t run out of The Jasmine Garden either! It really does help.

        ::spritzes us both with some The Jasmine Garden::

        • I’m getting to the point where I’d really like to have a set routine of skincare products! And I actually do think I’m getting to close.

          When I need to give my skin a break between lots of testing, I do go back
          to my almost-set routine of washing with Osmia Black Clay Soap, toning
          with MLS Jasmine Garden or Evan Healy Immortelle HydroSoul and treating
          with Osmia Spot Treatment and Zum Rub.

          But, as an acne-prone person who focuses on that a lot in this blog, I’m always on the search for products that will outperform the ones I love most.

          That’s why I’ll say I like several toners for acne, several washes for acne, etc., because if something works for me, it goes in that I NEVER NEED TO BE WITHOUT IT list :)

          Now, back to spritzing myself. :)

          • Soz to budge into the thread, but I always think I must have similar skin to both of you gals – it’s a hard life! Can’t remember the last time I had a day of completely clear skin. I’m reaaaally trying to get into a set routine that works for me. I love testing out new stuff, my my skin freaks out way to easily. I’m thinking I need to get onto the Jasmine Mist STAT.

            Mayah x

          • Not budging at all — conversation is key here! :) I’m struggling to figure out a set routine, too, but I suppose that’s part of the fun of beauty blogging and sharing experiences. But yes, The Jasmine Garden is just amazing for my skin, and it will definite stay a part of my routine for as long as May makes it! :)

  • The Jasmine Garden sounds absolutely divine! I am in love with just your review of it. And I adore May Lindstrom, her products are masterpieces.

    • Thank you! I just feel as though May really hits it on the head with the story of her products, the ritual of her products and the pampering of her products. Sure, this formula looks relatively simple, but it’s an elegant combination with the most intoxicating scent! And it works for my skin, bottom line :)

  • Mary

    Personally I think this works better as a body spray for me and not so much for the face because it was too cloying and intense for me. It didn’t do anything good or bad for my skin and costs a pretty penny so I think I’ll pass on a repurchase but will maybe consider this as a perfume if it is ever released as one.

    • Oh, that’s too bad, but hey, a body spray is quite lovely! I think you’re right on the perfume factor…I would purchase this as a sexy evening scent in a heartbeat.

  • Cathy S

    Speaking of misting bottles…I use the Tata Harper mist and have had to take it out of the lovely glass bottle because way too much of the product is released. I found an empty John Masters mist bottle which I transferred it into! I don’t want to be drenched, just misted :) I think they want us to use the product as quickly as possible so we will repurchase.

    • Aw darn! I love that Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence. It’s on my repurchase list. It’s scent is amazing! I had the deluxe sampler size, so good tip on the full size bottle / misting application. Ya know, I do keep bottles I like around to transfer products into, too.

  • Nice review Kim! I’m hoping to try more of May’s products in the future!

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