December 11, 2013

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Body oils have been a staple in my beauty routine for several years now.

After every shower, I always apply a handful of thick, moisturizing oil from head to toe, focusing on key dry spots such as my elbows and knees.

A lot of times, though, I end up using a wee bit too much (especially if the body oil isn’t housed in a pump jar), so I was excited to try this convenient spray-on body oil from CapriClear.

capriclear fractionated coconut oil moisturizing spray

{CapriClear sent me a sample of its coconut oil-based moisturizing spray. It costs $16.99 for a 5.2-ounce plastic spray bottle.}

I’ve tried one other dry oil spray before and loved it, but it was loaded with some fillers that left me no choice but to eliminate it from my to-buy list.

CapriClear Moisturizing Spray, though, has just one simple ingredient: Fractionated coconut oil.

For the record, the official listing on the bottle is Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (100% Fractionated Coconut Oil).

In case you missed my post on coconut oil for beginners, fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil minus the medium-chain triglycerides.

That means that while this coconut oil is odorless (no familiar coconut smell here), it’s not virgin, pure coconut oil — but that’s OK!

Fractionated coconut oil like this one from CapriClear is a dream if you’re:

  1. particular about your scents;
  2. want to blend your own scents with coconut oil as a carrier oil;
  3. in search of a lightweight body oil — the fractionation process thins out the coconut oil, making it a no-brainer for use all over your body before bedtime or before getting dressed on a tight morning schedule.
  4. dealing with eczema — CapriClear carries the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance

While CapriClear Moisturizing Spray isn’t the most beautifully packaged body oil I own (it kind of sticks out among a sea of Osmia Organics, May Lindstrom Skin and Skin & Bones body oils), it’s one that I reach for a lot on busy mornings when I need to just be able to spray, rub and go.

I also love that CapriClear Moisturizing Spray is scent-free; with my recent foray into searching out the best natural perfumes, I don’t want my body oil competing with my scents.

CapriClear Moisturizing Spray is just one of those no-nonsense, economical oils that is great for daily use or for introducing your friends to the power of natural products.

CapriClear’s creator, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Betty Bellman, also gets a finger-snap from me for being one of those cooler derms who listens when her clients ask for natural solutions to skin issues — which is what lead her to making this multipurpose moisturizing fractionated coconut oil spray.

While CapriClear Moisturizing Spray probably isn’t a product I’d be drawn to on my own, after trying it, I’m convinced this is my new go-to spray oil for those low-maintenance days when I just don’t have time to fuss over myself. The pricepoint is fair and its gets the job done — sold.

What sort of coconut oil do you use on your skin? Have you tried CapriClear or any other coconut oil sprays? Tell me in the comments section!


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  • Caitie

    I’ll admit, as much as I love how my skin feels after using oils, I still usually grab for a lotion instead. Love how quick and easy this sounds though… definitely something I could get behind!

    • kimberlyloc

      I’m just too lazy for traditional body lotions and butters, though I do have a special place in my heart for shea butter and hand/foot creams. You may like an oil spray, indeed! :)

  • katie

    I loooove using a hydrating body spray – I use Solar Recover, which is pretty much all essential oils. I’m intrigued now…

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