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yuli skincare pure mask review by kimberlyloc

There’s just a handful of masks that I reach for when I’m having a bit of a skin emergency.

Yuli Skincare’s “Pure” mask is one of them.

yuli skincare pure mask review by kimberlyloc

{Yuli Skincare sent me a sample of its “Pure” mask. It retails for $65 for a 1.7-ounce glass jar.}

Ever since September when I shared that I hopped on the Yuli train, I’ve been getting emails from readers (were you one of them?) asking for some real talk on this mask.

“Does it really work?”

“Is it better than this mask? Is it better than that mask?”

Short answer: Yes, it really works. No, it’s not “better” than another beloved mask; it just serves a different purpose for me.

yuli skincare pure mask review by kimberlyloc

{I like to mix up my Pure mask in a little bowl that I keep in my bathroom and apply it with an inexpensive foundation brush — I picked up a cheapie at Target to use with my dry masks.}

yuli skincare pure mask review by kimberlyloc

{In this picture, I mixed “Pure” with straight water. The result is a thin, active mask with very fine exfoliants in a soft paste. In the past, I’ve mixed “Pure” mask with manuka honey, Yogi Skin Detox Tea and even Panacea Elixir. You can also try yogurt for a cooling effect.}

And that purpose, for me, is to give me back a little of my confidence during the time of the month when I feel like everyone is staring at my blemishes instead of my eyes.

Sounds like a damn good reason for Yuli Skincare “Pure” mask to be on my repurchase list, right? Because it is!

I basically always have very active blemishes on my face — forehead, hairline, chin, sideburns area — and “Pure” helps them heal and reduces the intense redness of angry, flaming pimples.

Case in point: During my period of incredibly cranky skin a few months back, I used “Pure” three times during a 14-day period during more than a month of monster breakouts.

I saw a remarkable difference in my skin — active pimples flattened and drained without irritation or dryness, and seemed to run their course a little faster than pre-Pure mask.

yuli skincare pure mask review by kimberlyloc

{You can see how “Pure” looks when it’s still wet and as it dries. I typically leave it on for about 10-15 minutes depending on which mixer I use to dampen the mask. When I use manuka honey, I tend to leave it on longer.}

When I’m crazy broken out, or just feeling a little rumble in the deeper layers of my skin, Yuli’s “Pure” mask is incredible at taming, soothing and healing moody and inflamed skin.

I’m chalking this up to the powerhouse combination of beautiful and beneficial ingredients that my oily, acneic skin has responded well to before — detoxifying clays, mung beans, white willow bark, cucumber, frankincense, neem and MSM (sulfur).

Here’s the entire ingredients list:

Rhassoul clay, organic mung bean powder, Australian Beige clay, organic rose petals, French green clay, organic rice powder, Zeolite, B. frereana (frankincense) resin, organic white willow bark powder, organic neem leaf powder, Biodynamic fruit enzymes, organic cucumber extract, organic milk powder, MSM, Organic Biophotonically Charged Matcha, chlorella, organic rooibos extract, goji berry, Magnesium

First, the clays. “Pure” combines rhassoul, Australian beige, French green and zeolite, all which gently draw impurities from pores and deliver rich, skin-nourishing minerals back into them.

There’s really no need to collect individual clays to mix yourself if you have this mask on your shelf! (This is what I keep telling myself, at least … #productjunkie)

Next, the mung beans and cucumber. I’m no stranger to this Asian food and skincare staple, and it’s lovely to see more beans popping up in green skincare overall. Mung beans are extremely cooling, which is helpful for overactive, unhappy skin.

Cucumber holds its own to the mung beans (the saying isn’t “cool as a cucumber” for nothing!), offering additional softening and calming effects.

For a classic Pitta // Sagittarius with a deep love for all things spicy and hot, I definitely need this combination to bring some balance back to my skin!

Now, the frankincense, neem and MSM (sulphur). My skin absolutely loves anything frankincense and neem.

Frankincense is an amazing anti-inflammatory, and neem is yet another impressive antibacterial / antifungal ingredient that’s prized in Eastern medicine (hello, Ayurveda).

The nonchalant MSM on the ingredients list is, I’m assuming, methylsulfonylmethane, an organic sulfur compound found in many of the foods we eat.

It’s also another incredible anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing ingredient, though it does bring back visions of pale peach-colored vials of sulfur that I used to get from the derm. (This seems like a more luxe way to enjoy the benefits, no?)

Now, just because I’m highlighting these ingredients doesn’t mean there’s any less love for rose, rice powder, fruit enzymes, milk powder, matcha … good gosh the list is long and clean and there’s just something in there for almost every skin concern.

And while I’m writing this review from an acne-prone person’s point of view, don’t dismiss “Pure” as a “teen skin” (I hate that phrase) product; it’s loaded with antioxidants, collagen-boosters, skin-soothers and scar-healers that skin of any type will adore.

Depending on how particular you are with scents, you will likely either love, hate or be indifferent to the smell of Yuli “Pure” mask.

The crisp, herbal scent reminds me of clean, earthy air after a torrential downpour, which to me, is very soothing to my nose during the ritual of applying “Pure” mask.

It’s got that sort of gathered-from-the-forest medicinal scent that makes me feel like I’m feeding my skin its greens — because in a way, I kind of am.

Now, if only we could solve all our skincare emergencies with a serving of greens both inside and out.

Maybe we can. Now isn’t that a novel idea?

Have you tried Yuli Skincare’s “Pure” mask? What did you think of it? What other masks do you keep in your skincare arsenal? Tell me in the comments section!


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  • Marcella

    Thanks for the AMAZING breakdown of the ingredients in this mask and how it works for you! I always have angry active pimples everywhere and this mask seems incredible. I feel like I should put this hashtag here: #adultacneskinisathing

    I’m also hearing all sorts of good things about Cell Perfecto PM for acne scars. I’m definitely Yuli curious now!

    • You’re welcome! I think this should be your first excursion into Yuli … for acneic gals like us, it’s a dream. You will see some results on active acne! I’m still using Cell Perfecto off and on at night … shooting for 3x a week. That one takes some patience and time commitment, and what is annoying is because I’m basically always broken out, I have to treat those pimples first before dealing with scar issues … so I’m kinda dividing up my face with product! Ugh.

    • You’re welcome! I think this should be your first excursion into Yuli
      … for acneic gals like us, it’s a dream. You will see some results on
      active acne! I’m still using Cell Perfecto off and on at night …
      shooting for 3x a week. That one takes some patience and time
      commitment, and what is annoying is because I’m basically always broken
      out, I have to treat those pimples first before dealing with scar issues
      … so I’m kinda dividing up my face with product! Ugh.

      • Marcella

        I know what you mean! It’s hard to figure out what to treat first. Glad to know Cell Perfecto takes awhile…I’ve been known to switch serums just because using one for too long is kind of boring :)

        • Jade

          Cell Perfecto PM is really amazing though. I’ve been using it every night since the summer (excluding one week I went to Taiwan and didn’t want it to leak and the very few days where I accidentally reached for another bottle), and my acne scars have healed so well. Definitely agree about the patience and commitment, but it’s worth it! Even after a little spill (*cry) and almost a half-year of use, I still have tons left. And definitely agree with Kim about Pure being a dream for us acneic gals!

          • Marcella

            Oh my gosh Jade, I feel you! Nothing makes the heart stop faster like spilling some precious facial oil. Happens to me all the time and I still gasp in horror. Thanks for letting me know- I will definitely look into both Pure and Cell Perfecto soon! :)

          • LOL, the horror! It’s so true though … our oils are expensive and I’d much rather soak up those ingredients than wipe them off the counter. Keep me updated on your Yuli purchases!

          • That is an excellent testimony! I used it every night for about a month, went through a terrible breakout phase (unrelated to using it) and phased it back in very gradually as my skin got better. I’m happy to report that my skin is in decent shape right now so I’m back to using it consistently and hope to have a full review in a few more months!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    That sounds a fantastic mask :-) So eager to try this beauty brand! :-)

    • It is! Let me know when you get a chance to try it.

  • Brenda

    Love! Looks like great minds think alike – I just used mine last night. ;)

    • I think I saw your IG post this morning! Looks good on you :)

  • everydaychic

    Definitely want to try this!

    • I think you’ll like it, Kat! Let me know if you get it! And if you end up not liking it, I will gladly take it off your hands :)

  • Plum Pretty Sugar

    Looks amazing! Such a pure combination of ingredients.



  • I’m too obsessed with facial masks it’s a problem.This sounds awesome and I’ve been dying to try some Yuli products! I love your thorough review and the ingredient breakdown :) Does this mask help with fading acne scars? (if that happens to you) That’s my biggest acne problem. Currently loving the S.W. Basics Hibiscus mask and just picked up May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver!

    • I’m obsessed with them too, and have to keep myself from buying more! I really do just reach for a select few, though — this being one of them. I’ve used it maybe 6 times since I got it in September and can’t really speak to it fading acne scars (that’s what Cell Perfecto is supposed to do, and I’m still using it and need to give it time). It’s super for active acne and I feel like it pushes them through their breakout cycle a bit faster and heals them better … which perhaps prevent intense scarring? Let me know if you try this!

  • Amy

    I know it’s been awhile, but how is the Cell perfecto PM working out for you?

    • Hi Amy,

      I abandoned it. I used it for about 2 months straight and didn’t notice much change in my skin. I may not need as much help in the scar-lightening or smoothing department as others who have seen phenomenal results, but this isn’t a repurchase for me. Thanks for asking!