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A little more than a month ago, I hopped on the Yuli Skincare train with the purchase of a few cult products that I felt my skin just had to experience.

While my typical four-week testing period is up, I’m only ready to review Pancea Elixir because 1) I haven’t taken pictures of Pure Mask yet (and this selfie doesn’t count!) and 2) I need a little more time with Cell Perfecto PM because I only got through two weeks of testing before my face exploded with stress-induced breakouts.

But I digress.

yuli panacea elixir

{I purchased the full-size 100 ml glass bottle of Panacea Elixir for $68 from Yuli Skincare’s website.}

After four weeks of liberal use of Yuli Skincare’s Panacea Elixir, I’m not quite sold on it as a solution for my acne-prone skin.

I’m not sure if Panacea Elixir wasn’t “strong enough” for my powerhouse pimples or if my testing timing was unfortunate (during a month of several active breakouts) or if, simply, my expectations were too high.

I’ve read several reviews from people I trust, and even chatted with friends about “when this stuff is supposed to kick in,” yet never experienced any miraculous, skin-clearing results.

That may seem like too much to ask (it’s just a toner, right?), but I’ve had amazing results before with just a toner, so I was wondering if Panacea could top it.

yuli skincare panacea elixir ingredients

From the looks of it, Yuli Skincare’s Panacea Elixir is loaded with acne-fighting good stuff as well as skin-softening ingredients; witch hazel and lavender are known for their skin-clearing properties while rose and cucumber calm the skin.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

D-Aloe barbadenis, organic R. damascena (rose) hydrolat, organic helichrysum hydrolat, organic lavender hydrolat, wildcrafted witch hazel hydrolat, organic helichrysum/lavender hydrolat, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, cucumber extract, organic watercress extract, biodynamic fruit enzymes, trace minerals complex, colloidal silver

You’ll also notice antibacterial colloidal silver at the end of the ingredients list.

When I was working as a green home magazine editor, several personal-care products laced with colloidal silver came across my desk.

Back then (2008), I never could find the final verdict on colloidal silver (you gonna turn blue or what?), and it seems to be popping up in so many more natural beauty products for acne-prone skin lately because of its antibacterial properties.

I have no strong opinion on colloidal silver, but definitely welcome the discussion of it from the community!

But again, I digress.

After more than a month of heavy use (I used Panacea Elixir morning and evening, spritzing 4-5 times to really cover my face, pressing it in and sealing it in with a good face oil or my beloved Zum Rub), I haven’t seen a difference in my skin’s texture (and definitely not in breakout prevention).

Now that I’m finnaaalllly clearing up, I’m going to finish out my bottle (I probably have about a week’s worth left) and see how my less-broken-out face responds to Panacea. I’ll be sure to report back via social media.

UPDATE: The Yuli team was thoughtful enough to send me an email to address some of my musings in this post. They gave me permission to share with you, so please read below!

We formulate all of our ingredients after conducting extensive research. Like many other lines you’ve pointed out, we’ve concluded colloidal silver is safe for cosmetic use. There are isolated cases of argyria (blue skin), which have been linked to long term ingestion of a large concentration and quantity of colloidal silver. An extreme over-consumption of anything including salt and water can do quite a bit of damage in this regard. Argyria is not (and has never been) a concern associated with topical application of colloidal silver especially in the concentrations we use in our products. Rather we find the colloidal silver provides wonderful anti-bacterial benefit without irritating skin.

Panacea is a top-selling product of ours. It’s wonderful for clarifying, balancing, and hydrating all skin types. As a facial mist, this helps prep, prime, and condition skin, leaving skin softer and healthier over time. Those with blemish prone skin will find the actives help to fortify and refine. With that said, Panacea was not formulated with the intention of being an active acne/blemish targeting product. While the actives as you’ve correctly stated are loaded to help fight acne, Panacea works to improve skin gradually yet remarkably over time and will be especially advantageous to restoring problem skin.

I apologize if there was a miscommunication regarding the functionality of Panacea Elixir that left you disappointed. When it comes to facial mists, we don’t believe that creating something strong enough to be an active blemish treatment is conducive to overall and long term skin health for the entire face. Along with Pure Mask, we also have an active blemish serum in the works that will actively target acne and blemishes. We hope you will give those products a try.

Have you tried Yuli Skincare’s Panacea Elixir? If so, did it work well for you? What Yuli products should I try next? Tell me in the comments section!


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  • Hey Kim! Thank you for reviewing this product, I was waiting on your Yuli reviews! By looking at the ingredients, this mist reminds me of one I am currently using, made by Soapwalla, which is lovely. As much as I enjoy products that contain witch hazel, colloidal silver and more anti-bacterial ingredients, I am convinced that they cannot prevent/treat breakouts. At least, for me. I read your review of the MVO Face Oil, so I was wondering if you, too, had noticed that it helps with healing blemishes. It’s like a magic potion to my skin! One of the few products that really helps my skin to stay clear…
    I will be waiting on the Yuli Cell Perfecto PM review next ;)

    • Hey Lily! You’re very welcome. Everybody’s skin is so different, it’s always interesting what works for some and what works for others. That said, this toner is quite beautiful. I love the scent. But, I bought it specifically for the acne-healing effects and didn’t really see the results (though as I mentioned, I was crazy broken out!), though the ingredients list is top-notch and I respect the quality and craftsmanship behind this brand.

      You’ll have to wait a little longer for Cell Perfecto PM! I’m back onto my testing with it. I will have a Pure Mask review next week if I can get some pics taken ASAP *fingers crossed* :) I think I’m going to try the cleanser and ME Skin Fuel next. Definitely not ignoring // giving up on this brand at all!

      • Juliet

        Kim, I want to try ME Skin Fuel too as soon as I finish my Liquid Courage. I LOVE the Liquid Courage, but if I read it correctly, Skin Fuel is also an antioxidant, just lighter and silkier than Liquid Courage. Since I like to use antioxidants in the a.m. the lighter may be better under makeup… not that the Liquid Courage is bad under makeup.

        • How are you liking Liquid Courage? I’m going to hold out for the new blemish serum they will be releasing soon, but ME Skin Fuel does look lovely.

          • juliet

            I like it a lot. I can definitely tell a difference in my skin in the few weeks I’ve been using Yuli. But I started 5 of their products at once so I’m not sure which one is responsible for the improvement. Since I use Liquid Courage in the a.m., I’d prefer it be a tiny bit thinner. My modern Alchemist seems to feel lighter on my face at night. I like daytime products to be as light/weightless as possible hence the interest in ME Skin Fuel.

  • Lucy

    It doesn’t seem like your skin much enjoyed this product which is a shame because it is a favourite of mine! I might not consider this a powerful acne fighter but I did not buy it thinking it was based on the description on the bottle. It has made my very muddled skin calm down loads since I used it so I think there is much to its subtlety. I can see some skin refinement such as smaller pores and less oiliness which keeps monthly hormonal spots away. I read some previous toner reviews after checking your link and it seems you are a fan of rejuvenating, fresh aromas like me but it does not seem like Panacea’s stood out to you, yet it is a favorite of mine that I spray all over just to get a quick whiff! I thoroughly enjoyed your honest review although it seems our skins had vastly differing experiences.

    • Hi Lucy,

      I wouldn’t say that my skin didn’t enjoy it … it hydrated, refreshed and toned as it should. I was just expecting more of a result in the acne department … healing active zits or really soothing breakouts that were almost through the cycle. I’m extremely oily with hormonal acne. Nothing really calms my oil production :) I love the scent of Panacea. It’s extremely fresh and delightful! I would recommend it for someone who wants a beautiful, clean toner. I’m just not sold on it as a blemish-clearing toner.

      Appreciate the comment! :)

  • Mary_333

    Thanks for the honest review! These products have piqued my interested because they have been getting a lot of love lately. The ingredients do sound amazing, but for their prices they pretty much have to be work wonders to be worth it!

    • You’re welcome! If you’re curious about a lot of their stuff, I do think it’s cool that they offer sample sizes for purchase for a lot of their products. I wish more companies did that! Also, I just updated this post with some insight from the Yuli team. I’m excited for the blemish serum that’s in the works!

  • Mm13

    Hi Kim! I have used panacea, skin fuel and cell perfecto pm for nearly five months now and absolutely amazed at how effective and brilliant they are. After trying every green luxe brand under the sun, they are my holy grail. Maybe four weeks is not enough time to get the full benefits, and as I’m sure has been mentioned a million times before I know my own breakouts are far more to do with processed sugars, dehydration and stress?

    • Oh wow! Definitely have to see results after that sort of testing time. Did you take before / after pics? I need to start doing that with some product testing. You are right with four weeks testing time, it’s enough for some products and not enough for others that may need longer time to see quality results. My breakouts this time were stress-induced (wrapped up a huuuuge project at work) and also the result of not getting to yoga (I need to SWEAT) during that time. As my skin is getting into better shape now, I’m back to using Cell Perfecto at night on my healed-acne areas to hopefully accelerate the healing and hyperpigmentation issues. I know that will definitely take some time! I appreciate you stopping by and am happy that Yuli has been working wonders for you! Keep me updated on other things you try :)

      • Mm13

        Thanks for replying Kim :) unfortunately I didn’t take pics, but whereas I used to get quite bad breakouts along my jawline and upper neck, these have all but disappeared and the scarring is completely gone too. My pores have reduced and just have a really healthy glow now thanks to YULI . If your skin benefits from sweating (me too!) infra red saunas are the bomb! Lastly, the halycon cleanser is actually the one product i could never be without, sorry forgot to mention it yesterday, it takes off all make up even mascara and Kohl and doesn’t strip the skin at all. I just repurchased three bottles in case. Please try it!

        • Jade

          Takes off mascara??? Tell me more! I have been avoiding my eyes with it since the label says to keep it away from the eyes but if it is nonirritating…:D

  • Serena

    I’ve gone through two bottles of this toner (and really like it) and I have to say, I’m a little puzzled by this review because it’s a bit misleading. I’m not really sure why you would review a product based on something it’s not meant to do. It’s not a treatment product like the Stark one so I’m confused as to why you would compare the two because they’re different types of products. I’ve also tried the Stark tonic and it dried my face out and made it so tight that I stopped using it until I read it was for small areas of your face only and then I went back to occasionally using it on my forehead and nose. Based on my understanding and the product info, Panacea is not that at all. It’s a toner that’s suitable for normal/combination skin not an acne treatment.

    • Hi Serena,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad Panacea is working well for you! I’m sorry you’re puzzled by my review — I know this toner isn’t an “acne treatment” per se, but it is marketed for blemish-prone skin (it’s in the “blemish prone” skin type section) and toward normal, combination, oily and acne-prone skin.

      I just didn’t get much in the texture // decongestion department during my testing period (which, as I said before, was a reallllly tough time for my skin, so I’m not sure if much would have helped at all besides stress reduction!).

      I saw immediate results with Stark as well as with Evan Healy’s Immortelle. I’ve just seen great reviews of Panacea’s ability to help your pores “disappear” or be “tiny” or have “refined pores and complexion” etc. It just didn’t do that for me, so that’s why I’m passing on the product as something specifically for blemish-prone skin.

      As a hydrating toner, it’s just fine. Smells great, feels great, but there are a lot of great toners on the market so this isn’t a repurchase for me.

  • Kristin

    I’ve been using Yuli’s toners and several other of their products for a while now and haven’t experienced any disappointment at all! I myself get the occasional stress-induced breakouts but I’ve never used the panacea with the expectation that it will clear up acne. I know Yuli has other products that are meant to do that, but I definitely use the toner to keep my skin refreshed. I think toners in general are supposed to keep skin feeling fresh, and I really love the smell of Yuli’s, it’s just a little boost of energy for me. I noticed that your other reviews on toners didn’t really focus specifically on acne fighting like this one did, but just said that they help a little, so maybe it’s not high expectations but misplaced expectations?

    • Hi Kristin,

      Agree, Panacea smells great! My expectation that Panacea would be lovely for my blemish-prone skin stemmed from other reviews I’ve read (including testimonials on the Panacea product page) that boasted its pore-refining results and complexion-boosting properties. While I used Panacea during a particularly difficult skin month (skin MONTH! doesn’t that suck?), I really didn’t get those effects that others raved about. Perhaps I will try Panacea during a more typical 4-week cycle with normal stress levels to see if there’s any difference, but I was just disappointed that I bought the “blemish prone” toner recommendation from Yuli with no blemish-helping results.

  • asti

    Hi Kimberly!

    Late to the party, but thank you for your review.. I have been waiting for your thoughts on Yuli! I hope your skin has gotten better by now. I have acne-prone skin too (but dry and sensitive), and the best thing I can give to myself is not to add more stress on the sudden blemishes popping up to myself and to my skin. At least if I cannot sweat like I usually do due to time, I just try to eat more healthily.. fighting it off internally rather than externally. And also masking 2x a week helps and maybe more but only on to targeted area, without over-sensitizing the skin. When my skin breaks out of the sudden, this is also when I really minimize my skincare product, not introducing any new product to my ‘basic’ skincare routine (cleanse, tone, moisturize) as when my skin is in rage, it becomes more irritated too. Usually, my skin re-balances itself within a week or so.

    I understand the reasons you bought this toner for, especially as this is specifically marketed for a blemish-prone skin. Blemish-prone skin gals.. who are desperate *hinting at myself too* would have chosen this one in a heartbeat with such expectations as well so I really appreciate your take on this. I would have thought that by buying this product it would have helped my acne-prone skin too in some way as it’s also called an ‘elixir’ (sounds more astringent than a toner no?) and a ‘cure-all’ due to the key actives.

    As far as toners goes, I think what I can just say is ‘very nice’, I’ve never had a stand-alone result from them honestly apart from hydrating, aromatherapy and uplifting benefit as well as to prep the skin before my facial oil or moisturizer to help it absorb better. Sometimes, I do see more clarity in my skin too but it’s never constant. I wouldn’t depend on a toner alone to refine and clear up the skin. Judging from other reviewers and Yuli’s respond, it seems that you would see an improvement in using this toner with a continuous use for more than a month. My interpretation is that this is solely to amp up your existing skin care routine as it ‘helps’ to balance the skin, and sounds like it should be used with other Yuli products to complement it really well.

    Colloidal Silver is wonderful stuff! I’ve used a toner with that in it before (May Lindstrom made me an ‘acne-prone’ remedy with that stuff in it) and I’ve been consistently using a milky moisturizer that contains it as well! I do see an improvement in my skin, it’s not fast-acting, but I see big result! Super happy! :)

    I would love to try out Yuli Cell-Perfecto PM and ME Skin Fuel for a summer night facial oil.

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