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may lindstrom natural beauty buff kimberlyloc

In the beginning, these “natural beauty buff” features came together purely out of my curiosity over what beauty founders use on a regular basis.

According to your clicks and comments, they’ve been wildly successful, and I hope the founders and I are bringing you interesting new products to consider, true testimonials and pure inspiration to explore the beauty of green skincare and cosmetics.

One thing, though, that has come out of these features — and especially the two-part series that May of May Lindstrom Skin has contributed to — is a sheer awareness for how amazingly supportive the green beauty industry is of all those involved in its continued success.

may lindstrom natural beauty buff kimberlyloc

{This is one of my favorite picture of May and her sweet daughter, Talia. May’s face is so full of joy, and Talia — oh Talia. What a beauty. Photo Courtesy May Lindstrom}

No matter what your role — blogger, editor, founder, makeup artist or whatever — this community of eco-product lovers has been so supportive in people’s search for what’s right for them.

Beyond that, what thrills me is how beauty founders whose collections may traditionally “compete” with each other so lovingly gush over their fellow entrepreneurs’ lines and the little space they are carving out for themselves in this world.

This is what natural beauty is all about — and what better founder to express this than May Lindstrom.

may lindstrom natural beauty buff kimberlyloc

Here’s what’s inside May’s beauty box (aka a beautiful reuse of the May Lindstrom Skin Complete Experience gift box).

As usual, I’ve starred the products I also use and love.

*The Good Stuff

My crazy decadent head-to-toe radiance oil. I drizzle this in the bath, massage it on head-to-toe immediately after a shower, glide its gorgeous gold shimmer over exposed shoulders, decollete and legs on date night and run droplets through my hair for a hypnotic moisture treatment that sends me to bed feeling soft and sultry. It’s the sexiest multi-tasker you’ll ever meet.

*Widu Bamboo Hair Brush

I’m still looking for the perfect brush for my thick, naturally curly and generally wild mane. Widu is the best I’ve found, but isn’t quite my soul mate. Anyone have a favorite you think I’d love?

Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes

I am enamored with the simultaneously sleek and heavy packaging and even more so with the formulations. I layer “Desired Glow” and “Lovely” for a super natural flush that makes me look and feel a little bit giddy.

*RMS Living Luminizer

The absolute best little product for adding glow and light to skin. When you want to look “lit from within” and fake a good night (or life’s!) sleep, this is a must.

*RMS “Un” Cover-Up

A few dabs of this creamy concoction and any redness in my complexion is gone. Evens skin tone beautifully while looking and feeling just like your skin at its best.

*The Youth Dew

My ultimate skin savior. This tiny bottle packs a serious punch, delivering all the hydration your skin needs in just a couple drops while helping to balance your own natural oils, restore health and vibrance and scare off any little lines or wrinkles before they have a chance to appear — oh yes, and it’s amazing for clearing breakouts. I can go on and on; this one will never leave my collection.

*Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm

I have this in “Blushed” and LOVE IT. Such a gorgeous pop of color for lips and cheeks.

*Nourish Organic Deodorant in Almond Vanilla

I like to make my own deodorant, but when I need something quick and easy to toss in my bag that works, this is the best I’ve found. It has a beautiful soft scent and is non-irritating.

*La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde Aromatic Hair Elixir

A few drops of this smoothed through my hair is the perfect aromatic treat. I adore the scent, and co-founder Victoria has become a friend.

*Eco Tools Foundation Brush

Eco Tools makes the best makeup brushes, by far. They also happen to be cruelty free, environmentally friendly and ridiculously inexpensive.

*W3LL People Nudist Colorbalm Stick in Poppy

The love child of a lip stick and a lip balm, I keep this in my pocket for pretty on-the-go color.

*ILIA Lipstick Crayon in Karma Chameleon

I just picked this up and am loving it. It’s beautiful coral — bright, happy and super flattering. The crayon twists up to reveal more product, so you don’t have to bother with a sharpener. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

These commissions help pay for hosting fees, site upgrades and blogging tools. In 2016, earned $2,874 in affiliate payments and spent $3,211 on website maintenance. Thank you for your support!

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  • Julchen

    I love this mini series with May Lindstrom, thanks so much for running it.
    I would love to know what May puts into her deodorant and if she can recommend a good, clean mascara.

    Greetings from Germany.

    • Thank you for commenting and reading my blog all the way from Germany! I am so humbled and appreciative of the support. I know that May does custom products for people, and I bet she could make a beautiful deodorant for you! I’ll be sure she sees your comment and can hopefully respond soon. I’ve heard great things about the Kjaer Weis mascara, but have not yet tried it myself. My mascara choices are “kind of clean” in that I like Tarte Lights Camera Lashes and bareMinerals; I’m still searching for a perfect one! Speaking of perfect, there is also a mascara brand called Perfekt that is pretty good and pretty clean. Good luck! xoxo

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  • Anusha Puri

    first of all let me tell you i thoroughly enjoyed reading this series.. enjoying reading it again and again.I am drooling over this beauty box .may is as usual looking stunning and her daughter is adorable.have you reviewed Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm yet?does it give rosy cheeks effect?thanks again for writing such beautiful posts

    • You are so welcome! I love the Revolution Organics Freedom Glow. I have it in the bronzed color. You should try it!

  • asti

    Love love this, Kimberly! I can’t stop gushing over this post, May and Talia also look incredibly sweet as always. I adore her product choices :) makes me want to get more cream blushes from Kjaer Weis!

    • You are welcome, Asti! I need to get some Kjaer Weis into my life, too :)

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  • etoilee

    i just came across your blog and i feel like i found one of the most helpful blogs in my transition to seeking more natural products. i’m no chemist, but i did study a bit of pharma/biochem in undergrad and when i started reading the ingredient lists on products i’m using, the product and the price just didn’t make sense to me. i’ve been hearing a lot about rms products and i must try a few! i’m always struggling with a whitehead or a zit or two, and i’d like to be able to take care of my own skin without going to the dermatologist! i can’t do benzoyl peroxide for acne because i’m very allergic to it, so i would love to see a spot treatment for pimples (i guess with some sort of tea tree blend?)! with so many products out there luring, the fact honest companies (such as her’s!) with honest quality ingredients really makes me feel good =)

    • That is a very wonderful compliment. Thank you so much! I hope your transition to naturals is a beautiful one. There are a lot of great green products on the market now, and I hope my reviews help you figure out the brands and products that are the best for you. Please keep me updated and let me now what questions you may have!

      Also, for a spot treatment for pimples, I recommend Osmia Organics. I have a review of the spot treatment on my blog! You can search for it or search for Osmia Organics!

  • Nicole

    May & her baby are so beautiful, absolutely gorgeous picture of the two. Thank you both for, yet, another amazing giveaway!

    My biggest skin care issues are sensitivity, dehydration, hormonal acne, and acne scars. I’ve battled acne for many years as a youngin. When I went on the pill (in my late teens), my skin was flawless. As soon as I got off (mid 20s), my skin exploded (face, shoulders, chest & back). What irks me is that tea tree is a common ingredient in natural “acne” products, yet I can’t use it, therefore I avoid it. Enter rant – Dear natural skin care companies, there are other alternatives! Take tamanu, for example (also in Youth Dew), works at battling acne while still being gentle enough for use on sensitive skin types – end rant.

    There is one particular skin care company that really stands out to me, in terms of admiration, Pretty Natural Skin. Their packaging is gorgeous, the simplicity of their ingredients and wide product range make it easy to find suitable items for (my) specific skin type(s) and issues, they’re affordable, products are hand crafted in small batches for purity and freshness, AND they’re Canadian (proud Canadian right here). I just adore their story and everything that they and their products stand for.

    Good luck all!

  • Rouxfolle

    My biggest skincare issue…probably redness in certain areas…around my nose and chin…it’s such a pain to have to cover it when I would just like a nice even skin tone!

    • I feel ya! I have redness around my nose and chin too … capillary issues. Vitamin C treatments at night should help this (and May’s face oil is loaded with some good citrus oils for bedtime treatment!)

  • Gina S

    May is so beautiful, inside and out! You can really tell by the way she creates and nurtures her brand <3 Hi May if you're reading this! x) My biggest skincare issue would definitely be acne and seborrheic dermatitis. Not a fun combination! haha. I've been insecure about it since my early teens; I had no idea how much your skin could affect your confidence. My seborrheic dermatitis pretty much makes me look like I have a really bad sunburn-all of the time. I'm still struggling with both of those issues, but since I've stumbled upon the natural/green community, my skin has gotten a lot better. I'm now slowly switching out all my old drugstore products and eating whole foods as well. I would love to try these products!

  • Mirielle

    May and Kimberly, thanks for doing another giveaway! I’m a new reader and new to the green beauty world, and I’m really excited to learn more about how to improve my health and environment with green beauty through both of you!

    My biggest skincare issue is hormonal acne. I only just exercised the importance of diet and hydration to maintaining good skin, and so I’m made sure to drink plenty of water, eat good colorful foods found in nature, and fish oil supplements. The good you put in is what you get out, right? So far it’s working! The main ingredients I always avoid are mineral oil and SLS. Both make me break out terribly and just seem so unnecessary to beauty products. But I also am particular about sunscreens with good ingredients because I know that mainstream sunscreens are mucking up our coral reefs!

    Other skincare companies I admire are Pai and YULI. Pai is great because it keeps to strict certifications like the UK Soil Association. I also admire that founder Sarah Brown created the line out of personal experience of a bad skin allergy, and realized that many others would benefit from her line too. I admire YULI because I just think its whole premise is so nifty and smart. It’s a natural brand and yet very high-tech and well-developed. That line just seems to have something for everyone, women and men. (Well they ARE missing a cleanser for now, but allegedly that’s coming out…)

    Personally, what I think is missing from the green beauty market is more voices from people of color and people of every socioeconomic status. (Actually I think this about environmentalism as a whole, and also about the mainstream beauty industry.) This presents itself in how it’s harder for some to find their concealer shades, or the availability of products due to price or shipping. There are definitely some women of color present now (like Kimberly has Asian heritage, YULI founder Yun, Spirit from spiritbeautylounge, and plenty more), and I hope to see more soon! Thanks for listening to me rant!

  • Anusha Puri

    I Am over the top..So grateful for this opportunity.I loved the way you said ‘ May is taking your insights to heart as she thinks about the next goodies to create for you in her studio?”

    I totally agree with you.May Lindstrom SKIN is something you get emotionally attached to.I feel there is little glimmer of hope opened up for me when i first learned about her line.She stands behind her products and care about each customer.

    i have always wanted something to treat my combination DULL SKIN with phases of breakouts and acne marks (my biggest skin issues ).I have used very expensive products but they didn’t work for me And the more i was looking for the miracle product,the more i was surprised by the toxicity of the ingredients they claimed miraculous.In the end i was left only with a collection of pretty jars

    Now coming on to the ingredients,first of all i hate it when the ingredients list are not user friendly.I avoid a lot of bad stuff. Sometimes I am angry looking at ingredient lists from high end brands that contain mineral oil/petrolatum! A $100 cream! Cheap petrochemical humectant in expensive creams.I don’t see the use of parabens,silicones.They leave skin dry and suffocated and don’t penetrate the deepest layer.. while some brands it smelt like a you were slathering on a perfume bottle of Chanel or D&G!i avoid those usually I wish they could totally cut that out!What I don’t get is how the FDA is actually allowing these stuff into our products. For example, Red 40 has been officially known to be carcinogenic, but still is used in candy. I just don’t get it! Highly unethical!!!

    what is missing from the green beauty market is so many companies blatantly lie about being “natural”that you basically have to police eveything you put on your skin..lot of natural products have caused irritation to my skin and it’s disheartening to discover the other side of the green beauty industry.A lot of taboos and lot of hidden toxic ingredients are not listed
    bUT we are lucky to have brands like MAY LINDSTROM,LA BELLA FIGURA,TATA HARPER who fill each jar with Holistic freshness,pleasure and innovation.
    I want to thank and wish all these green beauties a life filled with the same joy they bring to others

    • You are so very sweet, Anusha! I love your comments and thank you so much for visiting my blog and interacting with me online. I truly appreciate it!

      I’m not sure if a miracle product exists, but I do believe that there are products out there that can really make us feel comfortable and beautiful in our own skin. May Lindstrom Skin definitely has products that make ME feel that way! I hope you can soon enjoy her products, too … and refill the pretty jars!

      You are so correct on the $$$$ jars filled with cheap, ugly ingredients. Mineral oil and petroleum-derived ingredients do nothing for our skin or for our environment. You’re left feeling no better and a little bit poorer money-wise!

      Lovely to know you are a La Bella Figura and Tata Harper fan, too. These women are leading the way!

  • PG

    I have been using the Clean Dirt and Problem Solver for a while now, and its the best thing for clearing up my skin. I have sensitive skin thats also try and prone to congestion, and I have pigmentation from old acne scars, so I have a lot of issues!! :) I started using natural/organic skincare about 2 years ago, and have progressively moved to remove most of the nasty chemicals from my home – makeup, skincare and even home cleaning stuff (I use mostly seventh generation). I avoid all parabens, phthalates, japanese honeysuckle extract, sulphates and propylene glycol and phenoxyethanol. For makeup I love RMS (uncover up, lip2cheek and lip shine), physicians formula organic mascara, kjaer weis blushes and eyeshadows, alima foundation and for suncare, Kimberly Sayer moisturising lotion with spf 30. I also love Pai’s rosehip oil and moisturisers. I find it hard to find a good organic/natural concealer – whilst I love uncover from RMS, I really do need more coverage sometimes. I also find it hard to natural and organic brands that fade my pigmentation – most brands have a lot of chemical lightning ingredients which I try to stay away from. Hope this helps someone :)

  • Lorie Waters

    Oh boy, where to start? First of all, thank you Kimberly and May for this amazing giveaway–and I just love that you are taking the time to read every comment one by one. Much more personal!!

    I am in my early 20s, and luckily have never had any major skincare issues–save the occasional acne throughout my teen years and college. I got by on whatever beauty and skincare products I could find at Target–essentially what was reasonably priced, worked well, and maybe even proclaimed itself as a “Natural” product.

    When I graduated from college, my husband and I moved and he began work part-time at Whole Foods. I think this is where my skincare journey really began. I am passionate about eating whole, unprocessed, truly natural foods–so Whole Foods became pretty much my favorite place ever! But after a few months of weekly shopping trips for groceries, I finally ventured into the beauty and toiletries section. I think I hesitated at first largely because of the price tag for some many of these quality, unprocessed, chemical-free products. I just couldn’t imagine paying $10 for a small bottle of shampoo! But over time, I’ve found so many products that I absolutely love–and have learned that quality can totally trump price on these products (though thank goodness for my husband’s employee discount at Whole Foods :) ).

    When I first starting looking for new shampoos and face washes and moisturizers, I didn’t really know what I should be looking for (and honestly, I’m still figuring it out as I go!). But with much help from some Whole Foods employees–and blogs such as yours, Kimberly!!–I’m learning what products I do and don’t want to put on my body.

    Currently, I love the Acure products–I use their facewash everyday, and I absolutely love Andalou Naturals’ moisturizer. I also love Hugo Naturals shampoos and conditioners—a little goes a long way with these guys. As for makeup, I’ve been using Everyday Minerals powders for over a year and really like them. And after a lot of searching, I just purchased the Jing Ai concealer (upon your recommendation from a couple years ago, Kimberly!)–and I absolutely love the coverage, and moisture-rich feel, especially around my eyes. On my current “wish
    list”: the RMS Living Luminizer. I keep hearing good things about it!

    Overall, I’m still experimenting–I’ve found products that I know I will use for years to come, but I love that there is so much left for me to explore. Most importantly, I know that I want to use
    products that are good for my skin, my body, and good for the environment. I’ve found this especially important now that my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I want to ensure that my baby grows up in a natural and chemical-free environment!

    Always look forward to your new posts, Kimberly! And May–thank you for sharing your passions with us (and oh my goodness, Talia…She is just stunning!). Thanks, Ladies!

  • SJ

    I would have to say that my biggest skincare issues is that I have super-sensitive, dry, and yet prone to acne and congestion skin. My skin tends to turn red and sensitive really easily to various products, even natural ones. I also have dry and yet prone to acne skin. So, it is always a struggle to find good skincare products for me. Not many products out there address acne, but is also super gentle and nourishing to my dry and sensitive skin.
    I try to always avoid ingredients that I cannot pronounce or understand what it is. I would like to use natural products on my face, and if I can’t pronounce or understand what an ingredient is, it makes me a little wary to use it on my sensitive skin.
    I also admire Pai Skincare. I love that the products are formulated for sensitive skin, and like Sarah’s personal story of her own struggles with sensitive skin.

  • annesheridan

    this is a beautiful community. may, your twitter account led me to this blog and i am so grateful to find a source for such clear, informative writing on natural health and beauty care. i have been suffering from chronic candidiasis (due to recommendation and overuse of antibiotics in my teens), and natural skin care is necessary for healing my skin. one of the many side effects is eczema and the drying of the most sensitive skin on our bodies – for me this is around the eyes and mouth. another side effect includes severe sensitivity to ingredients found in most beauty products (a blessing, really). i have been searching for a natural serum to relieve my skin and the oils in your youth dew sound like the perfect combination of powerful + healing. i am so happy to see your products are available at spirit beauty lounge. thank you for creating this beautiful line, may!

    caring for my body has always included a clean diet, but sometimes what we put onto our bodies is easily overlooked in comparison to what we put into our bodies. kimberly you have created an environment that makes it easy for me to remember why i’m striving for the natural lifestyle you embody – thank you!

    • Hi Anne! Great news … you are a winner of the giveaway! May chose 5 commenters to win, and you’re one of them. Hooray!

      You’re getting “The Youth Dew,” “The Blue Cocoon” and a sample of “The Good Stuff.”

      Please email kim at kimberlyloc dot com to claim your goodies!

  • lynn

    How wonderful that you are doing another giveaway–thanks for the opportunity! My biggest skincare issue is sun damage and dealing with stubborn dark pigmentation. I wear sunscreen all the time, but I’m beginning to think it’s either a hormonal or side-effect to some of my meds, as it feels like an on-going battle. It’s probably the one thing about how I look that bothers me….however if I notice sun damage on someone else, I think it makes them unique, and don’t judge them for it at all. Note to self!
    I try to avoid any ingredients that get a 3 or above on the EWG website. At this point, I’ve done a lot of reading and research, so I owe it to myself to use my knowledge productively.

    I love trying new products and brands, I like Jane Iredale for make-up, and Osmia and Yuli for skincare. Iredale could clean it up a bit more, but the other two brands are really devoted to clean beauty, and I’ve received great customer service.
    I don’t think the green beauty market is really missing anything, I think it’s grown in the last couple of years and hope it will continue to do so. One thing that can be difficult is having to order online from smaller companies, which entails not being able to see or test products beforehand, and paying for shipping.
    Thanks again ladies! And Kimberly, I really enjoy reading your blog:)

  • Sabrina Zimmerman

    May has the kind of beautiful, radiant skin that I have longed for my entire life. I have had acne since I was 9 years old, and at 42, I am still in a constant battle with it. I was unfortunately left with scars (the indented kind, not red marks, though I have had those too) that have pretty much destroyed my self esteem during much of my life. After finding no relief from conventional medicines or make-ups (including surgery), I changed both my diet and skin care routine, switching to a mostly raw, vegetarian diet and using nothing but organic products on my skin. And while my skin has healed greatly, I am still searching for the “holy grail” of skincare. From what I see in the ingredients and have read from other people, May’s products could be just that! I have a very long list of ingredients that I avoid, but I would say phenoxyethanol is a big one as it is used in a lot of natural & even some organic products. This preservative disables the immune system’s primary defense system & is also a carcinogen & skin irritant.

    I have way too many favorite green companies, but a few are Eminence Organics, Sequoia Beauty, Elaa Raw Organic Skincare, Living Libations for starters. :-)

    I would like to see more natural skincare companies use other ingredients in acne serums besides tea tree oil or lavender (not that there is anything wrong with them), but there are a dozen more ingredients out there – such as neem, clove oil, geranium, tamanu, clary sage to name a few.

    • Phenoxyethanol is one of those ingredients that is popping up everywhere now. I admit that I do have a lot of “natural” products that do contain this ingredient, and I’ve let it slide a bit dependent on how high up it is on the ingredients list. That said, I’ve been streamlining my products a lot (coconut oil = the ultimate multitasker) and have been able to re-examine these products I have with phenoxyethanol in it. May be time for another product purge!

      Thank you for the brand insights. I have not yet tried Sequoia, Elaa or Living Libations.

      Tea tree and lavender are the oldies but goodies! I agree, though, that we don’t need to be boxed into those (and sometimes your skin can become “used to” them and not respond as well. Tamanu and neem are favorites of mine, as well, though the smell isn’t always the most pleasant :) That’s where a drop of lavender definitely won’t hurt!!!

    • Congrats, Sabrina! You’re 1 of 5 winners of the giveaway! Woohoo!

      You’re getting May Lindstrom SKIN “The Problem Solver,”, “The Youth Dew,” a MLS brush and a sample of “The Good Stuff.”

      Please email kim at kimberlyloc dot com to claim your prize!

  • Machiko Yasuda

    I spend my weekends outside all day — I need to protect my skin and nourish it afterwards. I got into natural care when I started looking for really good sunscreens. I like May Lindstrom’s line because she emphasizes self care, and self care is so important.

    • What are your favorite sunscreens?

      • Machiko Yasuda

        Right now I’m on my third bottle of 100% Pure’s Argan sunscreen. I have a Jane Iredale powder foundation with SPF too. I also use Badger Balm for when I’m exercising. I am always trying out new sunscreens though!

  • Dolly

    Love the fact that more bloggers now do giveaways of organic products and so are helping spread the word about great organic skincare lines and companies that truly deserve recognition.

    I gotta be honest, I haven’t heard of May Lindstrom Skin before the giveaways and I wasn’t interested enough about the line for me to actually check out her products. At least, not until I saw the picture above. It’s an “I’ll have what she’s having” moment! One of the comments has already echoed this sentiment and I agree that organic products need effective advertising and to me, nothing says effective and genuine more than seeing the creator herself exude the brand’s essence. Another example of this is Laurel Shaffer of Sequoia Beauty. I cannot praise her anti-inflammatory serum enough and I know a lot of people who have tried it would agree. I also love what Craig and Julia Noik are doing in South Africa with African Botanics. Their Marula intensive balm is heaven sent. Other brands that I’m currently using with success are Kjaer Weiss (love the packaging and refills, hate the price), Dr. Hauschka, RMS Beauty, and 100% Pure.

    Thank you Kimberly and May for this opportunity and for inspiring more people to have a better outlook on beauty and skincare.

    • You are so welcome! I am glad you have gotten a glimpse into May Lindstrom Skin — its is a lovely, well-edited brand that deserves attention. I have not yet experienced Sequoia Beauty; thanks for the reminder! I do love African Botanics (their marula body oil is to die for) and of course Dr. Hauschka’s lip balm is a favorite. RMS has stolen my heart with its gentle, light un cover-up, and 100% Pure lip colors smell AMAZING! I am still waiting to experience Kjaer Weis — will likely spring for a mascara!

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you in the comments section more!

  • Amelia

    My biggest skin care issue is uneven skintone & redness. My skin isn’t reactive so I just try to avoid SLS & parabens. I recently switched over to natural products so I’m keeping it fairly low-end with Acure Organics & various oils (argan, rosehip, etc).
    The natural beauty aisle is missing options in the hair care section. Things like volumizers, finishing creams, etc.

    • Acure Organics is lovely. I like their shampoo and conditioner. Pure oils are always a safe bet … figure out which oils you love most before you venture out into the fancy blends! I am a huge fan of jojoba, coconut, argan, rosehip, tamanu and evening primrose oils.

      You are absolutely right about natural haircare. As far as shampoos/conditioners/treatments go, we are good, but styling products can use a little more innovation. I have a short pixie cut and it’s been hard to find good, clean pomades and waxes that can hold the styles I am trying to create!

  • Bettina

    I’m so glad to see that there’s another giveaway, thank you so much! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…:-)

    My biggest skincare issue is definitely hormonal acne, which has gotten worse since I got off contraceptives. I’m still trying to reign it in, and it makes me feel very self-conscious at times.

    What I avoid at all costs are mineral oil (which my skin reacted to so, so badly, I got tons of white bumps under my skin), SLS, and parabens (becasue their link to cancer just plain scares me). But I am only just learning about all the potentially harmful ingredients, so I’m definitely more on the cautious side in general these days (the fewer ingredients, the better).

    I admite S.W. Basics of Brooklyn – they might only have a small line, but I love their philosophy. RMS is one of my favorites, too – they make wonderful natural makeup, which gave me hope when I switched over to natural beauty.;-) And I am so intrigued to try Yuli after reading an interview with its founder!

    I feel like the green beauty market has come such a long way and really has great products for almost any issue available already. However, I do miss the availability of all these great products on the international market. I live in Switzerland, and often, it is very hard to get my hands on these wonderful skincare and beauty lines I keep reading about. Even if there is a site that ships internationally, shipping costs are usually insanely high – and that is not including customs charges! But I believe that as awareness incerases, so will the availability of great products all over the world.

    • Hormonal acne is the worst! I’m almost 28 and still deal with this. It’s all about narrowing down what triggers it (time of the month, stress, travel) that gets those hormones going out of control. I also make sure to keep my tried and true products on hand and try to take those “chill pills” to get myself back to the ground and not running on overdrive.

      Mineral oil is just one of those things that is SO EASY to get rid of. Use plant oils! I really hate seeing this ingredient in mainstream products that charge $$$$ — such a cheap ingredient that does nothing for your skin.

      I love Adina and S.W. Basics. She is so very down to earth and sweet. Have you read my natural beauty buff feature with her?

      Thanks for reading my blog all the way from Switzerland! I hope to see you more in the comments section :) xx

  • Kaylin

    My biggest skin concern is acne. Prior to switching to natural beauty products, I would use products that contained salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. I avoid these ingredients now, even naturally occurring forms of salicylic acid. I read that acne prone skin IS sensitive skin. This just clicked with me. Treating my skin harshly hadn’t solved my acne problems. It was time to try something different. Switching to clean beauty products has done wonders for my skin, particularly moisturizing with oil. I still break out from time to time, but the inflammation, redness, and healing time have improved leaps and bounds.

    What I really think the green beauty industry needs is more engaged business owners like May. While researching Clean Dirt reviews to see if the product was something that would work for my skin, May kept popping up in the comment section of blogs (both well known and obscure), answering questions about her products and offering advice- even answering questions about pricing. I was floored. Here is a women who is truly invested in her product AND her clientele. I admire several other clean beauty brands for the same reason, including Evan Healy and Stark Skincare. I really hope that May maintains this level of devotion to her clientele as her business grows.

    • I used to do the SAME THING with benzoyl peroxide. It is way too harsh on your skin. I prefer using jojoba oil, coconut oil and different essential oils to treat my breakouts. You live and you learn, right? I also still break out from time to time (especially during travel — my skin is a mess right now … been in Vegas since Sunday …) and always have these skin care essentials on hand (Zum Rub!). We’ve got to keep the conversation going about how natural plant oils can really help troubled skin. No secret-keeping around here! :)

      You are so right about the engagement aspect with beauty founders. May has been so amazing at really listening to her customers and potential customers, and I know that she loves checking in on the comments sections and review sections of places like Spirit Beauty Lounge to make sure she can address everyone’s questions and concerns. Not a lot of brands can brag on that!

      • Kaylin

        I’ve been traveling a lot as well and my poor skin is so confused by the humid to dry changes! I tried several different carrier oils on my face before discovering that my skin absolutely loved coconut oil. I had been hesitant to try it since I’ve read mixed reviews. Now I’m trying to convert all my friends! I have to pick up some of the Zum Rub to try on flare ups. Yay for a Missouri-based natural beauty brand!

        • Hey Kaylin…surprise! You are winner #4 of the May Lindstrom Skin giveaway. Congrats! Please email me your contact info (kim at kimberlyloc dot com). Hooray!

          You’re getting “The Problem Solver,” “The Blue Cocoon,” a MLS brush, and a sample of “The Good Stuff.”

  • Ashley

    I recently came across May Lindstrom’s beautiful skincare
    line and was immediately drawn to her emphasis on ritual. Although I am yet to
    try her products, I truly appreciate the emphasis placed on not only clean,
    natural ingredients but also products that make you feel beautiful and
    contribute to a sense of self-care. Self-care is so important, and it only
    seems right that when we choose to care for ourselves with pure, earth-based
    ingredients, we also take the time to nurture our souls.

    My favourite all-round natural skincare company is
    definitely Dr. Hauschka. I find their products very effective for dry,
    sensitive skin. I once watched a fascinating video on the homeopathic
    principles they use in making their products. They also grow many of the herbs
    and plants themselves. However, their packaging has never appealed to my
    senses, as it is somewhat clinical and out of date in appearance.

    Above all, I appreciate simple, top-quality nourishing
    ingredients and products that can multi-task. I like how May’s cleanser and
    mask can be customized by what you add to them, i.e., honey for purification,
    almond milk for a more calming effect, or yogourt for a cooling sensation. This
    sort of personal customization is truly what I believe the green beauty market
    needs! Fingers crossed I am able to try her line in the near future. <3

    • You are spot on when it comes to May’s line and aspect of ritual! I really love winding down with “The Problem Solver” or slathering “The Good Stuff” all over my body after a long soak. We are always so rushed — slam down a coffee, scarf down food, take a 5-minute shower — that when we finally do slow down and enjoy these everyday experiences, we truly do give back to ourselves.

  • Kristina

    I am fairly new to this community, but boy have I been enjoying it so far! First of all, I feel that it is much more genuine, both on the part of business owners and bloggers. I am very much a beauty junkie, just have a fascination for that kind of stuff, but I began to feel very limited by what was offered on the mainstream market. It just made me frustrated to see brands that would deem their products “pure” and “whole”, when in fact they were processed or deodorized (talking about oils here, of course!). It made me feel as though these companies greatly undermine their customers’ capacity to see things for what they really are. The green beauty community seems very different though. There is this wealth of knowledge and communication, and overall kindness that just makes me…happy. I have gained so much knowledge from this community, and inspiration as well! I also love supporting companies who are more tight-knit, transparent, and incredibly passionate. I am just very glad to have found this little nook on the internet. I can only hope that brands such as May’s become more mainstream. :) May if you’re reading this, just wanted to express to you how much I love the clean dirt. I’ve ordered a sample off of SBL and it is brilliant! Also, no one ever said it would smell this good :D

    Take care everyone, and thank you for the giveaway,


    • Welcome to the green beauty community, Kristina! I am thrilled that you are switching over to naturals and have found that the beauty founders and leaders here are so accessible. I appreciate your support and I hope that you enjoy tinkering with all the clean goodies these women create. Pardon my blog’s emptiness over the past few days — I’ve been traveling and haven’t been able to update! Good luck on the giveaway :) xo

  • Ros

    Thanks so much Kimberly and May for the chance to enter for such a lovely gift, and for taking the time to read these messages. I am in my late twenties and my biggest skincare concern is always having a few blemishes and clogged pores, which lead to dark spots and scars that last for months (also due to my olive skin and ethnic heritage). I think the roots of my problem are likely hormonal, as I also have thinning hair. My switch to clean products actually came after I became tired of trying whatever products I could to “regrow” my hair and “cure” my problem skin in my late teens/early twenties (before then I had a thick head of wavy, long hair and relatively problem-free skin). In addition to trying various conventional brands I had also been prescribed hair growth drugs and acne medications by not overly concerned doctors, and so decided a few years ago to just try to make myself as healthy as I can, as wholistically as I possibly can, by eating well and applying and consuming as few chemicals as I can.

    I still struggle with both issues, and so still am on a quest of sorts to find the clean products that suit my skin, hair, and body best. Though I know I would probably look and feel much more presentable if I “added” to my hair and wore makeup, I keep it as simple as possible by forgoing makeup (I don’t even own any now), and keeping my hair short. Because I don’t actually really enjoy the whole beauty/skin care routine thing (the mirror is a constant reminder that I have a blemish, or bald patches), I really do appreciate when brands can offer products that make me at least feel like I am doing something good for my skin, like feeding it good oils or really keeping it clean and healthy. Rather than avoiding a single ingredient, I try to avoid products that have too many ingredients. I find that so many “clean brands” have ingredient lists as long as the conventional brands and often employ cetyl-whatchamacallits and the like. It also really means a lot to me when products are pleasurable to use–that is probably why I am entering this contest: I was lucky enough to splurge a bit of savings on a bottle of May’s Youth Dew, and the smell and application are so heavenly that I am able to put aside a little of my aforementioned dread of the mirror at night, and enjoy the experience of taking care of my skin a little as May suggests; the ingredient list of the Dew also makes me feel that though I have far from perfect skin and hair, I am at least doing something a little nourishing and that makes me feel better, so May’s philosophy means a lot to me to, however silly it may be (I realize I am also being a bit more than self-pitying at the moment!). I also like Evan Healy a lot; while I don’t use all of her products, I do religiously use her hydrosols and her rosehip serums for the day, for the brevity and purity of the ingredients, and as well for some of her philosophy–she does not really promise anti-aging or skin-clearing, but instead emphasizes the fact that skin does change and keeping it clean and healthy helps in the long run, and that taking care of it is a continual process, which also makes me feel better when I think of my own issues.

    I think, and this is very biased based on my own unrequited searches for specific products, that there is a dearth of really good daily cleanser choices for those with problem skin in the clean beauty world–there are obviously thousands to choose from, but I think it is always just assumed that a foaming cleanser is the way to go, and I don’t like these nor do I like the long ingredient lists I often encounter for cleansers. The best cleanser I ever used was a Mario Badescu cleansing gel, which I obviously had to give up, though it had few ingredients (primarily glycerin), and cleaned so well without at all drying. I have yet to find a clean replacement for it, and am just using plain manuka, though I don’t think it is cleaning as well for me. I also wish there were more clean options for daily facial sun protection. I sometimes feel like I undo all the work of my products (like my rosehip serum and the Youth Dew) when I am forced to be in the sun for a bit, and notice my skin has reddened which can lead to a blemish, or worse, that a scar from a blemish has darkened. I use raspberry seed oil in the day now, though I can’t be sure that my oil actually does have the SPF protection this oil is reputed to have.

    Anyhow, sorry to be so wordy! Thanks so much for your time; whatever the outcome, Kimberly, I look forward to continually reading your site and much-valued reviews, and May I am sure I will find some way to put aside for a second bottle of the Youth Dew, and am really grateful for your suggestion of taking a little extra luxurious care of myself even when I so often feel a mess. Thanks again to you both!

    • Congrats, Ros! You are winner #3 of 5 of the giveaway. You get “The Honey Mud,” a sample of “The Blue Cocoon,” and a sample of “The Good Stuff.” Please email me (kim at kimberlyloc dot com) to claim your prize!!!

      • Ros

        Hi Kim,

        Thank you so much! I had no idea you and May would be choosing more than one winner, and so have only just seen this and gotten your email! I’m blown away by your and May’s generosity. Thanks, also, for letting me vent a little about my skin and hair issues! I usually try to keep them in the back of my mind, but reading the other comments makes me realize that there are other thoughtful and intelligent women (and men) who have other skincare issues to deal with, and that having a self-care ritual need not be vain or superficial. Thanks so much, again. I have been, and look forward to continuing to be a faithful reader!

  • Phuong Nguyen

    Hi May and Kimberly. I first heard about May and her products from Epic Beauty Guide and found my way here because I follow May on Twitter :) I am always in awe when I see images of May because of her striking beauty and how taking care of herself inside and out really makes a positive difference!

    My biggest skincare woes is dryness and prone to acne. These two are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to commercial skincare, making my life quite difficult to cater to these issues. I can never get that clear, radiant skin.

    I have recently learnt my lesson with alcohol as an ingredient. This was in witch hazel that I attempted to treat my acne with. At first it seemed to be effective. With continued use, it dried my already dry skin. After stopping, my skin has had the worse breakout I have ever had in my life. My chin and left cheek were covered in unsightly cystic pimples. My chin was so bad that it just merged into one massive cystic lump. My cheek has never been that red, inflamed with spots before. My husband managed to extract them and while he did so, I cried. From the pain and moreso because of frustration that I had no control of how my skin behaved. The flareup has now subsided but I now have to deal with the scarring.

    I am living in Japan now and i tried to pick up some random skincare products from the chemist/drugstore a few months back. I usually avoid generic products like the plague, but moving to a different country left me with little funds. I have been using natural products for a while now, so going back to chemical-laden generic products weren’t agreeing with me. The artificial scents and the lack of true plant oils made my skin so dry, irritated and breakout as well. Another ingredient I wish to avoid but cannot is aluminium in deodorant for its link to cancer, so I avoid it on my days off. That Nourish Organic one seems great, might have to check it out.

    I really admire entrepreneurial natural skincare companies because the quality is higher and there is genuine care about customers. The formulations are seriously top-notch and I trust them more than the big name companies in safety, quality and efficacy. It is indeed an investment though, so only when I have saved up enough can I treat myself to these small luxuries. I have used Sprout in the past with a lot of success. I have always wanted to try Belmondo, especially The Cloud moisturiser. Moogoo is an Australian brand that is so gentle and lovely too, I love their acne cleansing cream. I love Chagrin Valley soaps, they are so decadent. I agree that RMS Uncover up and Living Luminizer are really amazing and took me a full year to finish with daily usage. I should get me some more.

    The green beauty market is growing and I am thankful for that. My only qualm is availability and the main way to get access of these lovely products are online. Part of selecting is to be able to smell, touch and try the products, so trusting that you like the products by just an image and description can be a little difficult. I am lucky to have access to some great brands available in Japan at least.

    That was way more than I expected to write. I wish you all the best and I am glad I was able to discover this blog!

    • Hi Phuong,

      Thanks for your comment! As you know, I too suffer from cystic acne outbreaks, but as you also noticed, I have found that Zum Rub in Frankincense & Myrrh is a miracle product for calming these breakouts! I truly hope that it works for you, too.

      It is interesting that you are acne-prone yet also dry. I’m an oily mess! However, my body can get very dry so I am diligent about moisturizing (with oils and thick creams!) my body and especially my hands, feet and elbows.

      I love witch hazel but hate that a lot of witch hazel products contain alcohol. However, I have found some brands (Thayers) that make alcohol-free witch hazels. I have a cucumber one that I like!

      Natural deodorant that is non-irritating can be hard to find. I, too, use the Nourish Organic and really love it. I will post a review on it soon!

      I am excited to research some of the products you mentioned. I love discovering new brands!

      Thank you for commenting and reading my blog. I hope I offer you lots of great natural beauty content to keep you sticking around! :)


      • Phuong Nguyen

        Hi Kimberly,

        No, thank you! I feel like I keep a lot of these problems inside so it was a nice release to know there are others out there too with the same issues (and interests!)

        Thank you for recommending the Thayer’s Cucumber toner. It will definitely be on my next order list! I am very excited to try out the Zum Rub. I have not found a moisturiser that I truly love (that is that amazingly affordable!), I really hope I love it as much as you do.

        I look forward to your review of the Nourish Organic deodorant! Really loving your blog! I will definitely be sticking around :)

    • Hey Phuong … congrats! You are 1 of 5 winners of the giveaway. Can you please email me with your contact info? kim at kimberlyloc dot com

  • Brooke

    What are your biggest skincare issues?

    – My skin has become VERY dry over the past few years. As a redhead, I’m also very worried about hyperpigmentation and preventing future damage.

    What ingredients, synthetic or natural, do you avoid no matter what and why?
    – I always avoid soy, as I’m allergic. It’s frustrating, since many natural and unnatural products contain soy.

    What other skincare companies do you admire and why?
    – Osmia Organics, Acure, Pai, Chagrin Valley Soap.

    What do you feel is missing from the green beauty market right now?
    – A cleansing balm without soy!

  • CayMcCoy

    The biggest issue I have with skincare is how dry my skin can get (long time sufferer of excema) but also how sensitive it is to ingredients resulting in rashes with too little moisture, or acne from too much oil. Because of these infuriating symptoms, I try to always stay clear of fragrance (even natural..) since it seems to irritate my skin and strong scents can also trigger my allergies/sinuses so I just turn into one big hot mess! As I try to build up my natural beauty regimen, I found that natural (good, long lasting) hair products are really hard to find, especially without fragrance. I’ve been able to try out a few decent face washes, lotions, etc. but have yet to find any hair products outside of John Master’s sea spray that won’t turn my scalp into an itchy, dandruff breakout.

  • Briana

    What are your biggest skincare issues?
    My biggest struggles are with dryness! Not just on my face, but everywhere. And, with dryness, comes more pronounced lines. I can’t shower without moisturizing after, and I can’t wash my face without getting oil onto it immediately afterwards, or it starts to get all tight and uncomfortable. Even if I wash with a gentle balm or cleansing milk! Pain in the butt. I also have hormonal outbreaks, usually around my chin and on my forehead. There’s really not much I can do for those, except to ride them out. But it’s just no fun.

    What ingredients, synthetic or natural, do you avoid no matter what and why?
    I haven’t really come across a natural ingredient yet that I’m avoiding. I tend gravitate towards things that smell good to me, and those always seem to be the most compatible with my skin. I avoid all the major yuckies though – parabens, sulfates, silicones, phenoxyethanol, etc. – the usual offenders. What’s the point in using anything that has gross stuff in it? There are so many incredible brands to use instead.

    What other skincare companies do you admire and why?
    My favorites are Stark Skincare, Kahina Giving Beauty, Tata Harper, One Love Organics and obviously May Lindstrom Skin. Mostly because when you order something from them, you feel good about it because the people who work there are so kind. Like Jessica from Stark – her products are absolutely incredible, and I love knowing that I’m using something that a super awesome lady made in her apartment, tested, got really excited about, packaged up & sold to me. The goodies they’re making aren’t just a product of market research and a desire to just sell me anything – they’re things that these people made with so much love and that they use themselves. It feels amazing to not only use these great products, but to support someone who is doing what they really love. They all have products that create a whole skincare ritual too, which, for skincare obsessed me, is the BEST part!

    What do you feel is missing from the green beauty market right now?
    Honestly – I’m very happy to say that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I have a whole range of products from the basic to the luxurious. I’m not subbing in any dirty products anywhere that I can’t find a suitable clean replacement for. If I had to pick one product, I’d say a mascara that doesn’t smudge or flake. Maybe I’d also say that more transparency would be good too, to shine some light on the greenwashers!

  • Patricia Rim

    What are your biggest skincare issues?
    Probably my biggest issues are my acne flareups and my oily skin. My acne is very bad especially around that time of the month. However, after using more natural skincare, my skin has gotten considerable better than my previous skincare routine consisting of harsh products containing irritating acne fighters. I have learned to embrace my oily skin but in the summer, it can be slightly aggravating when my face is greasy all the time.
    What ingredients, synthetic or natural, do you avoid no matter what and why?
    I avoid any forms of mineral oil, SLS, SLES, and parabens. I’ve been slowly focusing on resarching more bad synthetic ingredients to avoid that aren’t so great for my skin. Also, I avoid menthol. My skin really seems to hate it. What other skincare companies do you admire and why?
    I really admire Yuli, Omorovicza, REN, May Lindstrom (of course!), and La Bella Figura. I definetly left a few companies out. But I admire and love these companies based on their wonderful, skin loving philosophies. Plus, the smaller companies also exude kindness and warmth that I just absolutely love!
    What do you feel is missing from the green beauty market right now?
    I would probably have to say the availability of products is limited sometimes. Shipping is usually high and I love to smell, touch, and feel my skincare before I buy it. Otherwise, the green beauty market has come a long way and I feel it has really covered alot of what was missing years ago.

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