skin and bones | luxurious cleanser

skin and bones luxurious cleanser

While I don’t necessarily do “empties” posts, I shared an Instagram the other day with three products I recently finished using and mini-reviews for each.

Today I’m going into detail on why Skin and Bones Luxurious Cleanser is going to be a repeat purchase for me.

skin and bones luxurious cleanser

{Skin and Bones sent me a sample of its Luxurious Cleanser for review. It’s packaged in a beautiful Miron glass pump jar with a stellar design. It retails for $42 for 6.6 ounces.}

Besides the edgy yet chic packaging, Skin and Bones Luxurious Cleanser appeals to me because it’s a true multipurpose product from a well-edited line of just a handful of products.

It can be used head to toe as a gentle shampoo, a face cleanser and a whole-body wash that envelopes you in a sexy, woodsy yet lightly floral scent that smells wonderful on both men and women.

Though I only used it to cleanse my face a few times (I’m pretty committed to my oil cleansing and cream cleansing), I lavished sudsing up in the shower with this slippery, gentle wash speckled with black organic jojoba beads, which offered a light exfoliation.

Skin and Bones recommends using just one pump to cover your face, neck and body, but being the glutton I am, I’d treat myself to about three pumps to bask in on mornings where I just wanted a little more time to myself, treating my senses to aromatherapy bliss.

I can’t say enough about this scent — it’s calming and soothing yet exciting, like hugging your significant other after being away for a long time. It’s just one of those scents that makes you feel at home.

Here’s what makes up Skin and Bones Luxurious Cleanser:

Saponified organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oil, organic guar extract, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract, eucalyptus essential oil, Skin & Bones Proprietary Blend (Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Lemon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Grapefruit, Cedarwood), organic jojoba beads

Based on the ingredients list, I’m going to guess that my love for Skin and Bones Luxurious Cleanser stems from 1) the use of some of my favorite carrier oils and 2) the use of my favorite essential oils: frankincense, myrrh and jasmine.

Skin and Bones is available online and in select boutiques across the nation. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for Skin and Bones to come to the Kansas City area very soon, which will make restocking this new favorite body wash a cinch!

UPDATED: Skin and Bones will soon be available at Standard Style in Kansas City!

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  • Skin and Bones looks like a great skincare line to explore, and this cleanser must smell absolutely amazing!

    • It’s super chic! Small line with one scent that I just love. I think your man would like it too! :)

  • asti

    I love those essential oils too, this must sell sooo good! Have you tried their oil? Wouldn’t the Jojoba beads bug as a hair cleanser?

    • I have tried the oil and it is da bomb! I will be reviewing it soon. Jojoba is just lovely and though it can seem “boring” compared to all the other exotic oils out there, it is my first love and I will always heart it. As for the jojoba beads, I guess I forget that not everyone has a pixie … they washed out easy for me :) But, I only did the hair thing one to test and really focused on using it as a body wash. It is just divine!

      • asti

        Kim, I just have to run to tell you. I purchased their travel size facial, hair, body oil and DAMN IT, it is SO GOOD!! I wish the brand was more readily available for me too because Urban Outfitters never have a permanent stock :( (shipping is only $5 to Australia). Oh my gosh, seriously this is the best smelling thing ever.

        • RIGHT? I want to swim in this stuff. It’s just perfect. I’m glad you like it!!!!

  • sarita coren

    I’m such a glutton for luxurious packaging and this bottle is total eye-candy! The formula sounds absolutely lush. Me. Want. Now.Your posts damage my wallet big-time!! Can’t get enough of them. Btw, I found an article about the 25 uses for frankincense that blew me away. It’s linked in related articles on my recent blog post. It is really an outstanding ancient oil! xoxo

    • Hehe, I’m seeing a theme here with my readers! I read your post this morning in bed (I get your new post email alerts!) and loooovvved the whole “this is not new” reminder about honey and oils and milk. I am so happy that the mainstream is rediscovering the power of natural beauty! Gosh, frankincense … it is just divine. I will go to the related articles to read more!

  • Jess Afshar

    Dang-it! Erry time I read your reviews I want to try a new product … dang budget

    • Hahaha! I know, I know. Skin and Bones is so up your alley though … packaging is cool and it’s super gentle.

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