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roots rose radish citrus face oil cleanser

It’s no secret that I’m a diehard fan of oil cleansing, but when it comes to mixing the perfect amount of castor oil with other carrier oils such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil or olive oil, I’m a bit of a clutz.

The first time I tried the oil cleansing method with castor oil, which is a thick, slippery, detoxifying oil, I used way too much and looked like I was wrapped in plastic.

I’ve gotten a little better of blending my own oil cleansing concoctions with castor oil, but when I’m looking for a mix a little more creative and luxurious, I turn to my Roots Rose Radish Citrus Face Oil Cleanser.

roots rose radish citrus face oil cleanser

{Roots Rose Radish sent me a sample of its citrus face oil cleanser to review. It retails for $55 for a 2-ounce glass vial. Photo Courtesy Roots Rose Radish}

Created by herbalist Christian Toscano, Roots Rose Radish natural beauty products are inspired by the beautiful things in life: vintage botanical illustrations, folk herbalism, Victorian drawing rooms and French gardens.

You can easily see this inspiration in her glassware design and drawstring pouch packaging, which is then brought to life even more by the pure ingredients and thoughtful mixing she puts inside the vial.

Inside the Roots Rose Radish Citrus Face Oil Cleanser are five simple yet effective ingredients for deep cleansing, brightening and softening the skin: cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil; cold-pressed, unrefined jojoba oil; tangerine oil; grapefruit oil; and lemon oil.

roots rose radish citrus facial cleansing oil dropper

{I love the beautiful, sunny yellow coloring of Roots Rose Radish’s Citrus Face Oil Cleanser.}

Good ol’ castor and jojoba oils are the stars at deeply cleansing the skin while maintaining the skin’s natural balance (remember, jojoba oil is the closest oil to our own self-produced sebum).

The citrus oils — tangerine, grapefruit and lemon — are wonderful at lifting your senses, instantly putting you in a good mood. Each also has amazing antimicrobial properties, so you can rest assured that yes, you’re skin is getting clean without being stripped dry of moisture.

If you’re acne-prone yet still get a few dry patches and want to avoid that tight skin feeling after cleansing, Roots Rose Radish Citrus Face Oil should be on your to-try list. My skin feels clean, freshened and balanced after using it.

However, because I know that castor oil is especially wonderful at degunking my pores, I reserve this oil cleanser for a couple times a week to keep the skin purging under control.

I haven’t had any issues with crops of zits popping up after using this cleanser, but I chalk it up to being mindful of how my skin reacts to particularly deep cleansing ingredients.

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  • Unrelated but I love your nail polish. What is it?

  • @michele thanks! it’s “jinx” by zoya :) xo

  • Cheryl

    I am truly amazed at the cost companies are charging for 2 ounces of product! I will stick to Mountain Rose Herbs and create a cleansing oil that is just as effective!

  • @cheryl trust me, i hear you! i love DIY and am building up my own fun collection of EOs and carriers. what i think is important to remember, though, is that many of these amazing new green beauty companies are also rooted in DIY — they are just bringing their concoctions to the masses that have still yet to believe how truly effective and luxurious green/natural/organic products are and can be. to bring a product to market, it costs SO much for entrepreneurs to invest in quality ingredients and packaging. these startups rely on us — the always skeptical “dark greenies” — to help them spread the word as to why green beauty can hold its own right next to the la mer, chanel and other luxury brands on the market. if we continue to approach attempts at luxury green beauty with “i can just make that,” how are we to convince the masses that these ingredients — these expensive, precious oils and well-thought out recipes — are worth their time? after all, what most who purchase chanel, la mer, etc. are paying for is marketing, packaging and image. at least with green luxury beauty they’re paying for precious ingredients.

  • Pemberley Jones

    Kimberly, I couldn’t agree more. While it is frustrating when a product I want to try is out of my price range, the more I learn about these products the more I understand the higher price tag.

    As Beauty Idealist mentioned in her recent post on this, you have to also take providing generous samples into the account of the prices of these products. Most of these luxury organic brands are small and made in small batches, and despite the high price, their profit margins are still small. Also, there are a lot of things that have to happen before something can go to market and all of those things dictate the consumer price. I am just grateful that everyday there is more and more on offer and there are products available across the price spectrum. Great post Kimberly, I’m looking forward to trying some RRR, too!

  • Hi Ladies, I want to speak to skepticism towards products on the market. It was my own personal skepticism which inspired me to found RRR. I developed this line on the basis of being entirely 100% natural and also medicinally effective. I am an Clinical Western Herbalist which is a unique background for a founder of a skin care company. Larger skin care companies usually purchase their formulas from labs that are dictated by consumer market. For example remember the green tea phenomenon? At one point you could find that in everything from deodorant to face wash. There is no medicinal benefits to having green tea (or acai, goji berries,) in skin care. And the word “antioxidant” is thrown around like some rare jewel. Did you know that antioxidants are in all vegetables and fruits! What makes RRR products unique is that they were formulated with the body’s balance and self healing ability in mind when selecting ingredients. Dose, frequency and ingredient extraction all makeup the effectivity of these formulas. We personally grow and distill a lot of our own essential oils or purchase them in bulk from local growers. We pack our formulas so full of medicinal ingredients that they are what you smell when you use them. Plus, everything is made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness with extreme integrity.

  • Kimberly,

    I 100% agree with what you said. I think it’s so important to support natural beauty brands and sometimes products are more expensive but the quality that goes into them is unlike many products you will find for cheaper. Almost every natural beauty brand started out as a DIY. I personally plan to open up my own etsy shop sometime in the future and let me tell you, it is NOT easy to make and sell products. So much work goes into it, much more than I think many people realize. It is more than just buying bulk ingredients and mixing in bottles. Some companies make everything in their own gardens and spend every day working on perfecting their products. It makes sense that some of these products would be expensive given the high quality ingredients and hard work that goes into it.

    With that said – this oil looks absolutely delicious!!

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