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February 28, 2013

backstage beauty | kansas city fashion week night one | kansas city fashion week spring 2013 | kansas city, missouri

Beauty looks from night one of Kansas City Fashion Week’s third season on the catwalks of KC featured bold color choices for eyes, hair and lips.

From locks adorned with horns to fishtail braids on electric blue hair, designers and their beauty teams stopped at nothing to shock and inspire.

Below are a few of my favorite beauty looks from Thursday night’s show.

You can get see more exclusive shots from Kansas City Fashion Week on my Twitter page as well as on the KC Fashion Week Twitter page! Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page for additional photos from the shows, and look for the *real* photographer pics on the KC Fashion Week Facebook page!

kansas city fashion week backstage beauty no human intentions silver screen

{After spotting this beauty from across the room, I eased through a maze of models to snap her. No Human Intentions designer Nikki Fizer and the beauty team from Silver Screen know how to command attention!}

kansas city fashion week backstage beauty andrea marie long designs ashley nelson studios team

{Andrea Marie Long Designs and the beauty team from Ashley Nelson Studios were bold with color, sending uniform blue-haired and blue-lipped ladies down the runway.}

kansas city fashion week american trash model thomas schubert

{Talk about being in the right place at the right time: I helped model Thomas Schubert apply his dark, moody lipstick before the American Trash show at Kansas City Fashion Week.}

kansas city fashion week backstage beauty red hair

{Intense red color + intense braids brings interest and freshness to a chic French twist updo.}

kansas city fashion week backstage beauty edgy hair

{Shaved sides, bold brows, geometric eyes and ultra-teased bedhead makes for a rock-n-roll look that makes you say, “I want to be her.”}

February 28, 2013

kansas city fashion week spring 2013 kickoff party | garment district boutique | kansas city, missouri

And so the madness begins.

Wednesday was the first official day of Kansas City Fashion Week.

To kick off five days of celebrating local fashion designers, models, boutiques and community members, Kansas City Fashion Week supporters partied it up at the Garment District Boutique.

Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey provided local spirits to keep everyone’s spirits high, and KC metro bloggers (myself included!) styled gorgeous models in the hottest spring trends available at the Garment District.

Here are the two looks I put together for my models Joanne and Reighann:

joanne and reighann kansas city fashion week models

{I wanted two very distinct looks for my girls. Joanne, on the left, can go from the board room to the dance floor in this easy-to-transition outfit, while Reighann on the right is channeling her inner rockstar with a touch of paisley.}

joanne and reighann kansas city fashion week models

{For a bit of drama, Joanne wore an oversized elephant necklace double-wrapped around her neck. Reighann showed some attitude with oversized sunglasses as she walked for the crowd.}

joanne kansas city fashion week model

{This look pretty much reflects my closet: I’m a sucker for neutrals with a bit of detail. The faux leather skirt is tough yet chic, and the sheer top has some stud detailing on the shoulders to keep it interesting.}

reighann kansas city fashion week model

{I love the unexpected combination of this outfit. The girly pants are so me, but the top is something I aspire to possess: a little bit of rockstar. I think trying trends like the punk/skull look works best if you integrate it with your own signature feel.}

These looks (minus the shoes, which belong to the models!) are available at the Garment District now — tell ‘em you saw the looks on my blog!

You can see more blogger-styled looks if you check the #KCFW stream on Twitter and Instagram!

Tonight I’ll be at the first of several fashion shows at 28 Event Space — will I be seeing you there?

Please tweet me @kimberlyloc and don’t forget to mention @kc_fashionweek! Use the hash tag #KCFW to share your experience!

Auf Wiedersehen!

February 27, 2013

makeup of the day | sexy naturals

So, I got a tripod for Christmas from my friend Jen, and I’m finally putting it to good use — by bringing you more “makeup of the day” posts!

My first “makeup of the day” post showcased my natural Sunday beauty look.

Today, I’m sharing my “sexy naturals” look. I wore this look out for weekend drinks with the teacher man and friends.

It was a low-key night, but after being snowed-in for a few days (literally, guys — maintenance didn’t plow the foot of snow we got for three days!), I wanted to glam it up just a bit without overwhelming the teacher man.

kimberlyloc sexy natural makeup of the day

{This is how I amp up my natural look: Lots of mascara and liquid eyeliner.}

kimberlyloc sexy natural makeup of the day

{I used to never wear eyeliner, but since mastering the art of liquid, I rarely go without it — I love the way it makes my eyes pop and my lashes look longer and thicker!}

kimberlyloc sexy natural makeup of the day

{Yeap, here I am in neutral eyeshadow — if it ain’t broke, right?}

makeup of the day kimberlyloc

{Here’s the *mostly* natural makeup I used to achieve this look.}

*Eye Shadow: bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 palette in “The Truth”

You know I can’t get enough of my sexy natural eye shadows — “The Truth” palette from bareMinerals is no exception.

These shadows have some pretty shimmer to them; here, I wore “Serendipitous” from lash line to brow bone, followed by “Magnetism” on the lid. I applied a mix of “Fate” and “Apropos” to the crease for a light smoke effect, and used that same combo to give a little color to my bottom lash line.

I am loving these bareMinerals shadows, but heads up: they do contain bismuth oxychloride, which can irritate sensitive skin. I’m lucky that I don’t have this reaction to the natural mineral!

*Blush: bareMinerals Ready Blush in “The One”

This soft pink blush is impossible to mess up. It’s so sheer and pretty — you really have to build it if you want China doll cheeks. I prefer to use it for a flush of healthy color. I think this blush would work really well on pale complexions, too.

*Foundation: Purely You Minerals Foundation in Warm Fairly Medium

I’ve never been into mineral foundations much. It’s not that I don’t believe in them — they’re light yet offer coverage and oh-so-healthy with minimal ingredients — I’m just really weird about getting minerals all over my sink.

However, I’ve learned to just get over that (and be a little tidier in my application), and now I can say I’m loving the second-skin feeling of mineral makeup — especially this gorgeous, natural foundation from Purely You minerals.

I’ll have a more in-depth review soon, but an important thing to note: Purely You Minerals’ Warm Fairly Medium Foundation contains just six natural ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, iron oxide, boron nitride and ultramarine blue.

*Finishing Powder: Purely You Minerals Silk Veil Finishing Powder in Medium

As an oily-skinned girl, finishing powder is something I need to use more often. It’s designed to set your makeup so nothing slips out of place. This Purely You Minerals Silk Veil offers a nice, flawless finish to my makeup and only takes a small bit on a fluffy brush to cover my face.

Brow Powder: Anastasia Brow Ex-press Kit

I’ll refer you to my previous makeup of the day post to get the deets on this not-so-natural brow powder (sorry).

Mascara: Perfekt Lash Perfection Gel

I’ve yet to do any follow-up mascara reviews since this one, but I’ll spare you the wait and let you know that I do love this “lash perfection gel” from Perfekt.

I picked it up on a recent trip to Beauty Brands, but it’s also available at Sephora. The brush is a medium size, not too full and mascara tube is super efficient at removing excess product before you pull out the brush. The ingredients are free of parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates and other nasties, and the price point aligns with other better-quality mascaras on the market. I’d buy it again.

*Lip Gloss: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in “Trail Blazer”

Not gonna lie, I feel a little bit like Kim Kardashian when I slick on this nude-gold gloss. I tend to favor a pinker pout, but there’s something about playing up your eyes and then having a sandy-colored lip that screams sexy … or, well, Kim Kardashian.

Eye Liner: Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in “Black”

This marker-like eye liner makes using liquid eye liner oh-so-easy. I bought this after sampling through Birchbox, and even though it’s not super natural (contains PEGs and phenoxyethanol), it’s just one of those products that I love and won’t let go. Unless someone can find me a substitute that is this nice marker style and with an inky black finish.

Large Powder Brush: Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush

My Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush is so fun to use! It’s an oversized brush made for sweeping on finishing powder and buffing out thicker powder makeup application. This brush doesn’t shed and is a great match for my final application of silk veil.

Mineral Powder Brush: EcoTools Mineral Powder Brush

I got this mineral powder brush in my 5-piece mineral brush set and love, love, love it. I’ve sung the praises of EcoTools before, but I truly believe that the value and quality of these eco-friendly brushes is incredible. The brush fibers are soft and flexible and deliver an even application of mineral makeup. Highly recommend this set!

Eye Shading Brush: EcoTools Eye Shading Brush

Along with the fabulous mineral powder brush, the 5-piece mineral brush set also contains this great shading brush. When I’m building up several eye shadows for a dimensional eye or smoky eye, I like to use this brush to blend the colors, especially in the crease and corners, to avoid the paint-by-numbers look.

All-Over Shadow Brush: Sephora Professional All-Over Shadow Brush #21

This is my go-to wide eyeshadow brush for packing on lots of color to my lids for smoky eyes. Unfortunately, the #21 brush I’ve owned for years doesn’t seem to be in production anymore, but this #22 Sephora Professional Brush looks very similar.

Brow and Lash Comb: Sonia Kashuk Eyebrow/Eyelash Comb

I got this brow and lash comb in one of those nifty Sonia Kashuk brush kits at Target. This is another great budget-friendly collection that stands the test of time — I’ve had this comb for years! I use this to separate my lashes after heavy mascara application.

Eyelash Curler: Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curler

See my first makeup of the day post to learn more about my holy grail lash curler.

How do you amp up your look for a casual night out? What natural alternatives do you recommend for my dirty little secrets exposed above? Tell me in the comments section!

*bareMinerals products received c/o bareMinerals; Purely You Minerals products received c/o Purely You Minerals

February 26, 2013

beauty scoop | dr. hauschka cleansing clay mask

Though I’m a bit overdue for a professional facial (haven’t been since November), I’ve been keeping up with my home spa days thanks to my growing collection of amazing at-home treatments and masks.

I try to treat myself to at least one at-home mask per week, but when my skin is acting up a bit thanks to hormones and stress, I amp it up to two-three times a week and am sure to include a deep-cleansing mask to keep my pores in check.

My latest favorite deep-cleansing mask is Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Clay Mask, a dry clay mask that exfoliates and purifies all skin types.

dr. hauschka cleansing clay mask

{My friends at Saffron Rouge, an online retailer specializing in organic cosmetics and beauty products, sent me this Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask to sample and review. The 3.17-ounce jar retails for $49.95.}

In case you’re unfamiliar: A dry clay mask is a mask that is in raw clay form.

Instead of getting a ready-to-paint-on-your-face product, you’re getting a jar full of the active ingredients (clays and extracts) that you can then mix up yourself with the liquid of your choice (water, milk, jojoba oil).

dr. hauschka cleansing clay mask

{See how this lovely clay mask is in loose clay form? This is a good thing! You’re getting more of the active ingredient for your money.}

Because I have oily skin, I choose to mix my Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask with water — this allows the active clays and extracts to get deeper into my pores because there’s no thick barrier of emulsifier keeping some hydration onto the top layer of my skin.

(If you have combination skin, you can try mixing your clay mask with milk. If your skin is dry, use jojoba oil to mix your mask, but note that it may not get completely hardened and dry because of the intense hydration jojoba oil offers.)

What I love most about the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask is its no-nonsense approach to deep-pore cleansing. But what more could I expect from Dr. Hauschka, an old-school, biodynamic German brand that prides itself in addressing the underlying cause of skin care problems.

With a simple list of ingredients —  clay, Indian Cress extract, witch hazel extract and corn starch — it gets down to the nitty-gritty in degunking your pores, loosening sebum plugs and tightening up your skin for a refreshed, gorgeous complexion.

Another wonderful multipurpose use for the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask is as an overnight spot treatment. If you’ve got a monster forming on your skin that requires a little overnight drying, dab a bit of this mask onto it before bedtime, allow it to dry and leave it alone!

So, are you building out your own natural mask and skincare treatment collection like I am? What sort of masks do you have — and which ones do you want to add to your list?

I’d love to know your thoughts on clay masks — especially raw ones and this Dr. Hauschka mask! Tell me in the comments section.

February 22, 2013

guest post | beauty scoop | lotus wei perfume sampler

This is a guest post from fellow natural beauty blogger Dawn Grimes of Turby and John. Dawn won the Lotus Wei Perfume Sampler giveaway that Lotus Wei founder Katie Hess so generously sponsored on my blog last month. Today, Dawn shares mini-review of the all-natural perfumes with us! (You can also read my three Lotus Wei scent reviews!)

dawn grimes natural beauty blogger turby and john

{The naturally beautiful Dawn of Turby and John shows off her yummy new Lotus Wei perfume samples. Photo Courtesy Dawn Grimes}

After having used each of the Lotus Wei scents at least a couple of times, I think I’m ready to give you my opinion of each!

Lotus Wei Joy Juice

This one definitely lives up to its name; I feel so happy when I’m wearing it! The best part? After sitting on my skin for about 20 minutes, the initially fruity scent changes into something richer, more floral, and somehow even more fantastic. I didn’t even realize that the awesomeness I was smelling was actually me the first time it happened. I sniff my wrists constantly when I’m wearing Joy Juice.

Lotus Wei Infinite Love

Sweeter scents tend to leave me feeling nauseated, but this gem is an exception to that rule. Infinite Love makes me feel pretty, warm and maybe even a little flirty. I like to put a few drops in my palms and run my fingers through my hair before leaving the house. That way I’m greeted with the scent whenever I turn my head throughout the day, and so is anyone sitting next to me.

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind / Lotus Wei Inner Peace

Maybe it’s the geranium, but I have a hard time distinguishing between these two scents. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, since I love them both. Of the two, Quiet Mind might be my favorite since it lacks a spiciness I’ve noticed in Inner Peace that I don’t always love. They’re both perfect before bed, obviously, and I truly feel like my sleep is enhanced by either. I’m a get-up-and-pee-several-times-throughout-the-night kinda girl, and I have much less trouble getting back to sleep if I use a few drops of of of these guys after each bathroom trip.

Lotus Wei Pure Energy / Lotus Wei Inspired Action

I grouped these two together not because the scents are all that similar, but because I use one or both religiously before and during my 2.5-hour night class. They definitely help with my almost consistent lack of focus, and that’s an accomplishment I never thought possible. Since I’m a sucker for anything involving grapefruit or black pepper, I prefer the scent of Pure Energy. Inspired Action might be my least favorite of all the scents, but I can’t deny its ability to make nearly three hours of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy much more bearable.

What are your thoughts on the Lotus Wei scents? Which formulations — perfume, serum, mist, elixir — do you prefer? Tell Dawn and me in the comments section!

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