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may lindstrom skin the honey mud review by kimberlyloc

In typical May Lindstrom-style, the skincare chef has made the daily act of cleansing your face a luxurious ritual that commands a little bit of “me” time without requiring an all-out spa retreat on a busy weeknight.

“The Honey Mud Gentle Cleansing Silk” gives you that little bit of aromatic, pampering escape that you need during your bedtime ritual without slashing too many minutes off your sleep time.

may lindstrom skin the honey mud review by kimberlyloc

{I purchased “The Honey Mud” from May Lindstrom’s website after finishing the sample she gave me in September. It costs $80 for a 100 ml Miron glass jar.}

This pre-mixed honey, oil and clay concoction takes the “just-add-liquid” aspect out of your skincare ritual.

It instead allows you to have an easy-yet-beautiful natural cleanser to reach for on nights when you can’t take too much extra time yet still want to feel like you’re having a spa moment at home.

may lindstrom skin the honey mud review by kimberlyloc

On nights when you don’t feel up for mixing “The Clean Dirt” or putting together a DIY raw honey and oil cleanse, “The Honey Mud” offers you a pudding-like cleanser that feels thick and gently gooey without the skin-pulling or tugging that typically happens with pure honey cleansing.

may lindstrom skin the honey mud review by kimberlyloc

Massaging it in is feels like icing your face with the most rich, sinful chocolate and vanilla frosting.

You get that chocolate high without any of the caloric guilt afterward; instead, your skin feels pillowy soft and your mind relaxed and at ease as you transition from bathroom to bedroom mentally prepared for sweet dreams.

may lindstrom skin the honey mud review by kimberlyloc

{Thickly applied to the skin as a mask, “The Honey Mud” helps detox pores and smooth skin to reveal a soft, clean complexion.}

You can leave “The Honey Mud” on your face for 15 minutes or so if applied to dry skin, using it as a mask to gently de-gunk pores and intensely soften the skin.

I also love playing skin chef myself by mixing “The Honey Mud” with “The Problem Solver” for the most spicy-yet-sweet mask.

If time is of the essence, as it usually is, then simply apply “The Honey Mud” to damp skin to experience a milky emulsion that helps melt away makeup and impurities while stimulating your senses with its intoxicating scent.

may lindstrom skin the honey mud review by kimberlyloc

{When “The Honey Mud” meets water, it returns a creamy, frothy emulsion.}

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in full and see what makes “The Honey Mud” oh-so-good.

Raw Honey, White Halloysite Clay, Organic Macadamia Integrifolia (Macadamia Nut Oil), Organic Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Argentum Metallicum (Colloidal Silver), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Absolute) Oil, Organic Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil, Organic Cananga Odorata (Ylang-Ylang) Oil, Organic Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) CO2 Total Essential Oil, Organic Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood) Oil, Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Oil

In addition to the naturally antifungal properties of raw honey, “The Honey Mud” calls upon witch hazel, frankincense and myrrh to help detoxify clogged pores.

Colloidal silver, an ingredient I’ve called out for commentary before, is also among the deep-cleansing ingredients inside “The Honey Mud.”

I’d love to hear some thoughtful responses from the green beauty community (May has addressed it in this No More Dirty Looks comments thread) about this naturally antibacterial ingredient — it’s seeing a bit of a renaissance among green beauty brands, especially for acne-clearing products, though has a bad rep among some who have taken it internally and had not-so-lovely experiences.

The second ingredient, white halloysite clay, helps raw honey out in the de-gunking department, as this white clay is known for its gentle detoxification and purification properties.

With these two hardworking, oil-unplugging ingredients, you’d think your skin may be left with that all-too-familiar tight feeling that you can sometimes get after using a clay mask.

Not so with “The Honey Mud.” A smart mixing of protective macadamia nut oil keeps the skin hydrated and smooth, working in harmony with the other beneficial ingredients in this incredible, multipurpose treat.

While I did have the luxury of trying “The Honey Mud” before spending $80 on it, I was all-too-excited to restock my supply; I scraped out the last smear of it and timed my final use of it perfectly for when I knew my paid order would come so I’d never be without it.

(I’m obviously not overly concerned with colloidal silver, though I mentioned it above, but seriously want to hear from everyone about the benefits and risks of this ingredient when used topically. I’ve had no issues and have used it randomly for years.)

This is the first May Lindstrom Skin product I’ve purchased (as I’ve been generously gifted samples of the other items from the line), and I would easily purchase it again and again and again.

I think that “The Honey Mud” and “The Problem Solver” are the absolute must-haves from this beautifully curated line; if you have to start somewhere, start here!

For those of you who are curious about “The Blue Cocoon,” the other new release from May Lindstrom Skin, I’ll have my review ready as soon as possible … maybe even this week. Would anybody be opposed to a double-dipped week of May Lindstrom Skin reviews?

I didn’t think so.

Have you tried “The Honey Mud” yet? Do you prefer to use it as a cleanser or a mask? How often do you use it? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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  • Marcella

    I feel so guilty sneaking in a Problem Solver + Honey Mud mask at least 2 times a week. But my skin loves it and I’ve never seen my pores so clean! I still have half a sample of the Problem Solver and I’d gladly splurge on it just so I can combo them together.

    As for colloidal silver being in the Honey Mud, I had no idea it was so controversial! Remember when we were talking about the cocoa (woo!) being in the Jasmine Garden? There was a letter included with my package that listed colloidal silver being in the mist too! Honestly, colloidal silver might just be the ingredient that’s making my skin looks so good. I’m very okay with that :) Oh, I should probably add that it’s my first time using anything with colloidal silver in it.

    • Twice a week? Legit! That is some serious spa time, girl … you deserve it! I love Problem Solver for getting back a nice flush and glow … I do it 1x a month at least. Definitely re-awakens my skin after those blah days. I just love combining it with The Honey Mud … it feels amazing, so creamy, and smells like a cocoa factory :) I wanna see your HM / PS selfie! Hehe.

      Colloidal silver … le sigh. I just want to know what lots of bloggers and founders think. As I said, I think I’m fine with it, but the things I see online are shady sometimes. I trust my green beauty community!

      Yeap, I know there’s some colloidal silver in The Jasmine Garden — and you know how I feel about that mist! :)

      • Marcella

        Hee, I’m hardcore like that. But honestly all of my active inflamed acne died down because of the PS + HM combo. And I did post a pic of me sticking my tongue out with my selfie mask just the other day! :P

        As for colloidal silver, where are all the biochemistry majors at? I’d ask my brother but whenever I talk skincare to him he gets a really constipated look, like why me?

        THAT MIST. <3

        • OOOH I do think I remember seeing that pic! *LIKE*

          • Marcella


  • Kaylin

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the Blue Cocoon!

    • I hope to have it live for Thursday! Fingers crossed I get it finished :) xoxo

  • Call It Vanity

    Grabbing a sample of this from my local boutique is at the top of my to-do list, don’t think I’ve ever lusted after a cleanser before quite like this! Your review has only made matters worse ;)

    Mayah x

    • Do it, do it! That is so convenient that there’s a local boutique that carries this! I have mentioned MLS to my local green spa/boutique but I’m not sure if they will get it. You will LOVE your sample and I’m happy to make matters worse for you wallet … but not your skin! :)

      • Call It Vanity

        I’m just lucky that my local is London I guess haha – although I pay the price for it that’s for sure! I knooow, full size is inevitable, just have to put it off for as long as I can haha x

  • Ru

    mmmm, you make the honey mud sound so good! I recently treated myself to Problem Solver AND Blue Cocoon and I must say, May Lindstrom is a genius!

    • It’s easy to make it sound good :) Good call on Problem Solver and Blue Cocoon! How are you liking them?

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Great post! again on my wish list Kimberley…you make it easier for me :-))).. I may do a bit of reseearch about the colloidal silver and will get back to you :-)

    • Thanks, sweetie! Hehe. Yeah, do tell me what you think … there’s a lot of info out there about it, but mostly about taking it internally. I’ve used it off and on randomly for years in acne products, but most of the time it’s mixed in with other very beneficial acne ingredients, so I don’t know if I can attribute skin care success directly to colloidal silver.

  • Very interesting review, Kimberley :)
    I enjoyed reading it, and would love to pamper myself with this honey mud. I believe that honey will make my skin very soft, doesn’t it ?!

    • Thanks, Dima! Honey is incredible for your skin … detoxifying, softening … you should try it on your own mixed with some coconut oil or jojoba oil before getting this luxe product. It’s so good!

      • I haven’t tried jojoba oil before, is it good for oily skin?
        I tried honey with yogurt and oatmeal, and it was a good face mask for exfoliation and hydrating, both at the same time !

  • Plum Pretty Sugar

    Oh how wonderful. This treatment seems like one to adore!


    • It sure it! While wearing a PPS robe, of course :)

  • emme

    I love May’s products, I use both the Clean Dirt and the Problem Solver. But I’m really disappointed and quite surprised by the colloidal silver. I won’t try the Honey Mud for that reason. It doesn’t take much to google around and get some info on colloidal silver—look at Dr. Weil, Mayo Clinic, and Quackwatch. It’s not worth the risk, and there are no proven benefits of colloidal silver. I love organic and natural products. If I stay away from parabens and pthalates, why would I use colloidal silver all over my face?!! I hope that May takes this ingredient out of her products.

    • I’ve seen a lot of those same posts online, Emme. Have you found anything specifically about topical use of colloidal silver? I’m having a hard time finding info from thought leaders on this. Most of the stuff I’m seeing is about taking colloidal silver as a supplement. I saw a mention on the NIH website about colloidal silver topical treatments but it didn’t go into any depth — just said that ingestion is unsafe. I hope more people weigh in on this and point us in the right direction for thoughtful research!

    • May Lindstrom

      Hi Emme!
      I am so happy to see a direct conversation happening here – I love that blogs like Kimberly’s give us all a chance to talk about our thoughts on different products, ingredients and formulations. I wanted to pop in here to hopefully give some insight to my thoughts on this subject.

      The Honey Mud does contain a very small amount of water in which silver particles are suspended (colloidal silver). Besides being an incredibly healing ingredient that works wonders to heal the skin, silver is also a natural preservative – used since medieval times for everything from battles wounds to infections.

      I use this is in incredibly low dilution in my formula and have zero concern about toxicity. Argyria – the blue tinged skin condition that excessive silver consumption has gotten attention for – is the one notable and documented reaction and this happens only when used internally – in EXTREMELY high quantities over an extended period of time (as in gallons). You would have to work super hard to make this happen (and you would literally go through many hundreds of thousands of jars of The Honey Mud to reach anywhere near that level of silver – and you would need to eat it)!

      Most cases of Argyria reported in medical literature over the last 100 years involved chronic intravenous or intramuscular use of silver preparations, most often involving a silver drug prescribed by physicians which in most cases contained silver nitrate.

      And while I don’t always trust the FDA to be the know-all leader, they have approved over 130 products that incorporate silver for its anti-bacterial effect. Silver has been demonstrated to accelerate healing of virtually every type of damage to the body, especially burns, infections and soft tissue damage. Used externally as I do in The Honey Mud, this translates to serious protection against acne, inflammation, irritation, rashes and on and on – and also prevents me from having to turn to synthetic preservatives that do not meld with my core philosophies on keeping my potions truly clean and healthy.

      I love silver. It’s both powerful and gentle and makes my formulas that much more effective and stable. I wavered on including it in The Honey Mud because I knew it might stir up a little controversy – but it’s honestly just too good to let go.

      Please know that I take your input very seriously and I hope this relieves some of your concern. :)

      You can always reach out to me directly should you wish to explore this further.


  • corina

    Colloidal silver = scary. I would like to hear from May and see what she has to say about what research she did (if any) before choosing to include it in her formulations. Think you could get a respons from her about this?

    • May Lindstrom

      Hi Corina!
      I would love to assure you that I take my work as a formulator very seriously – and with that, also the concerns and desires of my clients. I absolutely researched silver prior to deciding to include in The Honey Mud and feel 100% confident that not only is the colloidal silver safe in this formulation, but that it makes this blend even more beautiful and effective. I’ve gone into more detail above in my reply to Emme, so please do read this and feel free to reach out to me personally at at any time. I welcome discussion! Believe me – I knew this might stir up a bit of debate and I actually love that it does. This community is amazing because people are not afraid to ask questions – the very thing that leads us to choose natural products, ingredients and brands in the first place.

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  • This product is so high on my wishlist that my order has probably reached May Lindstrom’s door and is about to knock. I’ve been reading the discussion about colloidal silver and can absolutely say that May’s research is informed and thorough. My family has been using silver water (in non-colloidal form for better absorption) for years as a natural anti-bacterial remedy with outstanding results – even to the point of not needing to take antibiotics sometimes. There is no doubt that small amounts used topically can only be beneficial and will not lead to negative side effects at all. As May said, the studies were about people who took extreme dosages that were way more than anyone should take. It is a good idea with any study to look at all the factors involved – including who is paying for the study in the first place. Often results can be biased. Hope this is helpful to anyone concerned about this. xo

    • So, honey bunny, have you indulged in this yet? :) Such. Good. Stuff.

  • CindyBokma

    This product is high on my wish list too! I am seriously dreaming of The Honey Mud! I tried a sample and fell in love instantly. May’s products are all so unique and lovely. XO

    • Move it to the top of the list, Cindy! It’s a good one :) Pure, raw manuka honey is also a great staple to have if you are just wanting a little honey. This + The Problem Solver are staples for me, though! Will never be without! xoxo

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