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ellovi handmade body butter

My stash of thick foot creams isn’t that big — I have maybe five — but the one I’m smitten with is Ellovi Handmade Body Butter, a luscious shea- and oil-packed delight that makes me swoon at first rub.

ellovi handmade body butter

{Ellovi sent me its Handmade Body Butter for review. It’s a 3.5-ounce glass jar of concentrated loveliness that costs $26.}

Ellovi’s Handmade Body Butter caught my attention with its short list of beneficial ingredients that just happen to be some of my favorite oils: macadamia nut oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil. It smells lightly of macadamia nuts and coconut, which I love.

I’ve described this butter as “the lotion for oil lovers” because of its slippery consistency and the way it instantly melts into your skin. It’s not sticky at all when you scoop it out of the glass jar, and it imparts mega shine and moisture to dry, cracked feet and any other body part you apply it.

I will say that this is a “greasy” formula, but for my feet, I need all the oils and creams I can get. I simply slip on socks to keep the oils on my skin (remember that old trick?) and call it a night.

ellovi handmade body butter review

Ellovi says it uses just six ingredients in Butter, but I’m a bit confused by this; my ingredients list has the following:

Macadamia seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, organic corn starch, shea

It seems my version of Butter may be missing the marula oil listed on the site; regardless, the texture and moisture of Butter is wonderful!

I’ve only used this on my feet. It would probably be lovely straight out of the shower, too, but it may take a bit more massaging in to evenly distribute it because of the thickness shea and corn starch add to the mix.

ellovi body butter review

I’ll stick with my body oils for post-shower, but this could be a great multitasker product for travel if you don’t want to bring a separate body oil or deal with additional liquids.

All in all, Ellovi Handmade Body Butter is on my repurchase list. I couldn’t imagine a foot rub night without it.

What foot creams or treatments do you use? Have you tried Ellovi? Tell me in the comments section!



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  • asti

    Looking at the picture, the consistency reminds me of a melted butter. But I can totally picture how moisturizing this body butter is – ingredients are so nourishing. And the little pot is very travel-friendly!! :)

    I don’t care too much for my feet as I am always seen in either boots or brogues all the time. But I did purchase a foot cream once by Kora Organics, and I think I like one that is easily absorbed. Their one has a refreshing peppermint smell (which I actually don’t like haha) and leaves my dry-ish feet soft, smooth and moisturized.

    • Melted butter indeed. It is so nice for the feet and elbows, even the hands for bedtime.

      I have yet to try Kora Organics … what do you think of it?

  • Anusha Puri

    Am drooling over this gorgeous pot..texture is lovely :).i massage my feet with mustard oil..daily treatment makes my feet so soft :)

    • Mustard oil?! Tell me more about this. I am intrigued!

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