natural beauty buff | may lindstrom, may lindstrom skin, part 1

may lindstrom may lindstrom skin

Model and skin chef May Lindstrom wants you to feel good in your own skin.

Her wildly successful artisan line, May Lindstrom Skin, is a well-edited (just four products for now) collection built on the spa ideals of nurture and restoration.

may lindstrom may lindstrom skin

{Model and skin chef May Lindstrom created her collection to connect people to something beautiful — even the act of cleansing — on a regular basis. Photo Courtesy May Lindstrom}

May Lindstrom Skin isn’t about washing and going; it’s about taking the time to truly experience the beauty of caring for yourself, one step at a time.

May embodies this mindset in everything she does.

may lindstrom may lindstrom skin

I’m thrilled to bring to you today part one in May’s natural beauty buff routine. Below are the treasures in May’s bath that help her look and feel her best.

As usual, I’ve starred the items I also use and love. Don’t forget to check out part 2 in May’s series!

*Alaffia African Black Soap

A tingly treat for the pits and feet — my husband loves this one too and uses it head to toe.

Coarse Grey Sea Salt

I’m a salt fanatic and no good bath is complete without a big handful of pure sea salt thrown in. I feel the same way about a great meal.

*The Clean Dirt

The answer to dull, congested and lifeless skin. This one’s a serious game changer. I leave it on for a few minutes to get maximum impact while I scrub up in the shower. It’s also beautiful blended with honey and a bit of coconut oil for a luxurious treatment.

Mystery Jar

A secret new cleanser I’ve been perfecting in the studio. I can. not. wait. to release this. Hint: It looks like pudding, smells like heaven and happy buzzing bees are the makers of the magic main ingredient.

*Essential Oils

A steady rotation of essential oils to drip into my bathwater or run through my hair. Right now, it’s Virginia Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile and Lavender.

Nag Champa Incense

It’s a classic and always feels like home, no matter where life takes me.

Konjac Sponge

A new discovery; I love this funny little guy. Gentle enough to use every day, effective enough to skip a cleanser — something I insist is a must on a regular basis. Our skin needs space to learn to heal and regulate itself. I highly encourage cleanser-free days as a standard part of your beauty ritual.

*Body Brush for Dry Brushing

I forget to do this more often than not, remembering halfway through my shower when I’m already wet and it’s too late. But when I do remember — what a delicious treat! It takes getting used to, but the way your skin tingles after is crazy addicting.

Hydrea London Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves

When I’ve forgotten to dry-brush, this is just as yummy. I like any excuse to take my time in the shower, and a massage from toes to forehead with scrubby hands makes my skin super soft and my mind clear and silent.

Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

I just recently switched over to Yarok from Alaffia (which I also love) and I am incredibly excited about how my wild and curly hair is responding — also adoring the sweet, woodsy scent of the conditioner. It smells like my studio! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

These commissions help pay for hosting fees, site upgrades and blogging tools. In 2016, earned $2,874 in affiliate payments and spent $3,211 on website maintenance. Thank you for your support!

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  • Love this post, always fun to find out what people with skin care lines are using, especially ones as awesome as May Lindstrom :)

  • Great interview!! I love May so much. <3

    • Thanks babe! She is a doll, and so are you!!!

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  • Meghan C

    Ooh, love the prompts AND this giveaway! When I want to restore, I cuddle my puppy or go for a long run :) From a natural beauty perspective though, to restore I typically do a mask followed by a great face oil–lately I’ve been into Devita’s Cappuccino and Cocoa mask and Stark Skincare’s Cypress oil!

    • Puppy cuddling is always a win! :) I love Jessica and Stark — her products are quite lovely, too. I have not tried the DeVita mask, but it sounds yummy :)

  • Ok what an awesome way to do a giveaway !

    Well when I was younger I used to watch this program ‘you are what you eat’ that turned me to organic food, and as a natural progression I started to think about what I was putting on my skin. Now I think it is a lifestyle choice, what drew me to May Lindstrom Skin was the aspect of a ritual. They make skin care look fun and indulgent and not some routine chore that you have to do in order to look good.
    In general I have been pretty confident all my life ( however, there was a period of time when I had bad skin which is when I felt a bit low). I think it is normal not to be 100% happy with yourself every so often, you can’t dwell on it though or stop you from doing things. Non of us are perfect which is part of what makes us unique and special.
    In May’s collection I would love to see a face cream, another oil ( as I have a sensitivity to jojoba and haven’t been able to try this one), maybe a cream cleanser, a perfume and a lip treatment, oh and a deodorant.

    When I need to rest and restore I have a candle lit bath (courtesy of my wonderful husband), I also turn to yoga, and occasionally let myself curl up on the sofa with a good book and a fragrant cup of tea.

    • May Lindstrom

      Tammy, I love that you are responsive to the idea of our skin care rituals being something that is fun and indulgent – I think this is so incredibly important. Our attitude affects absolutely everything and we could all do with a little more self love!
      I will be launching The Blue Cocoon (beauty balm concentrate) in the next handful of weeks and think you will absolutely love it – no jojoba and loaded with the most beautiful oils. Also, The Honey Mud – my new super gentle creamy cleanser that looks and smells like chocolate pudding. :)
      We share so many favorite ingredients!

      • Oh both of them sound so good! A cream cleanser and a beauty balm would both be perfect for colder weather! I can hardly wait to get my hands on those!

  • Samantha

    I have been loving natural products since my pregnancy with my first over 5 years ago. I never thought or knew how many chemicals our body was absorbing-which you think would be common sense I am drawn to several brands but I’m really drawn to May’s. I’ve emailed her a couple times and each time she’s responded with the up most nicest and sincerest response. There’s warmth in her emails, is that even possible? She’s a lovely person and I using her products will give me that, I want it! I would purchase the whole line if money wasn’t so tight. For feeling confident, I can say its not right now been having allergic reactions from being on steroids 3x but I do remember when I was pregnant with my first I felt beautiful and strong. And believe me I didn’t have the pregnancy glow-I just felt this was right with the beautiful life growing inside of me I’d love to see a moisturizer for face maybe? I haven’t tried her Youth Dew so maybe that would actually be enough? Rest??? I don’t really give myself enough time for that-I am working on that, I need to take time for myself. Natural products that I love? Would lavender be considered? I love the smell, I don’t know what it is but I’m very drawn to that scent. The one thing that’s not mentioned in this is that I wish someone would of told me when I was younger of all the harmful chemicals we put on every day, maybe I wouldn’t of battled endometriosis or the migraines. I will teach my two girls from the very beginning. If they have a positive role model I feel they will follow. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!!

  • Djulijana

    Dear Kimberly and May,

    While I have been following your blog for a while now, I have never left a comment before, so here it goes. I actually learned about May Lindstrom through your blog and recently emailed her myself for advice on what to do to help my problematic skin (acne). I received a very kind email from her with many suggestions and things to consider when it comes to my skin/body. I am now waiting for The Problem Solver mask to arrive, which will be my 1st product from May Lindstrom and I cannot wait to try it out!

    I have had problem skin for MANY years, but was drawn to natural products not too long ago. Last year I was diagnosed with a tumor in my bladder and doctors couldn’t tell me why it had occurred. After having treatments and surgery, which was very hard on my body, I decided to find out the possible cause my own, because it just didn’t make sense to me. Statistics show that patients with these kind of tumors are usually 40+ and have smoked for many years, I on the other hand am 24 years and have only tried to smoke once!? Even at the hospital all other
    patients that were there were so much older than me and I really felt misplaced, that I was there 30 years too early. However, being that I have been struggling with acne for as long as I can remember, I have been using TONS and I stress TONS of products on my skin. Anything that claimed to help with acne I’ve used it. I was also dying my hair every 2 months, using heavy makeup to cover my skin, nail polishes, hair spray, perfume directly on my skin etc.
    Basically I was doing everything wrong, just loading my body with chemicals, artificial colors etc. No wonder my body (and my poor bladder) couldn’t handle it. That is when I decided to go cold turkey and go all natural. I read so many articles, books, blogs etc. and completely changed my lifestyle. And boy, how I feel like I know so much better now! While my skin is still not perfect (that will probably take many years, after what I have put my body through), I feel
    SO much better, so much more energetic! I love the feeling of using a natural product knowing that it won’t hurt my body, that it won’t cause me tumors (or worse). I truly feel like that tumor was a blessing in disguise, because if it didn’t happen, I would probably still be loading my body with God knows what. Instead it changed my whole perspective on life and my body, which I today only want to fill with things that will support, balance and nourish it. The best part is that I worry less about getting sick again, because I feel so much
    stronger now. My body can actually deal with e.g. a headache whereas a headache
    2 years ago would put me in bed for 2 days.

    The first time I felt completely confident in my skin was actually when I decided to go
    all natural. I was confident that this was the right thing to do and that with time, my body and I would feel the way I always wanted to feel – Truly healthy and happy.

    Today I love my cabinet with natural products, I especially love everything oils! My favorite thing to do when I need to rest and restore is to take a nice and long bath with Epsom salt and lavender essential oil, followed by massaging avocado oil on my body. Afterwards I like to do a natural mani-pedi. I will usually do this once a week before bed, which makes me feel all fresh and relaxed. Other than that I love to go for long walks with music in my ears, which I find very relaxing.

    While I still look forward to trying the entire May Lindstroms product range, I think a hand cream would be a nice addition to the collection in the future. I love a good hand cream and always carry one with me on the go. When I have a minute during the day I like to give myself a small hand massage. Beautiful hands are a must to me!

    Thank you for a great blog and this give-away!

    • May Lindstrom

      I am so proud of you. Reading this, and then re-reading it, and recalling our email exchange… I know what an incredibly difficult battle this has been for you. It’s wonderful to see your perspective and to have you share it in this forum. You are inspiring. I am thrilled that you continue to take such good care of yourself and are focusing on the positive elements in this life adventure.

  • CayMcCoy

    I have always had sensitive skin, but a couple years ago every.single.thing made my skin break out: hair products, makeup, lotion, soap.. everything! I went through allergy tests, changing medicines and nothing helped. I started searching around for answers and began researching natural products (REAL natural products, not “organic” labeled but still included dirty ingredients products). My skin immediately showed a huge difference and I have discovered wonderful natural beauty blogs like this one to help in my transition to more beautiful skin :)

    • OK, I wanna know what you found, girl! What a great testimonial. Are you oil cleansing or using cream cleansers or what?!

      • CayMcCoy

        Since I am on a grad student budget I haven’t yet found the *perfect* regimen within my wallet limits yet, but have found a few loves. I only wash my face at night with Natralia acne wash (came with a face lotion/acne spot treatment as well) but it can be harsh in the dryer months and am searching for another cleanser. I’ve recently been using Burt’s Bees sensitive daily lotion (but would like something with SPF) and do love my Dessert Essence night lotion. I have been trying out different oils and mixed my own this winter: cocunut oil, argan oil and a drop of vitamin E. I love using the oils in the winter as my skin is super dry, but only use it occasionally in the summer — and haven’t tried much others than listed above. I recently chopped off my hair for the first time since using natural products, so I am also in the search for new hair products! Last week I actually bought John Master’s sea mist found in one of your old posts and absolutely love what it does! I’ve been wanting to try the Zum Rub for my face as well, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Also I must say that Dr. Bronner’s chapstick is my all time favorite; my top pick is lavender. Just want to say thanks again for the recommendations and your blog really has helped me with my search for natural products. My skin thanks you too :)

        • Have you tried the Zum Rub on your face yet?! :) Your list looks great! I am so happy you have come to the natural side. xo

          • CayMcCoy

            I haven’t! I actually recently signed up for Goodebox and wanted to wait and see what goodies I got there. My skin is going through an extra difficult phase now, mostly due to the changing seasons, so I will most likely be ordering it soon though.

          • I know what you mean … I’ve been a broken-out mess for the past two weeks. Usually this only happens one week out of the month (in conjunction with you-know-what), but suffering for two weeks is quite mean. I hope your skin gets better soon! Tell me how you like Goodebox, too — I’m a fan!

  • Lucy

    I’ve been trying to make the move to using only natural beauty products for the last year or so and I’m almost there! But I also have to admit that I’m a total sucker for beautiful packaging, and I’m always on the hunt for products that are effective and are aesthetically interesting. Call me superficial, but May Lindstrom’s products are simply beautiful, and from what I’ve heard really WORK. So I would love to finally get my hands on them :)

    And honestly I think a beauty routine has the power to be very restorative, or at least I find mine is. I really do enjoy taking the time at night to wipe the dirt and grime of the day away. It’s totally indulgent and I find it incredibly calming.

    As for my favorite natural ingredients I’d have to go with sea salt, manuka oil, black soap, and any and everything jasmine. The smell is literally addictive for me!

    • I’m a jasmine girl, too. Can’t resist it. I have so many jasmine perfumes it’s insane! And of course always looking for more L(

      You’re right about taking the time to wash away the day — I love my evening ritual, too! Plus it makes mornings a little easier :)

      Thanks so much for commenting. Good luck!

      • May Lindstrom

        Oh Kimberly, you are going to have to try this lovely little mist I’ve created. Now that I know you are a jasmine lover there is pretty much no way around it. Do you have a natural jasmine perfume you love? I’m thinking I will have to do a fragrance line at some point, so much room for decadent play!

        • Yes please! I’ve just been playing with different jasmine EOs and little hippie dippie perfume oils from my local apothecary. There’s a jasmine solid perfume from Roots Rose Radish that is calling my name, too, so that’s en route. I think a MLS fragrance line would be lovely!

    • May Lindstrom

      Oh boy. The more I read about so many jasmine lovers here, the more I am sure that I will have to launch the gorgeous jasmine mist I created for a bespoke client and have been obsessing over. Isn’t it hypnotic?

      • May Lindstrom

        And I fully agree, Lucy, that products need to be both seriously effective and aesthetically delightful to get my attention. Since that’s the case when I am a consumer, it’s amplified a thousand degrees further when I am working on my own creations!

  • Patricia Rim

    I first started being drawn towards natural skincare after seeing a few blog posts showing the unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients used in skincare. I began to get paranoid and checked all my skincare to make sure my skin was not coming into contact with things such as sulphates, parabans, etc. I was shocked to discover most of my skincare that I owned actually did contain them and I immediately threw them out. Since then, I have strived to start loving my skin with nourishing and beautiful natural ingredients. May Lindstrom Skin really appeals to me because of May’s wonderful and warm personality and the care she takes when she creates her delightful products. Plus, she has a face mask in her line: my ultimate weakness.

    I felt completely confident in my own skin after my skin cleared up after a year ago when I switched to natural skincare. I felt confident that my face was clear from wholesome products instead of clearing my face with benzoyl peroxide and other harsh acne treatments.

    I would love to see a cream cleanser and a face moisturizer! Anything May touches is amazing. :)

    To relax, I put on some soothing music and have some “me” time in a hot bath. I light some candles and put in some lavender bath salts. I tend to spend a few hours just sitting there, completely relaxed. Afterwards, I feel rejuvenated.

    My favorite natural ingredients would be any type of clay and manuka honey. My skin looks amazing after mixing a clay mask with manuka honey!

    • I loooove clay masks and manuka honey. Once I finish my current jar of manuka (which I sadly bought the wrong kind — only a 5+ instead of 16+), I’m ordering more! I love to veg out with a honey mask. It’s amazing at unclogging blackheads!

      I know what you mean about the paranoia when you first switch to naturals. I like to stress to people that they take it one product category at a time. I usually advise people to start with lips and whole-body products. You lick your lips every day — lick an organic balm! And your skin is your largest organ … treat it to organic soaps, lotions, oils.

      I’m a mask girl, too. I get pro facials once a quarter, but I love treating myself to weekly masks at home — gotta keep it up to keep that glow! Plus, I’m acne-prone, and I find that clays, honeys, and other deep cleansing masks really keep my pores clean. I like you also used to binge on the hardcore benzoyl peroxide treatments (was using a 10% treatment before!) and they dried my skin like crazy. Now, my skin is so soft AND clear that I wish I would have known what to do when I was a pimple-ridden teen.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck! Appreciate your support :)

      • May Lindstrom

        Just a quick thought I need to share with you, Kimberly – you absolutely did not buy the “wrong” honey. As long as it is raw and pure, unadulterated honey and ideally from bees that harvest their pollen from unsprayed flowers, you are getting the active enzymes and goodness that you are looking for. Manuka is fantastic and it’s definitely having a moment in the spotlight, but I feel equally good recommending a raw, beautiful honey from your local farmers market or any other trusted source. Certainly nothing to beat yourself up about! :)

        • Good! I’m still using it because I don’t believe in wasting it, and I definitely can’t complain … it makes my skin feel so good and has really helped purge blackheads and keep my skin soft. I’ll try some higher UMF manuka next time, but I’m also seeing interesting articles on buckwheat honey and other types … you’re right, we really can’t go wrong! :)

    • May Lindstrom

      Thank you so much for all your kind words and participating in this discussion, Patricia. I’m a masque girl too – you absolutely must try The Problem Solver. I have no doubt you’ll be instantly addicted so consider yourself warned. :)

      I think you will also love the soon-to-launch The Honey Mud. It’s my new cleanser – creamy, gentle and the texture of chocolate pudding. Why you will love it : it’s a luscious blend of raw honey, clay and plant oils. Could it be more up your alley?

  • Girl Contrary

    The first time I started *really* caring about natural beauty was when I was preparing (beauty-wise) for my wedding. I started researching all kinds of products and really educating myself on ingredients and the effects of those ingredients. It didn’t take long for me to make the switch completely to natural products, I couldn’t believe how many toxins I had been feeding my body using non-natural products. It was honestly shocking. Now that we’re planning for a family, I’m even *more* invested in natural products. If my body is going to be a vessel, I want it to be the healthiest most hospitable vessel possible.

    To be honest, I would say I’m still not completely confident in my skin. Not because it doesn’t look good, actually it’s the healthiest, glowiest, and happiest it’s ever been, but I don’t feel like confidence comes just from looking good. I need to feel it deep within my soul, and as of yet, I’m not quite there. I’m working on it though.

    I would love to see a toner in May’s collection. I used to think toners were complete bunk…until I found one that had a profound effect on my skin. I have a good one, but I figure, if May made one, it would be THE ONE.

    When I need to rest and restore, my absolute first stop in the bookstore. I buy a book I know I’ll lose myself in (or I’ll grab one off my personal shelves that I’ve loved before) and then I lose myself for a couple hours. Or, if I’m feeling decadent, I’ll get a 2 hour massage and enjoy the silence of those 2 hours immensely.

    My favorite natural beauty ingredients are almost any type of clay, coconut oil, manuka honey, and aloe vera.

    • I love this part of your comment: “If my body is going to be a vessel, I want it to be the healthiest most hospitable vessel possible.”

      Amen to that!

      We are definitely always in practice of being our best selves — confidence and all. As long as it gets a little better everyday, it’s going well! I feel the most confident in my skin when I’ve been working out (I practice Ashtanga yoga and it gets me sweating out those toxins!), eating clean, treating my skin with regular masks and oil cleansing, and under low stress. It’s not every day that those things happen, but if I make a point to care for myself, sometimes it all comes together! Life is one big practice :)

      You and a few others are onto something with a MLS toner. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I’m imagining roses and other exotic flowers … we shall see …

    • May Lindstrom

      I love your comment on your body as a vessel too… such an important thing to remember and a beautiful visual as well. I like to picture mine filled with golden light and the gifts of the earth. :) And yes, massages are a must. Almost five years ago I made a commitment to myself to schedule a monthly therapeutic massage. I never skip it and it’s truly changed my world.

  • lynn

    This sounds like an amazing giveaway! I’ve heard great things about May’s products from other beauty blogs, but haven’t experienced them yet. I started clean living a few years ago after reading a couple books that encouraged me to clean it up. I then got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, so it now feels crucial to keep things as green as possible. My meds and doctor appointments can get really expensive, so I can’t splurge on as many beauty products as I’d like. Coconut oil is a staple for me, I use it on my hair, face, body and nails, and even make my own deo with it. Lavender is my favorite scent, I always have some essential oils around to keep my stress down and to help me sleep. And I’m happy to say I felt the most confident in my skin when I turned 40! I try to take good care of myself and I’m told I do not look my age:) To de-stress, I go for a soak in the hot tub, get hugs from my husband, or watch my chickens free ranging in my backyard. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog and learning about May, hope I get to sample her products soon.

    • Hi Lynn! I appreciate your comments — sometimes it takes those health scares to cause us to re-evaluate our lifestyles. It’s really hard to see a lot of chemicals in our everyday products and feel OK about putting them on our bodies! I think you’re smart to stick with coconut oil as a staple. It’s a staple for me, too (as is jojoba oil) and I just loooovvve a multipurpose product. Do you have a favorite coconut oil brand?

    • May Lindstrom

      Hi Lynn!
      I’m so happy you have embraced your diagnosis and used it to dive fully into a new and beautifully clean lifestyle. Coconut oil is magical, that and raw honey are two seriously effective and luxurious feeling treats that work both internally and externally and are affordable. I’m a believer in finding just one or two indulgences that make me super happy and letting everything else be pure, simple and stress-free. Balance is important in all aspects of our lives.

      Love picturing the hot tub, hugging husband and free-ranging chickens… sounds like my kind of heaven! :)

  • Alexis Danielle

    What draws you to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?
    Though I’ve yet to try May’s amazing products, I decided to go really natural a few years ago. My philosophy is to be natural inside and out. Eat clean and use clean skincare. I love products like May’s that are beautifully packaged, effective and filled with intent.

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin? I think just within the last year or so. I’ve relaxed. I take the time with my skin and have learned to nurture it and let it shine.

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection? I’d love to see a cream or oil cleanser. And maybe an eye product.

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore? I find comfort in the routine. I like to go on a run or walk in my park. Followed by a nice bath or shower with lovely products. Maybe a face mask and some hot tea. And my favorite part is the ritual of applying my skincare at the end of the day. It’s my “me” moment.

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love? Raw honey, roses, beautiful oils (both carrier and essential)
    Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway Kimberly! =)

    • I hope you get to try May’s products, soon! I love that you took the inside out approach to clean living. I got into naturals via food first, and it is just the natural progression to re-examine everything that affects our health.

      I’ve really come into my own skin in the past year, too. Cleaner products on a consistent basis and yes, RELAXING a bit. That always helps. :) I also find comfort in my nighttime ritual — also my me-time, and I’m sure the teacher man wonders what the heck I’m doing in the bathroom for 45 minutes before bed. All about the ritual!

      Good luck, Alexis! Thanks for stopping by xoxo

    • May Lindstrom

      I love your philosophy, Alexis and fully share it. It’s beautiful to see you embracing your personal self care ritual so fully. It’s the most incredible thing when you can finally relax into yourself and just BE.

      I cannot wait for you to finally experience the line – and the two new treats that are on their way. I think you will seriously love them.

    • Alexis — congrats! You are 1 of 4 winners of this giveaway :) Please
      email me your address. kim at kimberlyloc dot com :) Hooray!

  • Natalie

    I switched to natural products when I became sick with allergies and developed systemic candida. I learned that many foods were toxic for me to ingest and that unnatural cleansers and cleaning supplies were also toxic to myself and the environment. I’m still searching for the perfect match for my adult acne prone skin, but love the feel of oils:) It would be great to see a product from May that deals with adult acne.

    I find it very relaxing to read a good book with a nice hot cup of tea. I also take regular epsom salt baths to unwind after my intense boxing workouts.
    I love natural beauty products that work but also feel and smell luxurious. I love the smell of jasmine and cloves. Anything musky smelling makes me smile.

    • Jasmine is my favorite, too! For acne, I swear by Zum Rub in Frankincense & Myrrh. You can search for my blog post review, but in short, it got rid of cystic acne for me in mere days. I am never without this $8 pot of magic! I think that May’s “The Problem Solver” mask is an amazing treatment for acne and for added exfoliation. It really draws out impurities without overly drying the skin. It also smells amazing! “The Clean Dirt” is great, too — though it’s technically a cleanser // exfoliator, you can also leave it on for additional benefits, the same way you’d leave on a mask.

      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Good luck! xo

      • May Lindstrom

        Natalie, you absolutely must try both The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver. Between your skin issues and your love of cloves, these are musts. I will also be launching the most amazing beauty balm concentrate (The Blue Cocoon) in a handful of weeks and this could be incredible for both your allergies (magic ingredient is blue tansy, a serious miracle worker in aromatherapy for all types of allergies) and the adult acne you are battling.

  • Lauren

    I started using natural products when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I wanted something I could rub into my belly as it grew and know that I wasn’t doing anything to harm my child. I started playing around with oils and I was hooked. I would say that oils are my favorite natural ingredients and that is one of the things that I respect most about May’s philosophy. She doesn’t use anything to dilute the quality ingredients so you are getting the most potent and effective product possible. I would love to see her do some facial toners with natural herbs and flowers.

    • I’m an oil addict, too! Body oils just make sense — no fuss of having to rub them in so much the way you do with lotions. My mom was a big cocoa butter user when she was pregnant with me and my brothers, but I think I’ll be like you one day and slather oils on my tummy! :) And yes, a MLS flower toner would be beautiful. Thanks for commenting and reading my blog! Good luck :)

    • May Lindstrom

      Love love love oils and like you, I doused myself with them while pregnant. Who can resist a giant glowing belly! :) It’s wonderful that your healthy pregnancy habits have carried over into today – so important! Not just for you, but also for your daughter to see as she grows and watches your every move.

  • I’m very intrigued by May suggesting skipping cleanser on a regular basis. I wouldn’t consider my skin especially acne-prone anymore (I get MAYBE one pimple around that time of the month), but when I wash with just water, I’ll tend to get breakouts that same day. Oh, skin!

    What draws you to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?
    I’m drawn to products with simple but effective ingredients. There’s something lovely and while I’ve yet to try any of May’s products, they seem to fit the bill!

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?
    I’m not sure I’m there yet, but it’s something I’m working on :)

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection?

    I’d love to see a liquid/cream cleanser. Powdered cleansers are great, but there are times when I want to reach for something super simple, no mixing required. An eye cream/serum would be great to see to!

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?
    Have a pamper session with a face mask and a good book. Hug my puppy. Watch a movie.

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?
    I’m a big fan of oils. My skin also responds really well to witch hazel, calendula, and clays.

    • I usually cleanse with a gentle cream cleanser in my morning shower, but sometimes I skip it! If I’ve washed properly the night before, I’m assuming my skin really isn’t that dirty by morning. I’m acne-prone, too, but have learned to not use harsh, foaming cleansers that strip my oils. I choose cream cleansers (yes, even with acneic skin!) to keep my oils in balance. It has really worked for me! My skin has never been better since I’ve started using more cream cleansers and oil cleansing and facial oils!

      I love your rest & restore answer of “hug my puppy.” Best thing ever. :) Good luck and thanks for commenting and reading! Appreciate it and of course love your blog, too.

      • Thanks Kim! I’ve been slow coming to it, but I’m leaning towards more creamy cleansers and facial oils lately too. My skin was fine to begin with, but I’ve noticed definite improvements since switching it up, so I’m pretty happy! I’ll have to try a Konjac sponge, like May suggests, and see if that makes a difference, versus just using water and a regular washcloth :)

        • May Lindstrom

          Hi Caitie!
          I will often skip a cleanser in the am like Kim does when I’ve had a thorough cleanse the night before. It is an adjustment, but I think it’s important to allow our skin space to regulate itself.

          One of the main problems I’ve found clients having when skipping cleanser is that they feel the need to use a washcloth instead to get that super clean feeling – sometimes this is simply too harsh and too much scrubbing which ruins the point of the resting period. The other issue is bacteria. Unless you are using a new cloth every single time, creepy little critters are growing in their and finding their way onto your skin. Skip the cloth. Be gentle. Give yourself a rest. At a minimum, introduce the gentlest cleanser possible – pure raw honey is amazing. And… stay tuned because next month (fingers crossed) I launch my new super gentle cleanser that doubles as a masque. You are going to love it!

  • Call It Vanity

    Would love some tips on dry brushing. I bought a body brush for that purpose a couple of months ago but still haven’t used it as I’m not quite sure how to! I know, you’d think it’d be obvious.

    What draws you most to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?
    First up, the most important thing and beautiful thing in this world is the physical world itself. My love for natural beauty products is just a small part of my love for the natural environment and anything I can do to minimise my impact on it is a big plus…especially when it still involves the little luxuries of life ;)
    With May Lindstrom’s line, I feel like there’s a sense of something beyond what most natural skincare lines have to offer. I’m not sure I can even describe it! The closest I can come to is that May is the skincare equivalent of a shaman.

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?
    Well and truly? Last summer. Although I was using natural products it wasn’t much and it wasn’t fancy as I was travelling around the whole time. I was enjoying life, being active, getting fresh air and sun and my skin had never loved me more for it. No make-up day was pretty much everyday.

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection?
    A creamy cleanser would be lovely, but I’m also going to push the boat out away from skincare here and say a replenishing hair mask. I can just see that marrying with the other products really well and being in keeping with May’s ritual ethos. I wouldn’t really want to see a whole list of things because I like the fact that the line is edited.

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?
    Aaaah tea facial steam for sure! Of course followed by a face mask. I’ve been really loving the Clean Dirt for this because I find just pure clay to be a bit much for a skin; the smells of the spices are a real pick me up too. I find smell in general to probably be my most stimulating sense, so reaching for a good incense stick is always a must at night time too.

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?
    Coconut Oil is my hands down must-have-at-all-times ingredients, not just for skincare but for cooking. It’s amazing in pan-asian dishes or vegan baking! I think if you looked up “skin food” in the dictionary coconut oil would be the definition. In fact I definitely have a big love for anything that ticks both the skin and food boxes.

    Mayah x

    • I have a dry brush and here’s how I use it:

      1. Strip down nekkid :)
      2. Brush your body toward your heart, encouraging blood flow to the center of your body and invigorating your senses and awareness. I start at my feet and work my way up and then do my arms, working my way in, always toward the heart.

      3. Don’t press too hard. A good dry brush is stiff enough and offers prime exfoliation. Just brush your skin lightly!
      4. Hop in the shower and wash as usual. Enjoy!

      I love that you were able to go makeup-free during your travels last summer. That is so good for your skin and for your confidence! Show your beautiful face to the world :)

      I LOVE the idea of a MLS hair and scalp mask. It needs love too! I could see May totally delivering an amazing treatment experience.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Good luck! xoxo

      • Call It Vanity

        Thanks so much for the dry brushing tips, finally my brush is going to get some love :) Yeah it felt amazing not to worry about make-up for the first time in forever! It became and indulgence rather than a necessity. Riiiiiiiight I think a hair mask would be amazing – a girl can dream ;) x

        • May Lindstrom

          And yes… a gorgeous hair and scalp masque may just have to happen. That sounds incredible and quite fun to create!

    • May Lindstrom

      “The closest I can come to is that May is the skincare equivalent of a shaman.” Wow. What can I even say to that?! Thank you, truly. I love that you bring up the impact on our environment – our planet is the #1, it has to be.

      Have you been able to carry on your makeup free, active and happy lifestyle from last summer into today?

      • Call It Vanity

        You’re more than welcome! It really was the closest description I could come too! Absolutely agree. How can we be healthy ourselves if our planet isn’t? I wish I could say I have, been sadly this summer’s been completely different. One day I hope to convert to that lifestyle full time though :) x

        • May Lindstrom

          Take it one day at a time. Maybe introduce just a ten minute ritual daily that feels like that magic summer – any part of it. And then increase that. Big life changes take time.

          • Call It Vanity

            Ah, you’re so wise May! x

  • Anusha Puri

    My heart is jumping with joy while writing this..after all it’s May Lindstrom skin giveaway ..i follow her religiously on twitter

    What draws me to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin is it’s not only good for our skin & our bodies but good for the environment. Great skincare does not need to be selfish. If we look after our beautiful world, SHE will keep looking after us! #Maylindstrom & Kimberlyloc blog understand… Women can lead the world in change.

    I understand whatever products I use and apply to your skin will end up in my bloodstream. You only get one body, look after it and treat it the best you can…. Why wouldn’t we make natural beauty an inside-out nonnegotiable priority?

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?

    In high school I suffered from chronic fever for almost a year which really messes with your hormones and through it I’ve had issues losing weight, horrible acne, unwanted hair growth.. People have judged me solely on my appearance and think “oh she’s just a lazy lean acne girl .”. It may seem like a catch 22, but this inspired me to accept myself more and helped me to try and not focus on my flaws, but instead accept them and either work on fixing them or highlight them as another unique part of who I am. . telling yourself that you are beautiful and worthy can be more helpful than you realize. The reason I’ve grown to love skin care products, is because at first it was a bandaid to cover up the things that bothered me, and then it became a hobby I love dearly.

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection?

    It would be a delight to have a may lindstrom eye cream that can help reducing dark circles and under eye puffiness

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?

    A warm bath with a dash of lavender essential oil to help calm my mind and senses. Taking care of my body makes me happy, makes me feel special and produces positive energy in me. So, skin care is basically a sort of meditation for me to improve my aura and vibes.

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?

    Ah ..there are so many..i am a ingredient nerd.i love creating different Concoctions using natural ingredients.Ground nutmeg,roses,Triphala., pure essential and carrier oils are something that my nose and my body loves!

    • Thank you for sharing your story! It is through our imperfections and struggles that we learn how to accept ourselves, grow and also care for ourselves more. I am glad that you are finding out more about natural skincare and choose organic ingredients! Ground nutmeg, roses and pure oils sound amazing — because they are! I would love to know more about your recipes // concoctions :) And also, a MLS eye cream would be heavenly! Great idea :) xoxo

    • May Lindstrom

      So many goosebumps reading your words. Thank you so much for sharing. It hurts my heart to know that you feel you were judged by your skin – I’ve been there and it’s truly painful in a way that is unexplainable. I could not be happier that you have found peace with yourself, embraced your skin and the adventure you are on with it now and how you’ve leapt full on into the world of natural beauty… including indulging in creating your own concoctions!

    • Anusha — congrats! You are 1 of 4 winners of this giveaway :) Please email me your address. kim at kimberlyloc dot com :) Hooray!

  • This mystery jar is so exciting! I mean…natural beauty is changing the game! I used to think of cleansers as soap and now May and my other natural ladies (Victoria/Karen and of course Suzanne with her genius Chia Whip) are totally shaking things up. I admire how innovative and fearless these women are and how lucky we are to be a part of the growing green beauty industry. What other companies have the CEOs tweeting and chatting directly with customers and seeking input from them? Amazing!

    • Agree, Laurie! These leading green beauty ladies know how to strike up conversations and really get their fans and friends of their fans talking — oh and I suppose they also make AMAZING, effective formulas! Gets better every day.

    • May Lindstrom

      I am thrilled that everyone is responding so well to the shake-up! Isn’t it about time?! I am absolutely delighted to be part of this movement. I am my happiest in the studio, playing with potions and dreaming about how far I can push my formulations. I’m easily bored. :) Clients like you keep me on my toes and for that I am forever grateful!

  • Gina S

    Soo excited for this giveaway! Hoping to try May’s skincare products one day :) gotta save up that cash! Thank you both for doing this <33

    What draws you to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?
    I've always been the type of girl that would lust over the next new urban decay palette, or dream of owning every shade of mac lipstick. Little did I know that those products weren't the best for my health. I stumbled upon a few beauty blogs- one being yours Kimberly, and a lot of the things being said really resonated with me. I slowly started making the transition (and still am) to natural products. They give me a sense of peace in my beauty routine and in my life in general. When I feel healthy and naturally beautiful, it gives me a certain freedom to live my life in a more healthy way as well. May Lindstrom Skin embodies all of those aspects to me; I love the luxurious and clean feel of all her products. She really puts so much thought into them, and that is something that is very important to me!

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?

    Hmm, this is a tough one. I don't think I'm quite there yet! I've had a lot of skin issues for many years. The two major ones being acne and seborrheic dermatitis. They've caused me to harbor a lot of self esteem issues, and it's definitely been a challenge to hold my head up high, disregard other people's opinions, and just love me! I think I really have gotten so much better though. I feel as if I'm on the brink of being completely confident and happy in my own skin. It's been a journey I've been going on for soo many years, but I've learned that beauty isn't everything, and becoming healthy is a more important pursuit. Eating a clean and natural diet while also using natural products has really helped my overall well being and confidence. And how funny it is that finally when I start focusing on more health and less on covering up my skin, my skin makes a significant improvement :)

    What other types of products would you like to see in May's collection?
    Honestly, I would loove to see an all purpose balm, or maybe something for the lips :) I am in love with balms that I can use for my eye area/eyelashes, body, hair, etc.

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?
    First and foremost I relax and take everything slow. Usually when I need to restore, I will just play it by ear. Most of the times I'll feel like taking a nice long drive, blasting some Eagles/Eric Clapton/ whatever! and I'll just sing my heart out x) that always makes me feel better, more alive. In terms of beauty routines, I love taking long baths and just pampering myself. I feel so rejuvenated when I've used some coconut oil on my hair, used a mask on my face, and just scrubbed myself down in the bath. I think really paying attention to what you feel will really bring you peace and restore your mind.

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?

    I absolutely love shea butter and use it for all moisturizing purposes! I also love coconut butter, tea tree oil (good for those pimples!), and various clays :)

    • May Lindstrom

      Oh Gina. Your battle sounds so similar to my own. I am incredibly happy that you are moving into a higher state of confidence with yourself, but I do ache to hear about the self esteem issues you have suffered from your skin conditions. Breathe deep, take it slow, and visualize your skin clear and calm. It is going to get better, I promise (and Eric Clapton certainly does help!). Also – I have something for you. If you are a balm girl, this is going to blow your mind.

      • Gina S

        Thank you so much Kim and May! <3 love you both! Thank you May for your encouraging words. I know you're right, just have to breath! Everything will be okay soon :)

    • Gina — congrats! You are 1 of 4 winners of this giveaway :) Please email me your address. kim at kimberlyloc dot com :) Hooray!

  • Linda

    I love, love, love raw coconut oil. I’ve also been using the RMS uncover-up (which has coconut) and it has changed my skin. My skin just looks so much healthier and not as old and crepey. I’m so impressed that May Lindstrom looks so beautiful in the pictures. It is nice to see that she has some grey hairs…I made the decision earlier this year (Feb) to stop coloring my hair and just let the grey be. While it was hard to adjust, I’ve come to like my new ‘highlights’. And now I don’t have to worry about the chemicals in the hair dye. Thanks for highlighting May Lindstrom and all of the products that she likes.

    • May Lindstrom

      Love love love that you are embracing your natural hair color! Woo-hoo! I know what a big and important step this is and so very rare. I love my silvers more all the time and while I sometimes feel like they age me… I also feel a little like a magical unicorn. They are me, and I am just fine exactly as I am. Stick with it!

  • SJ

    I have been using natural beauty products since I was planning my wedding. During that time, I started to read the ingredient lists, and I was pretty horrified at what I was putting on my skin. For as long as I can remember, my skin has been dry, sensitive, and prone to redness, especially on my cheeks. While I was distressed and embarassed by my dry and red skin, I always thought it was just normal for my skin, rather than the chemicals that was in the products that I was using. After one use of a natural face cream, I was amazed to see that my dryness, sensitivity, and redness was gone! That was the first time I have felt completely confident in my own skin. Since then, I have replaced all of my chemical-laden products with natural beauty products, and have never looked back.
    I am drawn to May Lindstrom Skin as I love her message of taking the time to take care of, and even pamper, yourself. She also seems like a lovely person. I would love to see a cleanser or toner.
    When I need to rest and restore, I like to have a beauty night. There is nothing more relaxing than using a gentle cleanser to remove the grime of the city, taking a bath with a lovely mask, and then moisturizing by using a nourishing face and body oil. I find that having a lovely night-time routine is just the thing to relax me and allow me to drift off to sleep.
    A nourishing face oil is the one thing that I cannot do without. Also, currently, the natural beauty ingredients that I am loving is aloe vera. The calming and healing aloe vera takes the redness away instantly, and always feels so soothing.

    • May Lindstrom

      The description of your skin at its most troubled sounds like a mirror of my past. I fully understand your discouragement and I am so thrilled that you have discovered natural and healthy beauty products that truly work for you!

      Your time-outs sound delicious… I will be launching an incredible potent anti-inflammatory beauty balm concentrate (The Blue Cocoon) very shortly and I think it will be magic for your skin. Stay tuned!

  • Erin D-K

    I just discovered May’s products, and I love them!! I was first drawn to natural beauty products after stumbling across a few natural beauty blogs. I’ve always been a beauty-product junkie and have been slowly transitioning to all-natural, green products. One product that I’ve been needing is a primer to put under my foundation. I tend towards the oily side of the spectrum and would love something natural that would help keep the oil under control and the makeup on my face:) Thanks for the give-away!!!

  • Kelsey Price

    Natural beauty products…what draws me to them? Well, to natural products in general the fact that chemicals are so toxic & so harmful is enough! Some of the ingredients & their effects are truly shocking – birth defects, hormone disrupters, carcinogenics, organ failure, terminal illness, infertility, to name a few.

    I also love the fact that nature *has* provided us with so many wonderful ingredients that are pure & natural that still work! Just finding the companies that are “green & pure” are a little trickier. Of course natural products don’t work in the same way that the toxic rubbish does – but I love them all the same & they can still work beautifully, just differently. Coconut oil & honey are both lovely in products – they are both nourishing & moisturising!

    I’ve only recently discovered May’s products via several blogs & they look simply amazing. Pure & natural, yet still sophisticated & classy! So many natural products look ‘natural’ (read: boring & plain!). Half the fun & appeal of a product is it’s packaging!

    I also really really love & believe in supporting small business – not huge corporations! xx

    • May Lindstrom

      Thank you so much for supporting us little guys with big missions, Kelsey! I’m a big believer in creating beautiful and effective products that are far from boring – the experience is so important. You really have to love your ritual for it to serve you fully… breathe deep, relax, indulge.

  • Bhavna Aumeer

    I’ve only just started using natural products this year and I feel that my skin has changed dramatically
    May Lindstrom’s product line seems to be made with carefully selected ingredients that radiates positivity and for me to get a chance to use one of the best , if not THE best natural product line there is on the market would be absolutely wonderful!!

    I am a pretty shy person overall and bever really been able to go out without make up and that’s something I’m wanting to change, as I want to improve my skin. So maybe tgat’s a step towarda being confident in my own skin

    What I’d love to see on May’s line of products is a skin primer that does not contain silicone or silicone derivatives, something you could wear on its own or under light make up. I haven’t seen one on the market yet as all of them contain some sort of silicone type ingredient.

    When I need to rest and restore I usually have some lavender and chamomille tea while having my feet soaked in warm water with some relaxing bath salts as I tend to be on my feet a lot, until the water goes lukewarm-ish, almost cold. I then get ready for bed and make sure that I get a full 8 hour sleep , can’t compromise on that! :P
    I actually like tumeric as a beauty product (which i found out is in The Dirt Cleanser) i mix it with some natural plain yoghurt and apply to my skin once a week

    • May Lindstrom

      Welcome to the world of natural skin care! These first years are so much fun – there are incredible discoveries to be made! Have fun with it. :)
      I am a bit shy too, so absolutely identify with your struggles in that. It’s a challenge to overcome, but so important to acknowledge that your voice is special and deserves to be heard too, even if soft.

      You mentioned a desire to find a skin primer – what exactly are you looking for with this? What do you want your primer to achieve?

      • Bhavna Aumeer

        Thank you May and thank you for replying to my post. It made me feel special :)
        I am not sure if this answers your question but ideally I would like the skin primer to be silicon free and packed with antioxidants – very much like a skin serum but designed more to prep the skin for make up by creating a smooth, shine free canvas. It should be easily absorbed by the skin and help improve small imperfections like pore size and skin texture over time. A real plus would be if there is sunscreen be included as well. Sounds a bit demanding, doesn’t it .. no wonder I still haven’t found one yet :P

        • May Lindstrom

          You are very welcome – and you ARE special! :)

          I’ve never been a user of primers, so I’m always curious what the attraction to them is… but your description of the perfect one sounds appealing! I will keep my eyes out! And maybe I’ll have to do a playing around with formulas in the studio too. :)

  • Briana

    What draws you most to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?
    I first went natural 3 years ago. My mom died at age 55 of cancer, and I helped heal by researching things that I could do to take better care of myself. I found No More Dirty Looks first (Alicia Silverstone and Kris Carr also were life-changing!) and it’s like a light bulb went off: if I didn’t want to get cancer maybe I should start by not poisoning myself of a daily basis. The whole process of learning and experimenting and chucking out all of my dirty products was incredibly soothing and empowering.
    I have a major natural-beauty crush on May! Her products smell and feel so luxurious yet so comforting and homey – I love that about them. They’re like being a kid and your mom hugging you while she’s wearing a silk robe. I have tried samples of most of her products, and I’m just so crazy about them! She also just seems like such a genuine soul, and I love supporting people who embody what they create (Jessica Lafleur of Stark falls into this category too!)

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?
    I’d have to say my mid-twenties – when you stop worrying about other people’s opinions so much that you can finally see yourself for who you are. That’s one of the nice things about growing up! Now that I’m 30 I can really appreciate what I’m working with and what’s special about me.

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection?
    A toner, a cleanser, and a scent! I’m HOPING that the mystery jar is some sort of magical balm or cream. Whatever it is, I already love it.

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?
    I’ll do a little mini-spa. Rub some oil in my hair, do a face mask, dry brush, use my “fancy” oils. Taking really good care of myself helps me to re-set. I also don’t mind a good cuddle with my kitties or my husband, and a laughter-filled dinner with my girlfriends can be pretty restorative too!

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?
    Argan oil, coconut oil, Manuka honey, rose anything!

    • May Lindstrom

      Briana, you sure know how to make a girl blush. Thank you for your incredibly sweet words – they truly mean the world to me. :)

      Your healing journey is a powerful one, and a story I have heard often. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the shift in people’s lives when they are faced with a tragedy such as cancer. These are forks in our path and how we choose to move forward is immensely important.

  • I’ve only recently come across your blog Kim and, I must say, it’s exceptional!

    As far as natural skincare goes, I became very drawn to it when I realized that many of the ingredients I avoid completely in my diet (preservatives, dyes) were still getting into my body through personal care products. As I try to live as holistically as possible, I switched to natural skincare and never looked back! I’m going on three years now, and I’ve never been happier! I love May Lindstrom’s line because I feel like she really thinks about what is going in to her products and infuses them not just with beautifully fragrant oils and spices, but also with some of her own love and energy; I swear I can hear these products humming with positive vibes.

    I’ve always been very confident in my skin (I’m a very confident person). I feel like, being a man, there’s an expectation for me to not care about what I look like, but I think (and when I say that, I mean I hope/pray/wish) that by the time this generation reaches full-on adulthood, we’ll have done away with a lot of these gendered biases of what women should care about versus what men should. Tangents aside, I saw significantly more clarity in my skin about 6 months after I went natural (so when I was about 18), I’m now just dealing with fading some scars left over from adolescent acne.

    May is a genius when it comes to scent, I would love to see her do some signature fragrances!

    When I’m in need of rest or restoration, I like to just take a moment, sit quietly, and experience the peace in my own mind. In our everyday lives, I feel like we deal with so many people, and most of these people are lovely, but I think they do drain us of some of our energy. It’s important to be able to turn all of one’s focus back on oneself every so often.

    I love everything that comes from bees! Give me honey, beeswax, and propolis, and I will be the happiest of campers!

    Thanks for hosting this excellent giveaway, Kim. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • May Lindstrom

      Love love love your response and so wonderful to hear from you. It’s great to have a man’s perspective and I completely agree with so much of what you wrote about. The gender bias discussion is an interesting one – there is definitely a shift happening in beauty right now and I am incredibly excited about it.
      I do hope to introduce a scent collection someday, I adore working in this … what are you attracted to? Any particular loves beyond treasures from the bees?
      And regarding those buzzing friends… you will LOVE my soon to launch cleanser – a pudding-like blend of raw honey, clay and plant oils. So yummy. Stay tuned!

      • It’s lovely to hear back from you, May; I love how accessible, warm, and friendly everyone who is a part of this community is! I’ve noticed a definite shift in the industry as well, even just over the past 5 or so years that I’ve been buying into it. Honestly, MLS is the brand that I think most perfectly embodies the idea of unisex luxury: anyone, from any walk of life can appreciate the gorgeous indigo jewels that house your amazing products.

        As far as scent goes, I love the deep, smoky, and rich resins and woods: Vetiver, Amber, Cedar; scents that evoke wooden cabins and old blankets made by great-great grandparents that generations of people have loved and cared for. As far as skincare goes, my superhero (aside from all the beautiful gifts we get from bees) has to be lavender. Hydrosol, essential oil, tea; all of it makes me feel grounded, relaxed, and connected to my history (my family’s origins are in France, I get some of my distant cousins to send me bunches of the dried stuff from their farm). Beyond the aromatherapeutic benefits, I love what it does for my skin: increased clarity, less dullness, and an even, calm complexion!

        Re: the new products, my excitement is tangible for both The Honey Mud and The Blue Cocoon; I’ve been positively salivating over all the photos you share of them on instagram.

        Thanks again for the reply, May. It was so special to hear from you!

  • whittikere

    Awesome giveaway! As an athlete, I’m always looking for natural looks


    • Thanks, Ann. What ingredients do you like in natural beauty products? Be sure to answer the prompts to be entered to win! May herself will be reading each comment and choosing the winner based on the content of the comment!

  • Joanna F

    So there I was in Sephora–naked, sort of. The saleswoman had just wiped my face clean, then disappeared to look for some sort of “miracle” product. Waiting without a stitch of makeup, I was forced to stare at my bare face in that huge, terribly lit mirror. To my horror, I saw a very sickly pile of flesh looking back at me. I knew that my skin was not perfect, but under the glaring lights of the store, I saw it for what it really was–destroyed. All those years of chemical-ridden makeup and skin”care” had done its damage. I cried. And I don’t mean a soft, single tear type of cry–I mean a full out sob session. Embarrassing? Of course. But I couldn’t help it…I have never felt so ugly in my life.

    Enter natural beauty products. Game changer, of course! Everyone who reads this blog or has spoken to me in the past 6 months knows that. Except my boyfriend. I think he would honestly take his Axe deodorant to the grave. Every time I slather my face with Argan oil, he smirks. “Gross,” he says. Now, even though I adore natural beauty products, my skin is still pretty rough. I haven’t found the magic combinations yet, but I’m willing to be patient. (I must say I’ve had my eye on the Clean Dirt for some time.) I figured it would be worth it to rub in my boyfriend’s face when my skin is finally phenomenal! However…one morning he walked in the bathroom while I was pulling out my makeup for the day. He stared at my freshly cleaned face in that big mirror with terrible lighting and simply said, “Don’t worry about putting on makeup. You look beautiful.” So, for the first time in a very long time I went out without makeup. Pretty sure I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life. Natural beauty is more than products–it’s truly about helping you find the natural beauty in you. Complete confidence in my skin. Love. It.

    • May Lindstrom

      Joanna…I’ve been there. The public crying and emotional meltdown. It happens. It’s brutal. And it can change our lives. I am so happy that you took this incredibly difficult moment and turned the page to a new chapter where you are embracing natural beauty – both in terms of products and your own self.

      What I am excited for is when you can look in that mirror, bad lighting and all, and without a drop of makeup or reassuring words from your boyfriend and just KNOW. You are beautiful. You are one hundred percent yourself and that is truly all you need. We can always work on the skin, it’s the soul that needs the light shone on it bright and beautiful right now.

    • Joanna — congrats! You are 1 of 4 winners of this giveaway :) Please
      email me your address. kim at kimberlyloc dot com :) Hooray!

  • Alexa Go

    First of all, I love that MLS, like many other niche natural beauty brands, has products that are actually formulated by a woman, which is surprisingly rare in the beauty industry. Also, it’s really amazing how accessible May is in terms of corresponding with her customers; I mean, try getting in touch with the formulators of any conventional skincare company, and you’ll quickly see how much of a headache it can be. Last, but not least, the “ritual” that accompanies each product is a nice escape from the chaos and cacophony of everyday stresses. I don’t know what it says about me that washing my face and putting on face oil is one of my favorite parts of the day, but regardless, self-care and relaxation are important for everyone (men, too)! I can’t control everything in my life, but if I can at least be assured that what I’m putting on my body will do no harm, then that equals less time worrying and more time put toward happiness.

    I think I feel most confident in my skin when I take good care of it (and the rest of me). Everyone has insecurities, and some days when I put on makeup, I feel like I’m an impostor, making a feeble attempt to cover up imperfections–in my mind, anyway–that are so blatantly obvious to the rest of the world. Other days, I’ll go bare-faced and just enjoy letting my skin breathe. The revelation came to me during a hormonal breakout when I realized I was applying copious products to my face with little result and I just needed to stop waging war on my face. For better or worse, skin does a good job of reflecting our inner state; oftentimes, flareups occur when I’m bottling up some sort of anger or anxiety.
    As a toner junkie, it would be great to see a May Lindstrom hydrating mist of some sort or perhaps a body balm for the colder months ahead.

    Natural beauty ingredients I love? Anything with rose–especially rosewater and/or rose essential oil! I’m glad rose has seen something of a revival and is no longer relegated to the domain of cloying perfume sprays.

    • May Lindstrom

      “I don’t know what it says about me that washing my face and putting on face oil is one of my favorite parts of the day”…. Alexa, I truly believe that this says you are loving yourself in the best way possible. These small rituals create ripples in our world and you know the effect goes far beyond clear and glowing skin. How we treat ourselves says everything about us – almost always we reflect this in how we approach every other element of our lives.

  • Nicole

    I feel most beautiful, at the end of the day, when I remove all of my makeup. Many find their night routine a tad lengthy and possibly even painful but I love it. It takes me around 20 minutes to prepare for bed, mainly because I enjoy the process of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (followed by brushing and flossing). There’s something so wonderful about being fresh faced and comfortable with it. This is coming from someone with acne and acne scars, my skin is far from perfect. Looking at my skin with the “it could be worse” mentality has really helped me feel beautiful because there are much worse things in life. What draws me to May Lindstrom is her use of natural, pure and EFFECTIVE ingredients. She’s doing something right, I mean, look at her skin!
    Thank you both for the giveaway :)

    • May Lindstrom

      Love that you love your night ritual! It is such a powerful time to cleanse yourself of the day – both physically and emotionally. Nights when I am exhausted and want to just pour myself directly into bed are always rewarded when I force myself to have that “me time”. Getting into the habit is hard, but it is something I never regret once I’ve closed that door and begun my ritual.

  • asti

    What draws you to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?

    I was first really inspired by my mother who cooks basically everything from scratch and her patience with cooking that takes almost half of the day (or more) to cook. She literally keeps me away from canned and read-to-make food, everything on the table should be fresh and from there I am always encouraged to read food labels! However, it was not until I moved to Australia that organic vegetables AND natural beauty products are more readily available and also slightly more affordable. I am thankful that there are more green beauty and healthy-living advocates here that I am able to learn more and more about prioritizing health first whether it is internal or what you shouldn’t put on your skin. To be honest, I had never been so drawn into a specific cosmetic brand until I discovered MLS. I remember the very first time Spirit uploaded a picture on Instagram, it was of a matte black box lightly engraved with a simple yet elegant gold detailing of a dandelion and a matching font that reads May Lindstrom Skin plus a black ribbon like a cherry on a cake! I checked May’s website right away and was blown away by the whole presentation and the focus of having a beauty ritual, a me-time, that we nowadays often forget. May Lindstrom Skin products offer you that space to help you appreciate your days. Her products are honest, pure and the way they are applied to the skin are so unique. There are not many brands that incorporate healing spices and salts, I adore her skin-chef-ness and slightly playfulness too in her products but still come out beautiful and elegant.

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?
    Honestly, I am not at a place where I am 100% confident with my own skin yet. I am still finding out my perfect beauty regime but I think I am getting there! But seriously, I am so happy that I made the switch to a more natural beauty regime. I love how I feel inside out, just knowing that I am using 100% incredibly wonderful botanical ingredients on my skin!!

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection?
    I would love a scented candle while I put on my Problem Solver. May has an impeccable taste when it comes to smell.. plus candle glasses are beautiful. I think many people are keen on May creating a line of perfumes as well. And since a more gentle cleanser is already in the work, probably a toner, facial cream and a creamy mask would be nice? :)

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?
    Problem Solver + snuggly warm blanket + a good book + scented candle. And a cat.

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?
    haha this is the hardest question. But probably I am most drawn to cacao.. and coconut oil is something that I love that is SO multi-purpose.

    • May Lindstrom

      Oh Asti. You write me the best love notes. :) Seriously, I can never thank you enough for your incredible support of my work and passions. It truly means everything to me.

  • Dana

    I’ve just recently started making the cross over to all natural and Eco friendly products. A friend recently launched her own business called Eco Diva Beauty – and her blog and online store have been a wealth of information for me. I was never aware that I was lathering my body in all these toxic chemicals until then. Over the past year, I’ve been making the lifestyles changes needed to rid my body and home of these toxins. I find it a struggle, but exciting and addicting at the same time! :) I love knowing that the products I’m using are healing and beneficial to my body – and not masking or temporary solutions. I live in Alberta, Canada – where the weather is cold and dry for the majority of the year – so for me keeping my skin moisturized and getting that “glow” is a challenge.. even in our “summer” months. I’ve managed use natural/toxic free products for my skin and hair (body wash, lotions, shampoo – I also LOVE Yarok!) as well as my face wash and moisturizer (I’m using One Love Organics). However, some areas I’m stuck… if a get a breakout, I revert back to my old toner (so I would really love to try the Problem Solver instead!) and any of May’s other treatments – they are the epitome of luxurious and decadent. My face craves trying these products! Cocoanut oil has been the little surprise in my life – using it to remove makeup, as a hair treatment, moisturizing my skin. I could coat myself from head to toe! Another way for me to relax and restore is through hot yoga, a great cup of tea and my journal, or going for a walk or hike… just getting outside and enjoying the beauty around me. Thanks May for sharing your knowledge, products and beauty tips. I’ll have to try the dry brushing soon…what is your body brush made from? Where could I find one in Canada? Thanks again!

    • Dana

      Just saw the link leads to one on amazon! Exciting!

      • May Lindstrom

        Hi Dana! How fun that you know Eco Diva! Are you friends with Garcy? She is delightful. :) I’m so happy that her new venture has introduced you to natural beauty and such fantastic products. It sounds like you are off to a fantastic start! I think you would really love The Problem Solver (hot, intense, totally effective) to conquer your breakouts and The Youth Dew to help you find your balance and glow.

  • Bethany Johnson

    Hi! I have not tried any of your products yet. I have actually just heard of May Linstrom’s Skincare today. Through The Eco Diva website they rave about The Youth Dew, in an article from Framework Magazine. It has been an eyeopening read through all these amazing websites. Going through all my personal products realizing how bad they really are! And also feeling a bit naive to not have ever wondered what was in my skincare and shampoo! There has been a plethora of information on eating organic and the benefits of doing so! However organic ‘good for you’ skincare regime information seems to me to be less common. After today and reading on May’s as well as Kimberly’s approach to skincare it feels like a no brainer. As a an avid recycler and composter ( the kind that takes my compost on the bus to school, because my apartment doesn’t have one!), The Clean Dirt seems like a good place to start. I am in amazement why more companies don’t sell organic simple products like this. And truthfully I think that’s what is so appealing about May’s products, the simple ingredients like lavender and honey. Simple the way that nature intended! Thank you for the burst of excitement and awareness this has led to on a rainy Wednesday here in Alberta.

    Thank you !

    • May Lindstrom

      I just have to tell you how excited I am to hear about your new discoveries and hope that this has really inspired you to enter this new chapter of embracing clean, healthy and beautiful self care. Also – I am overly happy that you make such an effort to compost your food! So great!!

  • Mrs Z

    I’ve been a beauty junkie ever since I first worked at the beauty counter at a department store during high school. However, it wasn’t until a year or so ago that I started evaluating my product choices. I used to think natural beauty products didn’t work, and that I needed all the chemicals in the conventional lines to keep my (very oily, breakout-prone) combination skin in check. But when my dad got cancer, after 3 out of 4 of my grandparents before him, I started taking a closer look at all those seemingly harmless ingredients. What I love most about natural beauty products is that so many lines started out with individuals who wanted to create something better for themselves and everyone else, and who really pour their hearts and souls into their products. You can feel that these products are a labor of love, which is certainly no coincidence in a community that recognizes the value of taking gentle care of oneself and one’s surroundings.

    I just turned 30 a few weeks ago, and feel more confident in my skin than ever before. Are there things I would like to change? Honestly – sure. But I feel like I’ve only recently started to grow into the person I want to be. For me, confidence has so much to do with self-love, which I was lacking in my teens and 20s. I certainly take much better care of my skin and body now than I did back then, but I also know who I am now and what I want in life. At my 30th birthday party, surrounded by family and friends, I felt beautiful and confident.:-)

    I’d like to see May Lindstrom’s line include a day cream with SPF, since I am so fair and never leave the house without sunscreen. As a fellow bath lover, I am intrigued by the idea of her combining her love for sea salts and essential oils, and coming up with a bath salt/soak or oil. And I am sure if she ever were to come up with an herbal toner, it would be (and feel and smell) amazing!

    I, too, love to take baths to restore and rest. I have my whole ritual – washing my face and putting some manuka honey on it while I fill the tub, lighting candles, and then just relaxing in the warm water, inhaling deeply. And quick meditations and yoga also help me restore my mental sanity and physical rest.

    Even though I have combination skin (which, for the longest time, I thought meant would not need to be moisturized any more for fear of breakouts), I now love to use honey on it whenever I can. Plus, I have jars of coconut oil everywhere – I use it as a hair mask, shaving cream, moisturizer, and anything else I can think of. Finally, sweet almond oil has proven to be the most effective natural eye makeup remover for me.

    ~Mrs. Z / Bettina

    • May Lindstrom

      Mrs. Z… You are spot on here: “You can feel that these products are a labor of love, which is certainly
      no coincidence in a community that recognizes the value of taking
      gentle care of oneself and one’s surroundings.”
      I am moved continually by this community and everyone’s support of who I am and what my journey here is. There is a real human element to the conversations that happen on these blogs and other areas of social media, an intimacy that I celebrate from the bottom of my heart. I have poured everything into creating a line that is pure and effective, beautiful and indulgent, an experience for all the senses… and I had no idea if anyone would even care. The fact that so many have risen up and made the launch of my line a success humbles me every day.
      Also, your bath ritual sounds beautiful. Thank you for reminding me to breathe.

  • Johanna Urrutia

    I had been drawn to the idea of natural beauty for some
    time, but had ‘problem’ skin when I was younger (who didn’t?), and thought I
    needed the conventional products. But research, and blogs like this one,
    convinced me that nature really does know best; natural remedies might take
    longer, but they’re more effective. Plus, I love the community feel of the
    natural beauty world; everyone really seems to be rooting for everyone else,
    and I love that sense of lifting each other up.

    The first time that I was completely confident in my own
    skin, didn’t really have anything to do with my skin at all. I went overseas
    for a year in school, and I fell in love with life. I was able to reinvent
    myself and discover who I really wanted to be. I remember feeling so pretty
    while I was over there; it took me a while to figure out that it wasn’t because
    I looked different, but because I’d found my passion in life, and was confident
    enough to go after it.

    For another product in May’s collection, I’d love to see a
    sunscreen/moisturizer with spf option. Switching to mineral-based sunscreens
    was one of my first steps towards natural beauty, and I wear it every day…but I
    haven’t found the perfect one yet.

    Restoration, for me, is two-fold; a quiet day where I get to
    focus on self-care is lovely. I read old books, drink lots of water, and
    snuggle with my 70-pound thinks-he’s-a-lap-dog hound. Then I go do something
    active; a zumba class with my sister or running. I feel like this pulls me out
    of contemplative mode, and gets me energized to rejoin society.

    My favorite discovery in natural beauty has been oils; I use
    them for everything! After switching to natural products, I found out that my
    skin was actually quite dry, and natural oils have been a godsend. I love the
    way they smell, and how each oil has its best use (olive oil for my hair, coconut
    oil as a moisturizer).

    • May Lindstrom

      This makes me super happy: “Restoration, for me, is two-fold; a quiet day where I get to
      focus on self-care is lovely. I read old books, drink lots of water, and
      snuggle with my 70-pound thinks-he’s-a-lap-dog hound. Then I go do something
      active; a zumba class with my sister or running. I feel like this pulls me out
      of contemplative mode, and gets me energized to rejoin society.”
      Thank you so much for joining the conversation!

  • karen

    i have only heard of may lindstrom products today and am excited and natural beauty products bc of my illnesses, one of which is multiple chemical sensitivities. basically anything unnatural and harsh is going to cause me to feel bad. thank you for this line. :)

  • Julie

    What draws you to natural beauty products or to May Lindstrom Skin?I started being more cautious about skincare ingredients when I was in nursing school. During didactic classes and clinical rotations, I learned about the consequences of not taking care of yourself, with reasons ranging from not being informed to neglect. In addition, I was shocked to learn how much skin actually absorbs from topical products (such as antibiotic creams and aluminum-based deodorants). Working in the healthcare field has forced me to be self-reflective on my own habits and on the products that I choose to use on my skin.

    Also, during nursing school we adopted a dog and I became vigilant about reading dog food nutritional labels. I found it ironic that I took better care of my dog’s health and nutrition than of my own. So, one of the things that I have proactively changed is that I use more natural beauty products and avoid products that contain potentially harmful chemicals (such as parabens, phthalates, GMOs, triclosans). As of now, I have not fully converted to an all-natural beauty regimen, but that is my ultimate goal. May Lindstrom is so beautiful, both physically and spiritually, that she gives me hope that an all-natural beauty regimen can actually work!

    When was the first time you felt completely confident in your own skin?
    Honestly, I can not think of a time when I felt 100% confident in my own skin. Although I am nearly 30 years old, I still have acne. As a result of this acne, I have hyperpigmentation and scars on my face. However, I am working on becoming more confident in my own skin!

    What other types of products would you like to see in May’s collection?
    Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to try May Lindstrom Skin products yet, but I always hear rave reviews from users. I would love to see ML develop a toner! I recently started using toners and have seen a significant difference in my skin.

    What do you do for yourself when you need to rest and restore?
    When I need to rest and restore, I brew myself a cup of tea and then take our dog for a walk. A walk with our dog helps to clear my mind and relax any stiffness in my body. Finally, walks with our dog remind me that there is always time to sniff the flowers and to greet someone with a warm hello!

    What natural beauty ingredients do you love?
    One natural beauty ingredient that I love is calendula. I use a calendula cream to help reduce redness and to calm my skin. I find calendula cream to be so rich and soothing.

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway! I love reading about other individual’s journeys into natural skincare/beauty products, so I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    • May Lindstrom

      Isn’t it amazing the care we put into our pets, our children, our friends and family and that other person we barely know… and how little we sometimes set aside for ourselves? I am so happy to see that you are beginning the process of claiming some of your own self-care space and dipping your toes into the world of natural beauty. Your body, your skin, your planet and your soul will thank you.

      I love this:

      “Finally, walks with our dog remind me that there is always time to sniff the flowers and to greet someone with a warm hello!”

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