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stark skincare grapefruit cleanse + hydrate balm

I’m notorious for being a heavy packer, and even during my four-day trip home to see my family during the holidays, I overpacked just a little.

But, when it came to my beauty suitcase (kidding … beauty bag), I felt good about saving a little room by stashing my Stark Skincare Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm to take care of my oil cleansing and moisturizing needs.

stark skincare grapefruit hydrate + cleanse balm

{Stark Skincare sent me a sample of its Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm, which costs $40 for two ounces, to review.}

I’m a huge proponent of the oil cleansing method. Typically, I remove makeup and clean my skin with coconut oil or jojoba oil (and sometimes a combination of others).

To prevent spillage and overpacking for my trip home, I instead tossed Stark Skincare’s concentrated, multipurpose balm into my bag to get me through nightly cleansing and keep my skin super moisturized during the wintry weather.

Stark Skincare’s Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm’s base is a combination of shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter, so in essence, I didn’t really give up my usual oil cleansing concoction.

Instead, I gained additional moisturizing ingredients as well as yummy-smelling grapefruit essential oils that offered a little olfactory pick-me-up as well as deep-cleansing astringent properties.

I also gained a bit of scrubby texture from the unrefined shea butter in the balm, which offers gentle exfoliation to keep flaky skin at bay.

(You can smooth out these microcrystals in the balm by either heating it in warm water or rubbing it until it dissolves — I personally love the texture and added bonus!)

stark skincare grapefruit cleanse + hydrate balm

{I love the thick, rich consistency of Stark Skincare’s Grapefruit Cleanse + Hdyrate Balm. A little goes a long way!}

Here’s the entire ingredient list:

Shea fruit butter, virgin coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, soybean butter, candelilla wax, camellia seed oil, sweet almond oil, arrowroot powder, orange peel wax, vitamin E, pure essential oils

To use the balm, simply scoop a dime-sized dollop (with clean, dry hands!) and warm it between your palms. Massage it into your skin, focusing on dissolving makeup around your eyes and lips. Next, use a warm wash cloth or skin shammy to remove the excess product and leave a light layer of moisturizing, healthy oils behind.

For extra cold, dry nights, I like to use Stark Skincare’s Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm under an oil or serum to get double moisturizing benefits. Dry patches always get me in the winter! I love the concentration in this balm, and an extra layer of oil just does wonders for my skin in this harsh weather.

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  • I want to try this so badly. It’s been on my wishlist for awhile now. I love multi-use balms. My current favorite (thanks to you!) is the Frankinscence & Myrrh Moisturizer. I love it so much. I also love Badger Balms!

  • @britanie i think you’d love it! i cant get enough of my zum rub either (esp when im broken out!), and yes, badger balm is amazing!!! i love that so many truly green, clean companies are coming into the market.

  • Hey there – Thanks for checking out Shop Pretty today!
    I too love Stark, this balm is amazing and good for so many beauty quandaries. I’m a huge fan of her green tea mask as well.

  • @andrea i have yet to try the mask, but i think i have it tucked away in my mask drawer! i will have to give it a try on sunday :) thanks for popping by! got you bookmarked :)

  • Martine

    Last september I bought “the whole shebang” from Stark. For the shippingcosts that was the best thing to do, living in the Netherlands. And I don’t regret it…..all products are great. I love the green tea mask, it really clears my skin without being too agressive. And of course the Grapefruit Balm, that smells soooooo good!!!! And eventhough I have a oily skin this balm doesn’t make my skin more oilier. Great products and a great initiative from Jessica to start with this skincare line.

  • mangomadness

    I use a DIY Vanilla Peppermint Body Butter (unrefined shea butter/vanilla-infused organic coconut oil/peppermint essential oil) to moisturize after a shower. It’s super luxurious and moisturizing.

  • What a great giveaway. Stark is amazing!

  • I in love with waterless cleansers! They’re always amazing on my dry skin. I’m currently using the Suti UK Organic Cleanse Balm – I love that it comes with a nifty muslin cloth with wipe it away with. I’m really hoping I get to win the Stark Skincare cleanse balm in your blog birthday giveaway so I can try out more waterless balms! ;).

  • I have used balms in the past and loved them. I have recently tried the Damascus Rose Balm from Badger for all over when I am super parched, and the Jurlique Love Balm for absolutely anything, but especially lips and cuticles. I used to have another cleansing balm oil for whom the company escapes me and it was phenomenal for quick makeup removal, cleansing and moisturizing in the shower! This one looks delicious, if I do say so.

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