March 1, 2013

favorite styles from kansas city fashion week night one | kansas city fashion week spring 2013 | kansas city, missouri

I say this every year, but it’s true: Kansas City Fashion Week gets better and better each season.

Thursday night’s show featured limit-pushing designs from Maegan Stracy, No Human Intentions, Victrola, Andrea Marie Long Designs and American Trash.

Each of these designers — all from Kansas City except Victrola of St. Louis — showcased something that caught my eye, be it a color theme, use of texture, spirit of a piece or pure creativity in design.

Below are my favorite looks from Thursday night’s show.

You can get see more exclusive shots from Kansas City Fashion Week on my Twitter page as well as on the KC Fashion Week Twitter page! Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page for additional photos from the shows, and look for the *real* photographer pics on the KC Fashion Week Facebook page!

maegan stracy kansas city fashion week

{Solid color — or lack of color, like this white outfit from Maegan Stracy — from head to toe will always get my nod of approval.}

no human intentions kansas city fashion week

{The theatrical looks from Nikki Fizer of No Human Intentions always catch my eye, but I especially liked the movement and texture in this look. Look at that tailfeather!}

no human intentions kansas city fashion week

{Here come the horns! The front of this No Human Intentions piece was straightforward, but the back … oh the back. Way to send chills down the spine.}

victrola kansas city fashion week

{St. Louis designer Lauren Cram of Victrola showcased ready-to-wear looks that I could see myself in on a typical Friday night. I love the coppery palette and pattern/texture mixing in this look.}

victrola kansas city fashion week

{Victrola’s amethyst gypsy look speaks to the gem tone trends and carefree yet stylish aesthetic of the Midwest.}

andrea marie long designs kansas city fashion week

{There’s something about a racing stripe and a crop top that seems very 2013 yet very Gwen Stefani circa “Tragic Kingdom.” Kudos to Andrea Marie Long Designs for showing that sporty can be chic.}

american trash kansas city fashion week

{I will always have a special place in my heart for American Trash by designer Karma Jade. Made from reused and repurposed materials, this eco-chic designer is proof that green fashion doesn’t have to be hippie; in fact, this vest looks pretty badass rockstar to me!}

american trash kansas city fashion week

{A showstopper American Trash train and major model attitude closed night one of Kansas City Fashion Week. I can’t get over the excitement this dramatic finale stirred! Well done, Karma Jade.}

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  • Jess

    You weren’t lying that train is CRAY CRAY … Great finale piece!

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